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How to manage avatars?

Step 1: Login to Admin Panel

Avatar Landing Screen

1-1. Open our landing page and click admin panel Button.

Admin Login Screen

1-2.Add given login details into login form, opened in a new tab.

Step 2: Add new avatar Name

2-1. Click Avatar Names button Avatar section from left menu.

2-2. Click add new button.

2-3. Fill the form and click submit.

2-4. That’s it, Avatar name is successfully added and you are now ready to add sections and sound files in this Avatar.

Step 3: Add new avatar sections

3-1. Click Manage Avatar button from left menu.

3-2. Select avatar name from drop down to manage avatar files and sections..

3-3. Click on Add Avatar Section button.

3-4. Add section name and click submit.

3-5. That’s it, section for avatar sound files in creates successfully.

Step 4.1: Add new avatar sound file in a section

4-1-1. Click on Add Avatar Sound button.

4-1-2. Fill the form, browse audio file and hit submit. Note! Please convert your files to wav format before uploading.

4-1-3. Single sound file is added to selected section successfully.

Step 4.2: Add multiple avatar sound files in a section

4-2-1. Click on Add Multiple Avatar Sounds button.

4-2-2. Select section and browse multiple files to upload.

4-2-3. Multiple files added successfully.

Step 5: Re-arrange sounds and sections

5-1. Click up arrow in top right toolbar of each section to move one section up.

5-2. Click down arrow in top right toolbar of each section to move one section down.

5-3. Drag and Drop section.

5-4. Drag and Drop sound files in the section or to another section.

Step 6: Delete sound files

6-1. Mouse over the sound file in section and click on delete button.

6-2. Confirm to delete.

6-3. Avatar sound file is successfully deleted.

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