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Introduction to Dialer360 Webphone

Webphone is like a phone that works with VoIP technology and let you dial anywhere in the world through your internet connection. This superlative feature is now being offered by Dialer360! Now you don’t need any phone sets to make expensive calls. You can call anyone anywhere in the world through your tablet, pc, laptop, smartphone or android application using webphone in Dialer360! As compared to the traditional phone, web-based phone dialer offers lowest calling rates anywhere in the world.

An unrivaled Webphone for your call center

Dialer360 gives you the feasibility by letting you log in by just user name and password and there you have your webphone integrated with your Dialer360 software. You don’t need to install any separate web-based auto dialer software as it’s a built-in feature of Dialer360. Your agents are only required to log in to dialer360 software and once logged in, they can make web or phone calls on any system that has Dialer360 set up.
You can also make your customer, market calls anywhere in the world through webphone. So even if you don’t have any phone line with you for calling your customers, webphone can do it with the cheapest rates ever! With webphone, you can make web to web call or web to any phone number call in seconds on any internet integrated device. Dialer360 webphone is reliable and secure and transmit your voice over VoIP within seconds.

What feasibilities do Dialer360 webphone provide?

Dialer360 webphone offers you:

No Hardware Requirements

No Hardware Requirements

You don’t need any hardware device for making calls through dialer360, not even softphones are required.

Platform Feasibility

Platform Feasibility

Dialer360 webphone provides feasibility by letting you use any platform of your choice. You can use it on Windows, Mac, smartphone, Android and even on IPhone.

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