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How to setup your campaign on voice broadcasting?

Step1 Login to VB360

VB360 Main Screen

1 Add given login details into login form and click Login Button.

Avatar Voice Broadcast User Dashboard

2 After log into Voice Broadcasting interface you will see multiple options for instance: Campaign, Contact, Reporting [..]

Step2 Add Phonebook

Link to Contact Page

1 Still you have no chosen campaign, either contact list to broadcast your voice message, so let’s get deep! Firstly, click on contact options, where you find four another options on your left side: Phonebooks, Contacts, Multiple Column Import and Fixed Template Import.

Link To Phonebook Page

2 Click phonebooks link from left side menu.

Phonebook Page

3 Phonebooks, where you can simply add your phonebooks by simple click on Add New button.

Add Phonebook Page

4 By click on Add New button, you will find Phonebook form. Add the name of phonebook, short description and click on save button.

Phone book Added

5 That’s it, phonebook is successfully added and you are now ready to add contact in it.

Step3 Multiple Column Import, where you import your contact by uploading .csv files from your system, which eliminate one by one add of contacts.

Contact Page Link

1 Click Multiple Column Import button from left side menu.

Import Contact Page

2 Now select phonebook (just created or already created one) from dropdown, choose .csv file and click Import button.

Import Contact Page

3 Now to map the file with the system select related fields with the option (Phonenumber for Contact, Firstname for First Name and so on) and click OK to Process button.

Contacts Imported

4 That’s it, all goodone contacts from .csv are successfully imported! and you are ready to add audios for your campaign.

Contacts Imported

5 Click on phonebook from left sidebar to check the status of your phonebook.

Step4 Add Audios files (product voice message).

Audio Page Link

1 Click Audio Files button from left side menu.

Audio Page

2 Click Add New button.

Add Audio Page

3 Select audio name and choose allowed format file to broadcast your voice message and click save button.

Audio Added

4 Wait for a while.

Audio Added

5 That’s it, Audio successfully uploaded.

Step5 Add a Survey (It is the necessity option, It will help in campaign option for proceedings in Voice Broadcasting Campaign form as an application*.)

Survey Page Link

1 Click Survey button from left side menu.

Survey Page

2 Click Add New button.

Add Survey Page

3 Choose name, text-to-speech language, short description and click on save button.

Survey Added

4 Survey added successfully! Now you are one step behind for setting up your Vocie Broadcast Campaign.

Step6 Setting up Vocie Broadcast Campaign (You have your own campaign phonebook and voice message to broadcast and pitch your target audience, moving to next step to choose campaign to broadcast.)

1 Click on Campaign button from left side menu.

2 Click Add New button.

3 After click on Add New, add Campaign name, Description, Select a survey form application dropdown, select phonebook and click on Submit button.

4 That’s it, your campaign is successfully created.

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