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AI Dialer :

Get More Prequalified Leads with Conversational Dialer

AI Dialer or Artificial Intelligence Dialer is an automated dialer that comprises an advanced Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Process (NLP) technology. AI Dialer performs conversations with prospects in a real human tone and transfer prequalified leads in abundance.

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Key Features

Leading Features Of the Smartest
AI Conversational Dialer

Convert your cold outbound calling into a valuable inbound-type operation with the AI Dialer.

Human Interacted Voice

AI Dialer interacts in a human voice which creates more originality and close association with the customer.

Maximum Automation With ASR

Automatic Speech Recognition feature analyzes customer’s query to provide a precise solution using artificial intelligence.

Get More Qualified Leads

Filter and transfer only prequalified leads after the conversation with the customer.

Real-Time Robust Reporting

Instant real-time reporting and analysis allows you to run an effective campaign and reach your ROI faster.

How It Works

How Does AI Dialer works?


Benefits Of Next Generation Intelligent Dialer

AI Dialer is highly productive for multiple leading industries. Following are some value-added benefits that can help you get a fast return on investment, effortlessly.

Following are the features of AI Dialer which support dialing and help you target your customer more perfectly.

Local Caller ID

Now dial unlimited numbers with a local caller Id support. It comforts your customers and they respond without hesitation.

Sales CRM Integration

Integrate your sales CRM with this dialer. You can manage your sales and campaigns more efficiently with your favorite CRM.

Caller ID Reputation Score

Your caller ID must score reputable to get the desire results. This dialer protects your caller ID reputation Score.

Multichannel Services

Dialer allows you to call, text, email, or chat by using multiple channels. You can stay connected with your customers simultaneously from multiple channels.


Dialer intelligently saves your productive time through Auto Machine Detection and hang-up call immediately upon connection with Voicemail machine.

The following features play a major role in Campaign management with AI Dialer.

Adjust Call Pacing

Dial multiple numbers at different paces by managing the call pacing ratio of your dialer so you can manage your time and customer simultaneously.

Auto Respondent

Utilize your dialer as an auto respondent and manage your customer's response automatically through AI dialer.

Leads And Contacts Management

A separate section/option for leads and contact management helps you organize your current campaign more professionally.

Robust Lead Management

Your sales are directly proportionate to how well you manage your pre-qualified leads. Dialer provides your appropriate options for effective lead management.

The following features are well known for customer support and result in Dialer.

Custom Reports & Analysis

Get instant analysis and results regarding your campaign. It gives you a full check and balance and a better assessment regarding your campaign and sales.

24/7 Customer Support

Dialer360 team is always ready to provide your technical and other assistance 24/7. Contact anytime regarding any query related to your campaign and dialer.

Leads and Sales Management

Multiple customize options available for leads and sales management, which improves your business productivity and profit.

Stats & Surveys Results

Get real-time stats about your sales, agents, and campaigns. Now manage your sales, political surveys, and much more through AI Dialer.


What our client's say about us

“This software has the most transparency of all that I've used in the past. The reports are really helpful in terms of allowing me to see how individual campaigns are performing and the real-time status bar is a real jewel for seeing what is or isn't happening.“
Coray W.
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AI Dialer

Optimize your sales with our next-generation Ai dialer. It dials leads when picks up the lead then it connects to this lead to an available agent.

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