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Voice Broadcasting Service

Best Voice broadcasting service to send automated phone calls to list of phone numbers and give the option of press 1 dialer.

Voice Broadcast dialer | Automated Phone Call System | Press 1 Campaign

What is Voice Broadcasting Software ?

The manually marketing calls that your agent makes after meeting difficulties like unanswered call and the time spent on it can be spared and you can make a perfect pitch call successful within seconds with Voice Broadcast software! Voice Broadcast software dials max channels and set an IVR for the answered calls. So all the manual work and the time can be saved by Voice broadcasting system. Dialer360 delivers a perfect IVR for your customers and let them hear a beautiful refreshing voice and not only that, it saves you the time that you spent on manually dialing and let your agents relax. Dialer360 voice broadcast software also offers you press 1 campaign that means you can give your customers the option of dialing 1 if they want to talk to the customer service representatives. If you select press 1 campaign for robo calling system then it will first play an IVR to connected call and let the customer press 1 when they get interested in your product and let you have an opportunity to make your customer as your lead! With Voice Broadcast dialer and Press 1 campaigns you can achieve potential customers in no time.

Voice Broadcasting Software is

  • Secure
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  • Fast

What Services Dialer360 Offer

  • Campaigns
  • IVRs
  • Time Management

Voice Broadcasting Features List

IVR support

Voice Broadcasting have IVR (Interactive voice response) support for their customers to contact them with pre-recorded voice messages.

Ringless Voicemail

Ring-less voicemail, called a voicemail drop, a method in which pre-recorded audio message is placed in voicemail inbox without associated telephone ringing first.  Read More…

Below are the multiple functions of IVR:

Play Message

IVR play pre-recorded audio messages or use text to speech to answer the contact.

Capture Digits

It capture a number of digits and checks to confirm the length of numbers is right within a specified range.


It capture a single digit between 0 and 9.


Check a number between 1 and X to confirm, the number is within the specified range or not!


IVR record live audio call from the contact.


Dial multiple contacts numbers and put them into one frame for conferencing.


It protects from Do Not Call contact numbers, give contact ability to detect and not to dial again of further calls and campaigns.

Call Transfer

IVR support the agent to transfer the live call from one agent to another and from one department to another.


By using the voice broadcasting feature, agent can send an SMS to customer during the call.


Go to specified part of the IVR depending on the contact’s input.

Tag support in TTS

While text messages or live call, text to speech tags the contact with its name and mention by place, for instance: “Hello Mr. (name), we are calling on the behalf of (company name).


IVR directly take an actions if any external information source will be found.

Call Transfer Recording

Record the transfer calls for training and information purposes also for quality assurance.

TTS Support

Text to Speech support and easily change the voice messages.


Avatar Voice Broadcasting exclusively save calls data information and conduct survey report.

TTS Support

IT support Text to Speech in lingual and multilingual languages using TTS software to generate text.


Automatically detection answering machine and record the audio message to other end after beep identification.


SMS broadcasting supported to send the company introductory text on mass level.


It can easily rebranded with a custom template.

Highly Scalable

Avatar Voice Broadcasting features is highly flexible to provide as task queue based distribution messages and sending commands to application messaging system, which in turn can send instructions to multiple instances to make millions of calls per day.


Supports multiple users, facilitating SaaS voice broadcast providers to allow their customers to create their own voice broadcast campaigns.


Direct integration with third party applications using API’s that correspond to every function available via the web interface.

API Explorer

Interface to experiment and test API calls.

Extensive Documentation

Comprehensively help the beginners by documentations, how to integrate with systems and system development with integrated to different tools.


It contains on leading telephony system, ensure to provide the best call system.

Instantly scalable

With Avatar Voice Broadcasting, you can easily set up new agents without central configuration.

Recurring Tasks

Supports recurring tasks or specifying an exact date or countdown for when the task should be executed, for whom and when ended.


After connected the messages to whole population, ones can easily re-dial to non-connected numbers at later time.

Web Interface

Avatar Voice Broadcasting can be managed via a Web interface.

Real time web-based reports

It discover the call details of oldest and latest dialing numbers and report web based.

Remote Queries

You can share your query status and results via URLs.

Error Emails

If fail to complete the task, easily configured to send emails to the administrator.

Import Contacts

Executive can easily import contact details from a .csv file by using Avatar dialler software.

Audio Upload

Executives and business holder simple record their messages and upload into audio files to broadcast the mass audience.

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