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An auto dialer software that is developed by Dialer360 offering Predictive & Power dialing modes. It also automatically dials thousands of numbers in no time and connects the calls with live agents and Play Pre-recorded messages. Above all, this technology is specially designed for Political campaigns, Live Lead Generation, Market Research, Phone Surveys, etc.

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  • 4X Faster than Other Dialer
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  • Save Time, More Productivity

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How does Auto Dialer software works?

You are just 3 easy steps away to start automated dialing with Dialer360 auto dialer software! Start dialing today.

Upload Phonebook
Import Audio Files & IVR
Broadcast Your Voicemail

Dialer360 Automated dialing Modes

Predictive Dialer

Dialer360 Predictive dialers auto dialed unlimited calls and connect your agents only with live callers. It also auto skips busy numbers, disconnected numbers, and unanswered calls too. In fact, Predictive dialer working based on a predictive algorithm to reduce agent waiting time.

  • More Productive
  • Reliable
  • Cost-Effective
  • Less Idle Time

Power Dialer

In fact, it’s also dialed automatic calls to a list of numbers and connects only live calls answered by a human. Besides it also bypasses voice calls, unanswered calls, disconnected calls, etc. Above all, dials one call per agent availability with a sequence through manual initiation; however, an agent can also start auto-dial mode too.

  • No Time Waste
  • Better Leads Management
  • Boost Sales and Productivity
  • More Live Connected Calls

Essential Features Of Auto dialer Software

AutoRedial Icon

Auto Redial

Similarly, Automatically keeps on dialing unanswered contacts, better than manual dialing every contact.

DNC Icon


Above all, This software Dials no number included in Do not Call List which secures your dialing from DNC numbers.

Live Transfers to Agents Icon

Live Transfers to Agents

Now the best thing is that you can get maximum live transfers calls through the press 1 campaign with auto-dialing.

Smart Contact Management Icon

Smart Contact Management

It allows you to target the desire audience through smart contact management which improves your productivity.

Survey and Rsvp Icon

Survey and Rsvp

Send your surveys and also get feedback through recorded messages or using other options for surveys and RsVP.

Press 1 Campaign Icon

Press 1 Campaign

Get customer participation with keypad options or through a press 1 campaign immediately with an auto campaign.

Multiple caller Icon

Multiple caller ID

Now you will get additional Multi caller ID to answer back calls from your contacts for a better positive impression.

Multi-Tenant Icon


It facilitates you to run multiple campaigns from different accounts similarly at the same time using a multi-tenant feature.

AMD Icon


Auto Virtual Machine Detection in auto dialer drops every voicemail or skips over answering machines which saves your time.

Benefit of Automated Dialer

No Manual Dialing

Of course, it saves you from frustrating manual dialing and automatically dials itself.

More Connected Live Calls

Get straight live calls through the press 1 campaign above all.

Where Automated Dialer Can Be Used

Political Campaigns IconPolitical Campaigns
Marketing and advertisement IconMarketing and advertisement
Fundraising campaigns IconFundraising campaigns
Market research and product promotion IconMarket research and product promotion
Emergency notification and reminder IconEmergency notification and reminder
Phone Surveys IconPhone Surveys

Get Detailed Reports In Minutes

Reports and Analytics assist you to understand the results of your campaign. Dialer360 Auto dialer software provides fast accurate reporting with analysis. You will get a detailed summary of your every contact. It certainly helps in managing campaigns effectively.

Integrated with your favourite CRM

Bitrix 24

Get Ready To Broadcast Your Voicemail or Messages to List of Numbers

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