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Best Voice broadcasting service to send automated phone calls to list of phone numbers and give the option of press 1 dialer.

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What Is Voice Broadcasting Software.

The manually marketing calls that your agent makes after meeting difficulties like unanswered call and the time spent on it can be spared and you can make a perfect pitch call successful within seconds with Voice Broadcast software! Voice Broadcast software dials max channels and set an IVR for the answered calls. So all the manual work and the time can be saved by Voice broadcasting system. Dialer360 delivers a perfect IVR for your customers and let them hear a beautiful refreshing voice and not only that, it saves you the time that you spent on manually dialing and let your agents relax. Dialer360 voice broadcast software also offers you press 1 campaign that means you can give your customers the option of dialing 1 if they want to talk to the customer service representatives. If you select press 1 campaign for robo calling system then it will first play an IVR to connected call and let the customer press 1 when they get interested in your product and let you have an opportunity to make your customer as your lead! With Voice Broadcast dialer and Press 1 campaigns you can achieve potential customers in no time.

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Voice Broadcasting Features List

IVR support

Voice Broadcasting have IVR (Interactive voice response) support for their customers to contact them with pre-recorded voice messages.

Ringless Voicemail

Ring-less voicemail, called a voicemail drop, a method in which pre-recorded audio message is placed in voicemail inbox without associated telephone ringing first.

Play Message

IVR play pre-recorded audio messages or use text to speech to answer the contact.

Capture Digits

It capture a number of digits and checks to confirm the length of numbers is right within a specified range.

Multi Choice

It capture a single digit between 0 and 9.


Check a number between 1 and X to confirm, the number is within the specified range or not!


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