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If you are finding it hard to achieve your goals or set your targets. If You have to spend a lot of time daily on generating KPO reports. If You can not find what are your best sellers agents and best selling products in a few clicks. If You can not see your sales graphs, agent availability graph etc. If There is no way you can send emails during call, add multiple comments and attach specific documents, Yes .. you require CRM

At the end of the day, while making a long report for your call center, you might wish you have a button which you just press and all things sort out.

Be organized

You may claim that you can manage your business using email, task management systems, and calendar systems but you’ll miss the big picture. Organizing all your information into one system gives you that big picture

Never lose your data

If you use notepads, memo books, calendars, and other systems for tracking your data then the odds are high that you are going to lose it at some point or it can be stolen. So Store everything on your laptop.

History is important

If you’ve ever wanted to look back and see everything on a particular contact, the stream of communication between you and them and other members of your business then you need a CRM

Statuses are important

Do you know which clients are ready for a quick callback? If you knew exactly which prospects and clients were on hold and who was slightly interested in your services. would that help your business and your sales strategies? I think it would help a lot.

Track your Weaknesses

CRM helps you to find out your weaknesses because you can see clearly that where your resources are going and which expenses should be stopped immediately.

Prospect your goals

CRM will help you to achieve your goals because when you spend less time on management with use of CRM you will have more time to prospect your goals and make good strategy


Lead Management

Customer relationship management enhance the lead of management as it takes less time to manage customers information, agent productivity and graphing the work performance and get more time for management strategies, reason to lead management effectively.

Account & Contact Management

CRM is designed to manage business-to-business (B2B) relationships—that is, relationships with other organizations and the contacts working at those organizations. Avatar CRM can also manage business-to-consumer (B2C) relationships, meaning relationships with individuals not associated with a specific organization.

Customer Support & Service

Customer service and support is department that interacts with a customer for their immediate benefits, including components such as the contact center and the call management system.

Campaign Management

It allows the management to plan and keep track of the campaigns. This includes planning the campaign, preparing your mailing list etc. Avatar CRM helps to manage the campaign to plan, execute and monitor campaigns in an organized way.

Mass Mailing

Communication with customers is an important activity in any business scenario. One of the best ways of communicating is through email. Avatar CRM provides the option of using email to reach a large number of customers by sending mass emails. You can also create auto responders, schedule mass emails, and create email templates that are ready to use.

Integrated Calendar, Activity & Notification Management

If your staff still activate your daily calendars, making notes on memo books or to do list? What happened if all this precious information deleted or misplaced? Don’t worry—save your to do list, active your daily work list and get notification by this amazing feature!

Email Integration And Extensions

Avatar CRM allows you to save your emails from Gmail within your CRM account. All you need to do is configure the POP settings and select you Gmail account as the mailbox.

Performance Reporting

Did you know, who is your best agent? Which one is leading from others? Which agent have high sale graphs? If you still not know, time comes with CRM your agent work performances, sale graphs automatically will be design by single click!

Product Customization

Customizing is the most influential way of achieving a successful organization-specific Customer Relationship Management system. One of the key elements of Avatar CRM is its capacity to allow customization and flexibility to do so. You can customize a lot of elements like the tabs (modules), the page layouts, sections in a page, fields, etc.

Security Management

Security is the first priority of every organization, with CRM managers have complete security over the call center management. Executives have full check and balance over the representatives in his contact center whereas reps have access only their records.

Opportunity Prioritization

The priority of business is to maximize business, by using customer management system managers and executives acquire more time for making strategies and their first priority will be to grow their business with high opportunity.

Automatic Lead Capture

With customer relationship management, managers have access to leads of business. If agents will rightly tracked then lead can be a revenue generating opportunity for business. However, one must have the right process and tools in place to make sure these are properly guided towards the most likely result of sales planning. For this reason, businesses consider lead management as one of the important activities in their organization-wide sales and marketing process.

FAQ Creation

Most of the customers have not understanding about the CRM, for those-managers can create FAQ page, questions mostly comes in mind will be answered by the system and customers easily understand what is this features, how it works and how it helps to manage the work and divide the work load!

Integration With System

CRM integration is building your website and CRM to function together seamlessly. Instead of using your CRM to just be a system that retains customer information based on manual entries, CRM integration promotes your CRM to work double-time, automatically bringing in valuable customer lead data directly into your CRM using information already found on your website!

Customer Portal

Customer portal CRM enables you to rapidly deliver a flexible, scalable and highly secure portal solution that provides immediate communication with your customers, vendors and partners that can be pursued and reported on, without the need for coding, custom programming, or other complex technical requirements.

Case Management

Case management is to include multiple persons inside and outside of the association, with variable relationships to each other, as well as multiple documents and messages. Case management is, to improve the performance of your organization by putting case information front-and-center.

Subscription Management

Avatar subscription management, manage all the subscription charges of customer’s company for whole life. You can effortlessly manage the entire subscription charges of your customers by CRM seamlessly.

Quoting, Invoicing, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders

Quoting, invoicing for customers, sales order send by the business and purchase order send by the customers, all the detail of your Quotes, invoicing, sales order and purchase order will be transferred with having all the records and time will be save just one click—CRM

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