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What Is an Auto Dialer Software and How It Works?

A few decades ago, customer center representatives were used to facing an end of the day with sore fingers and paining palms. Because they had to dial a long list of contact numbers before the sun had gone down. So, they had to do, and they were used to do.

Nevertheless, what if they return and see, nowadays, an agent dials even a longer list without dialing a single number manually and listening that annoying dial tones? Certainly, they will die again with wonder. A good joke, Nah?

Well, either they return or not, it’s point-blank true that in these days customer center representatives need not dialing even a single contact number manually. They don’t have to see lists, dial numbers and listen to grimy dial tones.

Then, how it happens? You may ask.

Fine, it happens with a magic wand: the auto dialer software. Yes, grab the contact lists, feed them to this automatically dialing software, and here you go like a boss.

So, What Exactly Is an Auto-Dialer?

An auto dialer is either hardware attached to the telephone set or cloud-based software. This software dials numbers automatically as well as sequentially.

Also, the auto-dialer detects busy phones, answering machines, disconnected calls, voicemails, and no call registered numbers.

A Little Bit About the Auto-Dialer Development

Over time, auto-dialer has evolved its features. Initially, the dialer was capable only to dial a list of contacts without adding any extra feature. So, a representative has to intervene manually for the sake of any extra option.

At that time, the real purpose of the dialer was mere linking sales representatives to potential customers. That’s why the early uses of auto-dialers got negative public perceptions: practices of cold calling.

However, with technological advancement, a modern dialer can offer contextual and behavioral perspectives in its functioning. Now, businesses can deploy modern dialer for enormous purposes: proactive customer reach, lead generation, and after-sale surveys, etc.

What Are the Types of an Auto-Dialer?

Depending on the types and volumes of outbound marketing, the business can choose a suitable auto-dialer. An auto-dialer has different types of versions:

  1. Predictive Dialer
  2. Progressive Dialer
  3. Power Dialer
  4. Preview Dialer


1.    Predictive Dialer

Based on the previous trends, this dialer adjusts dialing attempts and the time required to reach a live person. So, the dialer effectively detects busy numbers, disconnected calls, and answering machines.

On the other hand, dialer routes only the connected calls to agents, thus avoiding call drops and the idle time. Therefore, this kind of dialer is suitable for large call volumes.

2.    Progressive Dialer

Progressive dialer makes calls only when the agent is present. This will prevent events of throwing silent calls to the customers.

So, it is suitable for campaigns that address existing customers. For example, it is best when the representatives have to make calls for renewing subscriptions or setting an appointment.

3.    Power Dialer

Depending on the calls-to-agent ratio, the power dialer makes calls. When a representative is available, the dialer starts making calls based on the ration of the agent’s availability. So, the call center manager has a direct hold on the call frequency and automatic dialing ratio.

4.    Preview Dialer

This dialer allows the representatives to get ready before starting a conversation with customer. Additionally, the reps can view the next customer’s details before making a call.

So, the representatives get enough time to develop a suitable strategy thus providing customers a more personalized experience and customized interaction. Therefore, this is best for B2B inside sales calls.

So, How an Auto-Dialer Works?

Auto-Dialer works as a representative to dial numbers. Its core components, workflow mechanism, and customization options are as follows:

Core Components

Nowadays, auto-dialers are modern and more convenient. A cloud-based auto dialer holds the following components.

  • A Voice Modem
  • An Auto-Dialing Software
  • A Computer Connected with an Internet Connection

The voice modem and the auto-dialer software make the computer dialing a long list of contact numbers in different fashions depending on the type of auto-dialer. Meanwhile, the auto-dialer software detects unproductive calls: unanswered calls, voicemails, and disconnected calls.

Moreover, the software detects the voice and transfer the calls only answered by live persons. When a live person answers a call, the software detects and makes a caution.

Workflow Mechanism

Typical auto-dialer works in a certain and measured manner. The auto-dialer’s workflow involves the following steps.

  • Computer crawls on a contact list and dials all numbers one-by-one.
  • The auto-dialing software determines the sequence and duration of dialing.
  • Then, the auto-dialer checks if the call is answered by a live person?
  • If the auto-dialer detects an unproductive call, it terminates the call and starts dialing the next number on the list.
  • However, if a live person answers the call the auto-dialer software will route the call to a live agent or start a recorded voice message.

Customize the Auto-Dialer

The mangers can adopt options and features according to the business needs and campaign types. So, managers can adjust the dialing duration, dialing sequence, recorded messages, call back answers, number of attempts, and the menu of self-service for customers.

Moreover, a modern auto-dialer can adjust the time zone according to the customer and help the manager to monitor campaigns by providing real-time reports.

Additionally, new dialers have options to switch between different modes: progressive, predictive, and preview. However, the managers should keep in mind that changing dialing modes will differ in their scalability, usability, and flexibility.


Nowadays, the auto-dialer is evolved to facilitate call centers in various aspects. The selection of dialer software, switching among various modes, suitable customization, and real-time reporting had made a difference. Moreover, the integration of artificial intelligence in modern dialers has revolutionized the world of customer services.

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