How to make an effective life insurance sales script

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A successful life insurance sales script can close more leads. It serves as a fallback in case you forget what information to give a prospective client. And when you’re attempting a difficult sale, it serves as your security system. In reality, a strong script can enable you to concentrate more on addressing your client.

Life insurance is a cut-throat industry. It provides essential security and comfort for families and their futures. However, 106 million Americans were either uninsured or had insufficient insurance in 2022.

Life insurance sales teams must persuasive sales scripts  that can persuade and convert even the most resistant customers if they are to take advantage of the potential that exists in today’s competitive market.

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What is Life Insurance

Life insurance is a contract between an insurer and the insurance company. The insurer will provide a specific payment to the policyholder’s chosen beneficiary or beneficiaries in the case of the policyholder’s death.

This is frequently a spouse, child, or relative. The agents who sell life insurance policies and are paid commissions on each sale are situated between these two parties.

Communicating the advantages of purchasing a policy to a prospective customer is an essential component of every life insurance sales pitch. Never believe that a potential customer is certain about buying life insurance coverage.

What are the types of life insurance policies

Not every type of life insurance works the same way. Brokers must be familiar with the different kinds of life insurance plans that are available to appropriately inform their clients while deciding how to market life insurance to a potential client. Furthermore, making a successful sale will increase by selecting the coverage that best suits the requirements of each client.

All life insurance policies fall into two main categories:

Permanent Life Insurance:

Permanent life insurance policies are valid entire life of the policyholder. In most cases, they have a cash value element that the policyholder can borrow from or withdraw during their lifetime.

Term Life Insurance:

These policies are valid for a set amount of time. There is no repayment if the insured does not pass away during the policy’s term.

All brokers are not specializing in selling every type of policy under the above main categories. Because policies are changed frequently, however, clients feel overwhelmed when selecting the right life insurance for their needs.

Life Insurance Sales Script: bring better results in your sales

Well-structured and well-thought-out scripts are essential for today’s life insurance agents to bring better results. Scripts make your communication professional, as well as agent, convey the information confidently.

However, it is not necessary that the agent copied each word of the script but the sales script help the agents to provide a meaningful and smooth flow of communication to their prospects.

This is because no two discussions are the same during sales calls or in everyday life. Life Insurance sales scripts should serve as a roadmap for agents at all points in a call, buildup them with the openings,

statistics, and rebuttals they require along the way while still allowing them to have a natural conversation and develop a rapport with their customers. This is preferable to trying to respond that fact with a rigid script that must be followed.

10 Tips to write an Effective Life Insurance Sales Script

The aim of writing effective life insurance phone scripts is to provide all of your agents with the conversational tools they need to have consistent discussions.

Because a crucial aspect of quality is consistency. Moreover, consistency offers a strategy for your company that can be evaluated and improved. So, start with these tips to make your sales success.

⦁ Know your customers

Ordinary cold calling doesn’t work in this modern Era that’s why knowing the customer’s needs is important. Two things are core parts of every effective sales conversation which are customer needs and product knowledge. When you make a life insurance sales script these two are your starting point. Understand what your customers are as well as what they want. Offer the right solution and improve customer experience.

⦁ Personalize your script

Build brand loyalty, increase customer satisfaction and make people remember your business with personalized experiences. It’s still important to tailor your life insurance sales script wherever you can,

even while initial scripts for various customer profiles based on their demographics, sales path, and other criteria will contain certain generalizations. Customers of all stripes now anticipate customization, which increases their likelihood of making purchases from firms that cater to their preferences.

Find parts of your script that can be quickly modified using data from your CRM. By doing so, salespeople may connect with prospects, earn their trust, and ultimately close deals.

⦁ Keep it simple

Double-check your script and make sure that it is easy to understand. The insurance profession is widespread with industry terms that most people don’t understand.

⦁ Start Strong

To prevent a brief interaction with a potential customer, grab their interest right away. To turn a prospect into a customer, trust must be established.

After introducing yourself to your client, you as an insurance salesperson have roughly ten seconds to capture their attention.

Your opening introduction should be compelling. Agents need to quickly introduce themselves to potential customers.

To tailor your interaction to your consumer’s needs and understand customer psychology. If it is not the appropriate time, suggest calling again later.

