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TPS/DNC Filtering

Call centers face the biggest issue when they dial a TPS number. As TPS numbers are such numbers that ask their government to not to be contacted from any marketing agency. Since they pay for getting the service of “No Marketing calls” so the issue arises when legal action is taken by the government when a TPS number is dialed by a marketing agency. So what would happen if you will not follow their rule and unknowingly dial a TPS number? You’ll be in great trouble then. So to save you from such mishap, we are providing you with TPS filtering system where there is not even a single question about a TPS number being dialed! Dialer360 provides TPS filtering that prohibits Dialer from dialing any of the TPS number registered on the TPS list. As long as you are using dialer360, we guarantee you that there won’t be any TPS number dialed!
Predictive Dialer gives you two modes:

Without TPS Filtering

If your call center is a local one then you can uncheck the TPS filtering option and let the dialer dials freely.

With TPS Filtering

If your call center is an international one then TPS Filtering is something that you really need. So, enable the option and make calls without violating their rule.
So save yourself from any legal action and dial as many calls as you want with TPS filtering system!

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