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Predictive Dialer

Fastest auto dialer to dial outbound sales calls

Dialer360’s predictive dialer is the fastest sales converter that perfectly utilize the agent’s idle time. It auto-skips unproductive and unanswered calls while only transfers potential leads to the agents. It is an efficient cloud-based system for outbound dialing.

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What Is A Predictive Dialer?

 A predictive dialer is a fully automated outbound dialing solution. It auto-dials and transfers every connected call to the agent. It also manages campaigns, sales, and produces results effectively.

Inbound Outbound
Debt Collection Sales & Marketing Debt Collection Sales & Marketing
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Debt Collection Sales & Marketing Debt Collection Sales & Marketing
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How it works

How Predictive Dialer Works?

Dialer360’s predictive dialer has a user-friendly interface which can be used by anyone after taking a demo. The users can effectively manage every campaign in three steps.

Create Campaign

Create an auto-dialing campaign according to your requirements and purpose.

Add Phonebook

Easily import or upload your contact list for better customer targeting.

Start Dialing

Keep your agent ready and click start to initiate your campaign.

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Why Choose
Dialer360 Predictive Dialer?

Dialer360’s hosted predictive dialer has exceptional dialing features. It can be adapted to cater every industry. The following are the most valuable features of the predictive dialer.

Why Predictive Dialer Is Your Perfect Dialing Partner?

5X More Agent Productivity

Auto converts agent idle time into 5x more talk time efficiently.

Data Security & Protection

Advance data security and protection keeps your campaigns safe & secure.

Automatic Time Zone Adjustments

Suitable for national/international campaigns with auto time zone support.

100% Cloud Base Services

The dialer is fully cloud-based and only requires a stable internet connection for to operate, from anywhere.

Pay as You Go Pricing

Pay-as-you-go pricing without any hidden charges and annual contracts.

24/7 Customer Support

Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you 24/7 regarding any query.

CRM Integrations

Dialer360 can integrate with
your favourite CRM

Features List

A Simple Predictive dialer
With Thoughtful Features

The predictive dialer has multiple other dialing & campaign supporting features. Following are the prominent features of the predictive dialer.

#1 Predictive dialer

Best Predictive Dialer Software
Industries we serve

It doesn’t matter you have a call center business and handle multiple clients or provide the service to a specific organization. We offer you the best auto dialer solution that is right for you.

Debt Collection

Enhance debt recovery rates, minimize the cost and boost agent output. Agents can review each debtor’s important detail as well as utilize scripts to certify effective communication. Real-time reporting is capable you to detect optimal times to reach debtors and boosting the chance of debt recovery. Join us and reach more debtors.

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BPO (Business process outsourcing)

Business process outsourcing scales operations as needed. Line up to changing business demands in real-time. It’s no more expensive, you can maintain predictable cost. Customize your campaigns for diverse clients as well as to measure agent productivity. With custom workflow configuration you can accomplish your business process outsourcing goal.

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Get valuable solar lead with our cloud solar dialer. You can reach out to solar contacts over numerous channels as well as implement call blocking and flagging to enhance the conversation. Scale your call center easily and grasp more sales opportunities. This is prevailing technology to maximize viability.

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Real Estate

Don’t waste your time by manually dialing your potential customer. Real estate dialer is very fast and effective that save your time and you can create campaign huge volume of your real estate potential customers. Increase your sales and hit your goal, real estate customers can keep you on the toes.

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Travel and Tourism

Put up one step ahead with state-of-the-art call center technology. Convert more travel and tourism leads with an intelligent lead routing. Expand your business easily, scale more call centers across trending travel hotspots to improve sales and grow business.

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Connect with agents intelligently with more leads in a smaller amount of time. Hit fundraising goals and certify that your contributors are at ease. Raise fundraising efforts by producing hyper-targeted campaigns to create more customized connections and grab more customer attention.

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Healthcare insurance

Fast predictive dialer that is best for selling more insurance plans. Designed personalized health insurance sales and get more customer attention. Increase your call center ROI by an excellent experience with us. Speed up the health insurance sales with the best technology. Get intelligent CRM for disturbance-free sales.

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Home Facilities

Grasp more customers for home facilities and improvements. Send quotes, keep the sales team linked, and manage more bookings along with a single source of truth. With fast dialing technology, grab the attention of more home improvement leads in minimum time duration.

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Have a Questions?


Following are some of the frequently asks questions that can help you understand everything about the predictive dialer software.

A predictive dialer is an outbound call center solution. It used a mathematical formula to predict the agent’s availability time. Furthermore, dials multiple calls for one agent but connects only the productive calls. Besides, it auto-drops voicemail, unanswered, unproductive calls instantly.

It’s a complete automated solution with advanced dialing and campaign management options. You can conveniently use a predictive dialer to target a large audience in a short time. Besides, assist you regarding contact, sales, and result management.

Predictive dialer focuses on the productivity of the agents. It uses algorithms to predict both the average call answer time and agent availability. Additionally, it auto-dials multiple calls for each agent and routes answered calls to them. The software also ignores unanswered, busy, and disconnected numbers. You can now automate all your campaigns and focus all your resources into getting promising leads.

A predictive dialer is also a type of auto-dialer. Let’s understand the major differences between the predictive dialer and auto-dialer

Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer is a type of auto-dialer software This software dials multiple numbers for one agent and perfectly utilizes the agent time. It transfers only connected calls to the agent. This cloud base software can auto-adjust the call pacing ratio to utilize the agent’s idle time in the best way. Above all, convenient to use and manage campaigns through a simple dashboard.

Auto Dialer:

The auto-dialer also dials the unlimited number automatically. Importantly, it dials one number for an agent and the agent can skip the unproductive number. Besides, the auto-dialer waits for the agent’s availability. It auto-dial the next number in the list when the agent finishes the previous call.

Predictive dialer is completely legal all over the world. You need to understand the Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) laws regarding telecommunication. According to the authorities, robocall software is not allowed for marketing and advertisement. Besides, there is also restriction regarding unlawful financial calls, messages, fax, or email. Contrary, under TCPA laws you can use a predictive dialer but only on the allowed numbers. Make sure, you don’t dial a number already registered in Do Not Call List.

Predictive dialer is a cloud-based software and doesn’t require on-site premises installation. It’s one of the cost-efficient solutions for marketing and advertisement.

You can generate high results effortlessly without paying any hidden charges or annual contract fees. You just need an internet connection to get global accessibility. Surely, it can provide you with amazing results at a low cost. It’s highly recommended for large-scale marketing campaigns.

Predictive dialer is one of the best dialing software due to its automation and reduced manual inputs.

Furthermore, it has multiple business supporting features. You can target a large audience in a short time through hosted predictive dialer. Any organization can use this software for marketing, branding, sales, notification alert, and multiple other purposes. Boost your business productivity and build better relationships with your customers.

Every business depends mainly on business sales and a predictive dialer can be your perfect partner regarding sales conversion. It only provides dedicated leads and saves agents time from unproductive, unwanted calls.

Call centers use hosted predictive dialers due to their high productivity and optimized agent time utilization. They are also fast, effective, and can be used for multiple campaigns at the same time.


What our client's say about us

“This software has the most transparency of all that I've used in the past. The reports are really helpful in terms of allowing me to see how individual campaigns are performing and the real-time status bar is a real jewel for seeing what is or isn't happening.“
Coray W.
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