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Auto Dialer :

An Automated Phone Dialing System to dial leads faster

Auto Dialer is an advanced auto-dialing software for outbound campaigns. It auto-dial unlimited numbers, connect live calls with the agent or leave a pre-recorded voice message. Highly useable for marketing, promotion, fundraising, and notification purpose. 

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Auto Dialer Overview

What is Auto Dialer software?

The Auto Dialer is an outbound dialing solution. It auto-dial multiple calls from the list. Besides, connects the prospect with the agents or bypass unproductive, unanswered call immediately. It also broadcast voicemail, provides a keypad responding option, etc. Furthermore, autodial software is subdivided into predictive, power, progressive, and Preview dialer.

Types of Auto Dialer

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Auto dialer

There are different types of auto dialer software. They are all highly productive and useful with different features and services. Consequently, you can choose the best one after understanding the fundamental functionality of these auto-dialers.

Predictive auto dialer dials multiple calls simultaneously after the agent's time availability prediction. Auto dialer software dial multiple numbers for one agent and only transferred live connected calls answered by the prospect. Besides, skip unproductive calls, answering machines, etc.
It auto manages multiple campaigns, sales and provides on-time reports. It's a perfect tool to target a large audience in a short time. Predictive dialer mainly converts agents idle time into productive talk time. Read More

A fast auto dialer that also provides dialing speed control to the agent. The agents can dial the next number through a click according to convenience and availability. Besides, the agent can also start auto-dialing mode too. It’s a perfect tool to target a large audience according to your agent's availability and convenience. Read More

The progressive dialer provides multiple more options with auto dialing. It provides similar auto dialer functions however also previews customer data to the agent before dialing. The agent can initiate or skip the call based on customer data or history. Highly useful auto dialer for quality dialing and leads. Read More

Robo dialer broadcasts your pre-recorded voicemail automatically to a large audience in a short time. All you need to upload your target audience, select a campaign, and within no time you can target a massive audience with voicemail or text-to-speech messages. You can get more leads and sales effortlessly. Certainly, Robo Dialer saves your time and energy. Above all, auto manages sales, campaigns, and results too. Besides, it also provides press 1 campaign options for user participation. Consequently, a convenient way to get dedicated leads and sales.

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Dialer360
Auto Dialer Software?

Auto Solution

Autodial software conveniently manages everything automatically. It auto manages dialing, campaign, sales, and results with auto-responding options too. They reduce agent's time and energy from manual work and streamline every dialing process automatically.

Maximum Productivity

Auto dialer provides fast dialing. It’s a convenient solution that manages multiple campaigns effortlessly. In fact, properly utilize the agent's idle time and provide unlimited dedicated leads and sales.

Economical Charges

Auto dialer is the most economical solution for dialing and voicemail broadcasting at large. You don’t require to install any onsite premises. Besides, no contract and annual subscription. Pay according to economical pay as you go pricing.

Feature List

Dialer360 Auto dialer Features

Auto dialer facilitates business through its value-added features. These features include campaign, dialing, and other supporting options for every business.

Live Transfers To Agent

Auto dialer software dial unlimited numbers. Alternatively, only connect and transfers call answer by the prospect to the agent. Indeed, also perfectly utilizes the agent's time and provides more sale opportunities too.

DNC List

Autodial Software ensures the safety and compliance of your campaigns. You can add restricted numbers in the DNC list of the auto dialer. The dialer doesn’t dial or broadcast messages to numbers included in the DNC list.

On-time Stats and Results

It auto-generates on-time stats, results, and analysis. Certainly, it's highly valuable for performance measurement and decision-making. You can get accurate campaign results with a click.

Press 1 Campaign

Get direct dedicated leads and customer response through press 1 campaign options. It’s a keypad touch respondent option for your target audience. The audience can call back or respond by keypad buttons through the press 1 campaign.

Auto Redial

The dialer is a smart and automated solution. It auto dials and redial the unanswered numbers again and again automatically or as scheduled.

Local Caller ID

The auto dialers also provide multiple dialing supporting features. You will get local caller ID support with time zone support. It helps you dial dials multiple calls to one person with local caller ID support and creates a trustable strong connection with the prospect.

Auto Recording And Monitoring

The dialer record and monitors live calls. It will help in training along with quality and compliance. You can easily get all the recordings for future use too.

Text To Speech

You can broadcast pre-recorded voicemail through Robo dialer or simply used text-to-speech features. It allows you to broadcast your text into a system-generated voice.


