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VOIP predictive dialer: make calls effortlessly and increase sales

VOIP predictive dialing is the best way to improve the productivity of agents and get more revenue. This is an advanced and efficient technology that helps you to increase sales as well as you can make your business better. VOIP predictive dialer doesn’t need a physical connection or voice modem. By employing this dialer, calls […]

Adherence Report in a call center to optimize your business

The most important factor for easy business is efficiency. It matters a lot for making your business eye-catching as well as grabbing more customers. In a call center, efficiency directly impacts success. As you know it is difficult to quantify the efficiency that’s why adherence reporting helps you to solve this issue. Adherence reporting measuring […]

Seasonal Call Volume Spikes

Seasonal call volume spikes are mostly in the holiday season. As all, we know that vacation time can be stressful for you, your agents as well as your customers. However, it is important to prepare yourself for handling these seasonal call spikes and prevent customer bad reviews, dissatisfaction as well as agents’ frustration. In the […]

Call Center New Trends and Predictions: Watch out in 2022

Call centers face many challenges due to pandemic COVID19. For future 2022, the call center industry focused on the efficacy of customer experience as well as employee experiences. Other than the main focus is to cost-saving and make the workflow better and faster. However, call center old techniques replace with advanced technologies like Artificial intelligence […]

Solar Lead Generation: Highest Converting Lead Capture

Solar lead generation is the major issue that most solar installation companies face. The solar industry is a rapidly growing industry, as well as customers that require solar, are out there. The question is; how do you get solar lead generation.? You need much more work to get qualified residential and commercial solar leads. Solar […]

Cold Calling Tips:7 Ways to improve your old Calling Approach

Cold calling feels daunting but it’s necessary. You are not alone that felt overwhelmed with cold calling. This is the method that requires too much effort as well as it is too stressful. If you consider cold calling as the way of phoning random people that are not interested in your products then you are […]

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