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Agent Statusboard

Our beautifully designed dashboard keeps your managers up to date with Current stats, Agent sales, Talk time and QA failed calls. They can see the whole business situation as well as individual performance in a glance. This way they have all necessary information at one place and they can take better decisions to improve the business. Our dashboard acts just like a thermometer for your business. You don’t need to go to doctor, but you can take your temperature in a few seconds. Like a thermometer, our dashboard gives you a quick, reliable indicator that your business is doing fine – and can alert you in an emergency if you need to see a specialist.

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Core Features

We are providing efficient manager dashboard system to help you in journey of your business towards success.

Track your agents

It is fairly useful as it provide overview regarding call center agents. It can be easily observed as which agent is on the line, free agents at time and agents with hold call. Distinctive colors for each specific status is shown therefore it is user friendly system.

Call log

It is flexible as it gets updated itself showing most recent history. Exact information relating to calls can be observed by managers. Total time allocated by specific agent on calls can be monitored.

Performance evaluator

Managers can easily monitor performance of individual agents. It clearly outlines the sales made by specific agent. It provides visual representation of total calls attend by agent during the shifts and his work output in the form of sales.

Increased sales volume

More sales are generated by agents as they are aware of fact that their performance is being monitored. Managers can organize their team in a better manner by offering incentive in case of more sales than targeted sales and penalties in case of low sales from target. More sale volume means more profit for the call center which is a basic motive of each call center


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Due to our innovative solution for call center organization, our company recognized as a leading company.