The dialer allows you to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously. You can cover a large audience in a short time with multi-tenant support.

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Application & Usage

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An autodialer is the most efficient marketing and broadcasting tool. The following FAQs will help you understand more about the auto dialer software.
A smart and auto outbound dialing solution. It speedily keeps on auto-dialing numbers and connects the call answer by the prospect with the agents. Besides, skip unanswered, unproductive calls or leave a voice message. It also auto manage campaign, sales, leads, and results. It’s a cloud base solution with a simple web-based user interface. It’s specially designed to automate all the dialing and telesales process. In fact, it’s a mass communication system to contact large audiences in a short time effortlessly. It’s widely used by leading industries for marketing, voicemail broadcasting. Moreover for leads generation, fundraising, and mass notification purpose.
Dialer360 auto dialer is a cloud base software with a simple user interface. It quickly auto-dials multiple calls and connects live calls with the agent. Besides, auto bypass unproductive calls including voicemail machine. It’s a cost-effective solution to target a large audience in a short time automatically. Importantly, provide on-time results, stats, and manage auto campaigns too. Furthermore, also provide voicemail broadcasting, voicemail drop, and press 1 campaign option. Undoubtedly, a complete modern solution for marketing, advertising, sales, and voice broadcasting. It automates all your outbound dialing solution and provides amazing results effortlessly.
There are multiple auto dialers. Every auto dialer software performs similar basic functions however has some different features and functions too.You can choose the best auto dialer according to your campaign’s requirements and needs. It will help you get the desires results more effectively. The predictive dialer is the most predictive dialer. It can instantly auto-dials multiple numbers through time prediction analysis. It perfectly connects the agent’s idle time into talk time and provides 3x more leads and sales.The power dialer allows the agents to control the dialing pace through per call on click or auto-dialing mode. It’s also very effective and helps the agents to maintain efficiency and quality too. Progressive auto dialer first previews the contact to the agents before dialing. The agent can get an idea about the customer and can prepare themselves too. Robo dialer simply keeps on auto broadcasting voicemail. It’s the fastest and economic way of broadcasting voicemail in a large abundance. You can choose the best auto dialer according to your campaign requirements and targets. Every dialer is highly productive, convenient, and useful for managing large campaigns conveniently.
An autodialer is the most economical tool for commercial and non-commercial use. It’s cloud-based software and required a computer and an internet connection for global accessibility. You don’t need to install on-site premises for auto dialer software. Besides, it doesn’t require any contract or monthly subscriptions. You just need to pay according to pay-as-you-go pricing. In fact, you will be charged according to your usage only. Importantly, all the auto dialers are also highly productive and fast.
Indeed, auto dialing reduces the manual work and time too. It conveniently helps you get connected with a large audience in short time. Importantly, it also auto manages campaigns, results, and sales too. Unquestionably, it’s a one-stop solution regarding all your outbound dialing needs.

Undoubtedly, an autodialer is an advanced outbound automated dialing solution. It also auto-dial numbers manage campaigns, sales, etc. Alternatively, also provides multiple facilities to the business for dialing and voicemail broadcasting. In fact, it’s a cost-effective solution for mass communication. Furthermore, it is subdivided into the predictive, power, progressive, and Robo dialer.

A predictive dialer is a type of autodialer. Consequently, it focuses mainly on agent productivity. The predictive dialer also smartly predicts agent availability time. Moreover, only connects the agents with the live prospects. Alternatively, also skip all unanswered, unproductive calls too. Certainly, provides more leads and sales with auto fast dialing.

Autodial Software is completely legal all over the world under Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Besides, auto-dialers must ensure to work under the laws and limitations of the TCPA and (TSR)The Telemarketing Sales Rule.
Clearly, you are also not allowed to dial any emergency number. Indeed, you are strictly not allowed to call any number already listed in the national DNC list. Auto dialer also allows you to add the restricted number to the DNC list for safety.
Furthermore, make sure you don’t use the ROBO dialer without written consent. Pre-recorded calls are also restricted for marketing and advertisement.
Most importantly, reduce abandoned calls and use the specific autodialer that ensures agent availability on every call. Above all, always use dialer360 auto-dialers software under Dialer360 Accounts and Usage Policy.


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“This software has the most transparency of all that I've used in the past. The reports are really helpful in terms of allowing me to see how individual campaigns are performing and the real-time status bar is a real jewel for seeing what is or isn't happening.“
Coray W.
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