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Send Fast Pre-recorded Voicemails

Voice broadcasting software sends unlimited pre-recorded audio messages/voicemails to a large audience. It is an effective mass communication technique that rapidly sends unlimited notifications, informational or promotional messages, and alerts to your targeted audience.

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How it works

How To Use Voice Broadcasting Software?

Voice broadcast is an easy to use automated system that helps you execute an effective voice broadcasting campaign with these simple steps:

Configuring Voice Messages & Contacts

Upload your pre-recorded audio message/mp3/voicemail and update the contact list for you audience.

Choose your Campaign Type

Select the nature of your campaign from the default list to lock the purpose of your communication. Users also have the advantage to fully customize the campaign according to their requirements.

Launching Campaign

Once you have entered all the necessary information, the campaign is ready to go live. Launch your campaign with a single click and sit back as your message automatically reaches out to the masses.


What Is A Voice Broadcasting Software?

Voice broadcasting is an automated voicemail/audio messages forwarding solution. It helps you send out unlimited voicemails to infinite contacts very quickly. You can broadcast business promotional messages, important alerts, mass notifications, and updates instantly.
It also provides multiple options for quick user participation like Callback or Press 1 campaign. Furthermore, a cloud-based system to quickly broadcast audio messages and the software also effectively auto manages multiple campaigns, results, and sales.

Features List

Dialer360 Voice Broadcasting Software Features List

Voice Broadcast software is the most affordable tool for broadcasting your message to a large number of audience. The broadcaster can also be equipped with various premium features to enhance its functionality.

Press-1 Campaign

Press-1 Campaign allows you to get dedicated leads directly from the target audience. The customer can participate immediately through the press 1 Campaign using a dial pad. You can get instant feedback or call back from the customer with the help of Press-1feature.

Dynamic Caller ID

Voice Broadcasting Software casts voicemails every time with a new local caller ID. It helps you build a strong and trusted relationship with customers. The software can target one customer multiple times for multiple campaigns with dynamic caller ID support.

Answering Machine Detection

The Voice Broadcast tool sends out voice messages and can auto-detects answering machines. It immediately skips the number before connecting with the answering machine. This feature helps save a huge amount of productive time.

Text To Speech

You can upload and forward pre-recorded voicemails. Alternatively, also can convert text into speech. Users can select a system uploaded voice for messages through the text to speech feature for broadcasting.

Real-Time Reporting

The Software provides real-time results, stats, and reporting. You can get a better understanding of the campaign’s performance through real-time reports . Thus resulting in better assistance in superior decision-making.

Live Call Transfer

The software transfers connected calls to the agents, allowing you to get better dedicated leads. Maximum live calls increase the chances of sales. It also utilize the agent's time and energy on potential live calls.

Robo Dialer

Robo dialer automates all dialing processes. It will keep on dialing the next number by skipping unproductive calls. Besides, quickly transfer every connected lead to the agent. Highly useful to auto-dials the maximum number in a short time.

Recording Portal

Voice broadcasting recording portal auto records every call. You can use these recordings for training, sales, and above all for quality and compliance

Ringless Voicemail

Ringless voicemail is a non-intrusive marketing technique. Now send voicemail directly into customer voicemail inbox without a ring.


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Why Choose Us

Why Choose
Dialer360 Voice Broadcasting Software?

Voice broadcasting software is one of the best tools for fast message broadcasting. It has multiple business supporting and voicemail broadcasting features and facilities. It helps you promote products and services effectively and obtain better results with additional bebefits.

24/7 Support

Dialer360 team is always ready to assist regarding any query. You can contact us anytime 24/7. Surely, you will get standard customer support immediately.

Cost-Effective & Reliable

It provides the flexibility to target a large audience with extreme affordability. Consequently, provides voicemail drop assurance with pay-as-you-go pricing.

100% PCI Compliant

Voicemail broadcaster ensures the safety of your data and payments on priority. This voicemail dialer uses encrypted protocols to transfer data. Moreover, recording, local caller ID support, keep you safe and 100% PCI compliant.

Fully Cloud-Based

Voice Broadcast software is fully cloud-based system. All you need is a computer and internet connection to get global accessibility. Moreover, it doesn't require any additional contracts or subscriptions.

Flexible & Customizable

This voice broadcast tool allows you to easily increase the number of agents on campaigns. It lets you choose multiple campaigns according to business requirement.


Voice Broadcasting Best Application & Usage

This voice messenger broadcaster is easily customizable and flexible. Above all, can be used for different tasks and purposes too. Unquestionably, it’s also the fastest, economical, and effective tool. Highly productive for marketing, sales, and business promotion. It is widely used by multiple leading industries. Following are the best application and usage of voice broadcast. 

Political parties utilize voice broadcast software for multiple purposes. It helps them in phone canvassing, broadcasting political messages. Furthermore, for political awareness, fundraising campaigns, and political branding. Political parties also use voicemails for social gatherings, vote campaigns, and social awareness. It’s an economic way to boost political campaigns.