⦁ Build Relationship

Building a relationship with customers for the long-term success of a business. A viable technique to carry on a conversation with your prospect while increasing consumer engagement and trust is by asking them questions.

When they realize the call is coming from a sales department, most consumers hang up. If the potential customer returns your call, seize the chance to interact with them.

Active listening can be the secret to success if this is your first encounter and the prospect is hearing from an insurance agency for the first time.

⦁ Get right to the points

Introduce yourself after greeting without wasting your time, and get to the call objective quickly. Furthermore, align your offerings to the pain points of the customer. Be honest when describing the product and avoid making any assumptions.

Do not forget that this is your first call. Buying insurance is a significant decision as some factors such as premium, overall coverage, etc. need to be considered. You shouldn’t count on the lead to convert after just one phone call.

⦁ Handle Objections

It doesn’t matter life insurance sales script is effective or not, agents are bound to face objections. Include effective responses in your script templates to satisfy your clients.

Determine which parts of your customer interactions are most likely to result in objections by evaluating your customer interactions. Create possible answers to each of the most popular arguments, then incorporate them into your call flow.

⦁ Review Script

Smooth delivery is essential if your script is to be effective. The tone should be natural. The only way to accomplish that is to practice. Your script should be well-known to you so that you can utilize it without reading directly from it.

A script is a tool you can employ to keep on message; it is not something you should read directly from.

⦁ Trust in the right tools

QA tools are only one type of technology that can help you enhance your scripts and sales process. Strong reporting and analytics tools for call centers can provide detailed information in real-time and assist in pinpointing the causes of performance decreases or gains. A large portion of your scripting process can be automated while using dynamic scripting tools.

⦁ Make an Impact

Closing your call is also important similar to a warm opening. To keep your business in the prospective customer’s memory, wrap up the call with a motivating, attention-grabbing conclusion.

Remember that the conclusion is crucial because it will be more memorable to your prospect. You can end your call on a lighter note without conflicting with the topic of your chat and while keeping in mind the objective of your call.

Life Insurance Sales Script Samples

Do the best practice for generating impactful sales and serving customers better. Never forget that the goal of your communication should be to add value and assist your prospect rather than make a sale.

While on a call, the commission should never be on your mind. You can establish a relationship with the customer and win the sale by offering customized solutions that fulfill their needs.

Creating a compelling life insurance sale script is helpful to engage more customers and generate leads.

Check out some samples to craft engaging and captivating sales scripts.

Free Quote Pitch

People always like free stuff. Giving free quotations is something that comes naturally to an insurance agent while trying to keep a conversation going with potential clients. Your pitch for selling life insurance might go like this:


HI, my name is [Name] with [Company]. Is the customer [Name] I’m speaking to?


Yes, I am [Name]. May I ask why are you calling?


“Hello, is this (prospect’s name)? (Your name) calling from (your insurance agency). I’m calling to let you know that I’m offering free quotations on life insurance plans that can accommodate your lifestyle. Would you like to explore your options?

The Elevator Pitch

An Elevator pitch is short and simple. Furthermore, when you sell life insurance, it is important to address the pain point of the customer especially when you have a short time to grab the customer’s attention.


Hello, Am I speaking with [Prospect Name]? I am [Your name] calling for you from [Agency Name]. Time is valuable, so I will be quick. I am calling to let you know we offer [Amount] of term life insurance coverage. Would you like to explore?


Okay send me the details

The Follow-up Pitch

The most important part of the sales process is to follow up with customers who have shown interest in your website. Don’t give up after following up one time. If executed successfully, your follow-ups can project an air of reliability to put in the work for your prospect.


HI, is this [Prospect name]? My name is [Your name] and I am calling from [Company name]. I am calling you to inquire about the life insurance information you requested on our website. We offer customized plans that are perfect to fulfill your specific needs.

I understand how tough it can be to select suitable life insurance, so please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any queries.

Build a lucrative Script for Successful Sales

Design an effective and unique sale script to meet the user requirements as well as solve the agent’s problems that they face during lead generation. The above samples help you to build a lucrative life insurance sales script.

Furthermore, optimizing a sales process is a challenging task for life insurance agents. It is important to remain flexible and adjust the script according to the situation.

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