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What is PBX

What is Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange?)

A Hosted PBX is an IP-based telephone exchange system that can be accessed from the cloud. This telephony system can only be accessed through the internet because it is cloud-based, which cuts down the costs for hardware and software. Sometimes, “Hosted PBX” is used synonymously with “Cloud PBX, hosted VoIP PBX, and Virtual PBX” which provides secure, reliable phone service for a business or organization through your Internet connection. Just like a telephonic system in any organization, you can have a cost-effective, digital version of the physical exchange hardware-based PBX system that runs over VoIP and saves a ton of money.

PBX / Traditional PBX

Difference between Hosted PBX OR Traditional PBX

Traditional PBX

  • Known as on premise PBX and require hardware and software for work

  • No use of the internet for telephony

  • Require more cost for initial setup

  • Basic calling features

  • Scaling up costly

  • Maintenance costs can be unexpected

Hosted PBX

  • No hardware is required and infrastructure is managed via the internet

  • Easy to scale

  • Depending on internet connectivity

  • Minimal set-up cost

  • Implement additional calling capabilities like automated call distribution & interactive voice response.

  • Training and troubleshooting are provided

How it work

How Hosted PBX works

Hosted PBX uses the internet protocol (IP) for communication. Calls are transmitted over the IP network rather than over physical lines.
There are three components required for a virtual PBX connection; a hosted provider, VoIP phone, and internet. Once everything is set up, your phones will use the Internet to connect to the PBX server, and the connection will always be active so you may place and receive calls.

Stay ahead of the curve with Unified Communication system

Easy Installation

You don't have to spend time setting up a network of cables or installing any equipment, as compared to a traditional PBX. When you follow the real-time instructions given by our support expert, setting up the Hosted PBX just takes a few minutes.

Unlimited users

The number of users on a traditional PBX is restricted, but hosted PBX offers you the benefit of having an infinite number of users. No limitations, expand your business and you can enhance your ROI and business efficiency by connecting with more customers globally.

Boost scalability

A traditional PBX system can be expensive and time-consuming to expand by adding lines and phones which is difficult to maintain. You may easily and inexpensively add more numbers to your business phone system using a hosted PBX phone service to increase scalability.

Remote Employees

Cloud PBX systems used VoIP to enable communications within a company, even if it has multiple locations. Employee flexibility to work remotely is important factor for developing organizations. Remote workers can communicate with coworkers, and clients using a mobile app or laptop software.


A virtual PBX is comfortable for end users and is easy to use. You may start utilizing your new company phone system right away because you don't require any training. So, employees just log in and transfer their call to the new device.

Reliable system

A hosted PBX is a high-performing system which increase your business's reliability and security. If your business is affected by some reasons like a technical fault or a natural disaster, your telephone system is safe and will remain operational on-site or, remotely.

Geographical flexibility

The VoIP technology enables you to connect to your hosted PBX from all over the world. All you need is the internet, a smartphone, or a laptop. Every call will connect without any form of delay, reduction in call quality, or lagging response times.

No downtime

Hosted PBX makes use of numerous VoIP data centers. This implies that in the case of a data center failure, your business's phones will be linked to a new data center, preventing a disruption in phone service. A unified communication system that is always up-to-date.

Fully Customization

A hosted PBX solution will make it simple and affordable for your company to upgrade its communications settings as your business needs. Employees can access additional capabilities like SMS and business call conferencing by logging into their VoIP phone and configuring their settings.


Win your business with Dialer360 Hosted PBX core features

Single Click Recording

This feature allows you to keep track of all the calls to ensure security, and quality of service and gather missed details.


Transfer Call

Without having to worry about losing a call from a third party or disconnecting calls can be transferred easily across departments.

Conference Call

Hosted PBX services allows you to conduct conference calls. Connect your desired extensions to one call while ensuring a quality connection.

IVR attended calls

Attend a call by an IVR that can direct calls to the concerned departments by taking the caller through step-by-step guidance to the correct extension.


Handle multiple customers with a single instance and reduce operating costs. You can use the software via Desktop, or plugin IP phones.


With WebRTC, you can make and receive calls with a web browser and communicate with your potential clients in real time.

CRM Integration

To expand the functionality of your hosted PBX, integrated it with your own CRM. Along with your hosted PBX.

Call Monitoring

Monitor which calls are active and record customer calls to improve agent skills and productivity. You can easily upgrade your services.

Call Routing

Route the call to the appropriate department or agent based on their caller id information to enhance customer retention rate.


Easy & Perfect Solution with Latest
CRM Integrations

Select your favorite CRM that is the perfect fit for your business. Engage with customers, enhance revenue and get more leads.
Have a Questions?


Q. What does PBX stand for?

A.  PBX stands for private branch exchange; a telephonic system within an enterprise that allows calls and extensions between employees. A traditional PBX system requires a physical phone while Hosted PBX uses VoIP and doesn’t require complex hardware or software.

Q. What is the difference between PBX and VoIP?

A.  A traditional PBX system uses landline telephones to send and receive calls over the PSTN network, whereas VoIP sends and receives calls over the Internet. This is the primary distinction between PBX and VoIP (Voice over IP).

Q. What is the future of Hosted PBX?

A.  Cloud phone systems provide businesses with a wide range of advantages while ensuring flexibility and agility. And these qualities will be crucial in the future. The technology you select has a big impact on how future-proof your organization is. Cloud phone systems provide advantages and benefits that will last for many years.

Q. How reliable is hosted PBX?

A. Customers can make use of managed, fully redundant core infrastructure that is hosted in a secure Tier 1 data center. They feel easy by knowing that Hosted PBX will be able to reroute calls to alternate endpoints such as wireless, or answering services in case of an emergency.

Q. How Hosted PBX help businesses?

A. Hosted PBX guarantees that you can keep in touch with your customers without interruption. Businesses no longer need to spend money on costly infrastructure, software, and training because hosted PBX is a solution that is operated entirely off-site. Calls can be promptly redirected to other phones using the online portal even if your office is damaged to maintain service.

Q. What is Hosted PBX Extension?

A.  With a hosted PBX, your staff can use your phone system from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection. Without the need for any additional software or hardware, calls can be redirected to their mobile devices or computers.

Q. What type of PBX is used in most companies today?

A.  The most commonly used type of business phone system is a digital or IP PBX system, which sends voice and video communications via the internet.

Q. Should I upgrade my phone system to a hosted PBX?

A.  You should switch your phone system to hosted PBX if your employees are working remotely or you want to grow your business rapidly. With hosted PBX, your all business phone numbers are existing in the cloud and are easily accessed from anywhere with a stable internet connection.

Q. How simple is it to expand a cloud based PBX system?

A. It’s so easy, simply adding phones and it assists you in removing all of those costs, which telephone and PBX systems required such as cabling, and cost of phones, etc.

CRM Integrations

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Why Business

Why businesses Move to Dialer360 Hosted PBX

Dialer360 transforms business communication with the power of the cloud. We developed a cloud-based PBX for all sizes of businesses to reach their business new heights. Cut down the expenses and restrictions of hardware like switches and trunks. And now virtual PBX has several advantages over older systems. Businesses can compete in the new workplace and we offer advanced PBX solutions like full mobile integration and business SMS.

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