Every business industry invests 80% of its budget in marketing and advertisement. Voice broadcast is not only a fast and economical tool but also the most productive. It helps you advertise and market business, products, on large scale effortlessly. Surprisingly, can get guaranteed results in a short time.

Voice broadcast software is widely used by the survey and research industry. It provides a keypad response option that is highly useable for surveys and research. The audience can participate through the press 1 campaign and can easily participate in research and survey.

Broadcast your business promotion and branding messages cost-efficiently. You can get instant responses for your business/product through effective voicemail messages. Alternatively, can help you get more leads and sales too.
These organizations include events management, sports industry, housing societies. Besides, insurance, mortgage, health care department, and multiple other organizations also widely used this software.

Different commercial and non-commercial institutions and organizations use voice broadcaster for different tasks. Businesses use to send alerts and important notifications to the staff and employees. It’s an easy way to address a large audience at short notice cost-effectively.
These organizations include events management, sports industry, housing societies. Besides, insurance, mortgage, health care department, and multiple other organizations also widely used this software.

Non – profit organizations including religious organizations on large scale organize powerful voice broadcasting campaigns for fundraising. You can appropriately convince your audience for fundraising easily through pre-recorded message. In fact, can set press 1 campaign or call back options for the fundraising campaign.

This software is very suitable for mass notification and alert. You can send emergency notifications and alerts in a large abundance. It will be highly responsive and very convenient in any emergency.


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Voice broadcasting is an automatic voicemail broadcaster. It auto-send voicemail/ pre-recorded audio message to a large audience very quickly. Furthermore, provide press 1 campaign, call back, and multiple other options for user participation.

It is a highly effective auto software for broadcast promotional messages, notifications, alerts, and advertisements in voice messages.

It’s a cloud-based software with multiple businesses promoting features that you can utilize for business branding, sales, and promotion.

Voice broadcasting software allows businesses/organizations to make mass automated phone calls very easily. It’s an automated tool that helps conveniently manage automated voicemail broadcasting on a large scale. You can manage a super-effective auto phone calls campaign in three simple steps. Firstly, upload an mp3/audio message/voicemail that you want to broadcast to the audience. Alternatively, can choose a text to speech option to broadcast text message in a system recorded voice/tone. Secondly, you need to define the target audience. upload or import a contact list in the software. Include contacts in your Do Not Call List to exclude restricted numbers. Certainly, results are dependent mainly on a targeted audience. Last, get ready to broadcast voice messages. Just set campaign type from the given options. Obviously, the campaign type should be according to your business requirements. Once, you set a campaign just initiate the voicemail broadcasting campaign.
Voice Broadcasting Software is an auto voice message broadcaster. It auto-send prerecorded voicemail to the number available in the list. Immediately connect the prospect with the agent. Besides, broadcast message or voicemail upon connection. Contrary, skip the unanswered, voicemail number or leave a recoded voicemail for a callback. Furthermore, provide multiple other user participation options too like Press 1 Campaign. Besides, quickly jumps to the next available number in the list and repeat the same process. You can also broadcast text-to-speech messages. It’s a complete fastest auto solution for broadcasting quick voice messages/voicemails. In fact, provide you on-time results, stats, and analysis regarding the campaign in detail. A full cloud base powerful solution for mass notification, messaging, and voicemail at the most economical prices.
Voice Broadcasting is 100 % legal and according to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. There are some restrictions regarding Robo Dialing. Alternatively, a business can perform ringless voicemail marketing through voice broadcast. Ringless voicemail marketing allows you to perform non – intrusive marketing. You can send direct voicemail into the customer’s inbox without any ring. Make sure you only include phone numbers that opted into receiving voicemail messages. please check out Dialer360 accounts and usage policy for a better understanding of dialing laws and guidelines. Importantly, don’t engage in any illegal campaigns. Moreover, don’t send messages to any number already listed in the Do Not Contact List. Voice Broadcast allows you to safely and securely manage campaigns under TCPA rules and regulations. It’s completely legal to use voice broadcasting software all over the world.
In voice broadcasting, you broadcast voicemail, audio message, or forward text to speech message. Your message will also ring a bell on the prospect device upon receiving it. Unquestionably, it’s the fastest way of broadcasting mass notifications, messages, alerts, etc. Contrary, Ringless Voicemail allows you to drop voicemail directly into the customer inbox without any ring. It’s a non-intrusive voice marketing method that helps silently deliver the message directly into the customer inbox. Generally, nobody likes a disturbance in the middle of the day with an unknown voice message. Besides, your prospect can check voicemail in spare time and can respond accordingly from the inbox. Undoubtedly, the software is a better, effective, and convenient method of marketing.
Voice Broadcast software is a cloud base system. Alternatively, the software also doesn’t require the installation of any on-site premises. Furthermore, also doesn’t require any contract or annual charges. Importantly, it’s also one of the most economical and productive tools for voice message broadcasting. It allows you to pay according to pay as you go that directly proportionate to your usage. The Software will also charge according to the number of voicemail drops. Additionally, also allow customizing a voicemail quantity too according to business needs. Every single voicemail drop price is also very cheaper. Surely, voicemail broadcasting is the most economical and fastest method of voice communication.
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