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Progressive Dialer

Power of efficient sales

Dialer360’s Progressive Dialer makes outbound calls to a predictable list of contacts in an efficient way. The progressive dialer makes calls only when an agent is available to respond. This optimizes auto-dialing and boosts productivity and reduces customer waiting time.

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What is a Progressive dialer?

Progressive dialing is an automated dialing system that only connects the answered calls with live agents. So, automate your outbound calling process and agents don’t dial the customer numbers manually. Progressive dialer dials the number only when an agent is available to answer the call and dial one number per agent. Best dialer for telemarketing, customer service, and improving sales.

How it Works

How Progressive Dialer works

Dialer360’s progressive dialer makes outbound calls proficiently by going through updated contact lists. With just three steps, you can automate your dialing tasks and run operations more efficiently:

Import contact list

Upload your desired contact list for better dialing.

Start dialing

Easily upload and click the start button to initiate your dialing.

Dial one number per agent

Progressive dialer connects the outbound call to the available agent.


Why progressive dialer is the best

Dialer360’s Progressive Dialer minimizes call abandonment rate and boosts productivity. It drastically cuts down the wait time while utilizing all agents by assigning calls efficiently.

Why Progressive dialer best for you and do wonders

Improved ROI

Generate maximum amount of live calls, leading to more sales and an improved ROI. Save time by eliminating manual dialing and fully utilizing agents.

5X agent productivity

Reduce the agent idle time and utilize every second to increase the proficiency up to 5X with our Progressive Dialer.

Real-time reporting

A user-friendly dashboard that gives real-time reporting and manages team performance.

No manual dialing

Automatically dials and saves from the frustration of manual dialing. With just a few clicks to set up, you can start dialing unlimited numbers.

Greater customer engagement

Deliver the best experience by creating a better interaction between customer and agent in order to increase engagement.

High performance

Monitor real-time agent and customer performance. Increase performance and make your organization well-reputed.

CRM Integrations

Dialer360 can integrate with
your favourite CRM

Feature List

Core Features that make us top-notch

Make your customer happy by offering what they want. Dialer360’s Progressive Dialer has distinct features for providing excellent customer engagement.

#1 Best Progressive Dialer

Best Progressive Dialer System
Industries we serve

It doesn’t matter you have a call center business and handle multiple clients or provide the service to a specific organization. We offer you the best auto dialer solution that is right for you.

Debt Collection

Enhance debt recovery rates, minimize the cost and boost agent output. Agents can review each debtor’s important detail as well as utilize scripts to certify effective communication. Real-time reporting is capable you to detect optimal times to reach debtors and boosting the chance of debt recovery. Join us and reach more debtors.

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BPO (Business process outsourcing)

Business process outsourcing scales operations as needed. Line up to changing business demands in real-time. It’s no more expensive, you can maintain predictable cost. Customize your campaigns for diverse clients as well as to measure agent productivity. With custom workflow configuration you can accomplish your business process outsourcing goal.

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Get valuable solar lead with our cloud solar dialer. You can reach out to solar contacts over numerous channels as well as implement call blocking and flagging to enhance the conversation. Scale your call center easily and grasp more sales opportunities. This is prevailing technology to maximize viability.

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Real Estate

Don’t waste your time by manually dialing your potential customer. Real estate dialer is very fast and effective that save your time and you can create campaign huge volume of your real estate potential customers. Increase your sales and hit your goal, real estate customers can keep you on the toes.

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Travel and Tourism

Put up one step ahead with state-of-the-art call center technology. Convert more travel and tourism leads with an intelligent lead routing. Expand your business easily, scale more call centers across trending travel hotspots to improve sales and grow business.

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Connect with agents intelligently with more leads in a smaller amount of time. Hit fundraising goals and certify that your contributors are at ease. Raise fundraising efforts by producing hyper-targeted campaigns to create more customized connections and grab more customer attention.

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Healthcare insurance

Fast predictive dialer that is best for selling more insurance plans. Designed personalized health insurance sales and get more customer attention. Increase your call center ROI by an excellent experience with us. Speed up the health insurance sales with the best technology. Get intelligent CRM for disturbance-free sales.

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Home Facilities

Grasp more customers for home facilities and improvements. Send quotes, keep the sales team linked, and manage more bookings along with a single source of truth. With fast dialing technology, grab the attention of more home improvement leads in minimum time duration.

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Progressive Dialer FAQs?


Any question? Below are some important questions about the progressive dialer

Progressive dialing is an automatic dialing method that dials the number when the agent is available to talk. So, agents increase productivity by reducing manual dialing and having more time to talk with potential customers. This method of dialing gives the agent time to review the contact information.

Progressive and predictive dialers are best for managing call center campaigns for marketing. A predictive dialer is an automatic dialing system that makes an outbound call based on the present dialing ratio before the agent is free to handle calls while a progressive dialer makes outbound calls after the agent represents her/his availability to receive the next call.

Progressive dialer connects the customer with a live agent and the next call is dialed automatically. Other than that, progressive optimizing for agent convenience. So, the call is connected, the agent starts their communication and completes communication. Automation continues to fetch and deliver qualified leads.

An efficient and fastest dialer that increase the productivity of agent and reduce the abandonment rate. Due to this dialer software, calls are connected to the live agents as well as agents are ready to handle calls. You can eliminate your manual effort and improve efficacy by connecting the agents directly.

Automatic dialers make businesses fast and smart because they improve their output by increasing the talk time. Progressive dialer streamlines the lead generation as well as sales workflow that’s why businesses prefer to choose this dialer. Every business compares the dialers and picks the best one that is suitable for them.

A progressive dialer boosts productivity by increasing the focus of agents to talk with callers rather than listening to busy calls. It doesn’t matter what type of your business you run; automatic dialing reduces idle time and increases business effectiveness. It also monitors your agents in real-time and provides analytics.


What our client's say about us

“This software has the most transparency of all that I've used in the past. The reports are really helpful in terms of allowing me to see how individual campaigns are performing and the real-time status bar is a real jewel for seeing what is or isn't happening.“
Coray W.
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