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Click to Call dialer

Make unlimited calls with easy dialing

An advanced telephony solution to let users connect with company agents via phone while they are browsing the website. Dialer360 offers Click-to-Call Dialer for a seamless user experience.

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Why click-to-call dialer?

Click to call is a browser-based extension that converts the phone number into clickable links for quick dialing. This extension provides click to call facility from any web page. Combined with the ultimate Dialer360 call solutions, it makes the perfect tool give users instant support and converting queries into sales. With the Click-to-Call feature, users originate a voice call directly from their browser with a single click.

How click-to-call works

Makes call by following easy steps:

Core Features

Easy configuration

The configuration of click to call button is very simple and easy. Choose your desired location to launch dial pad. This feature also lets you ignore numbers for specific websites.

No need to type number

If you want to connect with agents then just click on this button whether type a number. Increase efficiency, avoid human errors and speed up callbacks.

Click to call from browser to any

No restriction, you can click any number from browser. Exploit on web traffic and reach people.

Easy to use

Click to call extension eliminates manual dialing and ensures customer ease.

Quick call facility

Customers can click the pop-up button at any time to connect with a representative.

Click-to-call with CRM

Use click-to-call for support and sales team working in a CRM. With just one click, an integrated dialer automatically places an outbound call. Automatically log calls, power through call lists, drop pre-recorded voicemails, and much more. This capability to click reduces errors, and saves time.

Something great for you

Get amazing benefits by employing click-to-call feature

Award-winning customer service

Due to our innovative solution for call center organization, our company recognized as a leading company.