Hosted PBX Services

Hosted PBX solutions enhance the power of the business by high-end phone systems. Dialer360 is anywhere and anytime with a PBX communication solution.


Hosted PBX Service (Private Branch Exchange) is a telephonic system within an enterprise that allows calls and switches calls between its employees. To have a PBX system in your organization, you need to buy telephonic sets and wires that will allow you to receive calls.

" Get this Hosted PBX Service and work just like any other conventional PBX but not only that, you can have some advanced features as well "

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Key Features

Some Essential Features

User Friendly

PBX is simple and easy to use for end-users. No need for specialized training and ...

CRM Integration

Integrate your Hosted PBX to any CRM. If you have your own CRM then we will integrate Hosted PBX...

No Missed Calls

Whether you are in the office or home, you don’t get a missed call from Hosted PBX.

IVR Attended Calls

Attend a call by an IVR/automated attendant who can direct the call to the corresponding ...

Conference Call

Make a conference call with Hosted PBX.

Transfer Call

You can transfer your call to another department

Single Click Recording

Record all calls with a single click

Music On Call Hold

Put the call on hold with music.

CRM Integrations

Dialer360 can integrate with
your favorite CRM.

Reasons to choose Hosted PBX

Cost Efficient

Hosted PBX is super cost-effective than on-premise PBX, as not only your cost...

Easy to Use

Hosted PBX is super easy to use. You do need to train your staff as you do with...

Display local ID

With Hosted PBX, you can also get the local ID of any location of your choice. So it ...

Quick Installation

Unlike PBX, you do not need to pay for setting up a Hosted PBX! As it’s easy to install ...

Multiple Choice

If you already have a telephone number and want to use the existing number ...

Get Calls on smartphones

With hosted PBX, you can get calls on your phones as well! Whether you have android ...

Unlimited Users

Traditional PBX restricts the number of users but Hosted PBX gives you the chance ...

Geographical Flexibility

With the on-premise PBX, you need to stay in the enterprise to get contacted with the ...


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