Political Campaign
Fundraising Software

Dialer360 political campaign fundraising software is one and all solutions for managing campaigns. We use it to elegantly manage political campaigns, donations appeals, and fundraising ceremonies. It facilitates politicians, volunteers, elections staff and fundraisers to organize an expedition for unification on a single agenda through broadcasting message & Voicemail.

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    How it works

    How To Use Political Campaign
    Software In Easy Steps?

    Step 1 :

    Select audience througn phonebook

    Step 2 :

    Add messaeg & voice mail

    Step 3 :

    Create a compaign / Survey


    Highly Effective Features Of
    Political Campaign Software

    Complete Contact Management Solution

    However, you not only get connected with maximum peoples but it will increase the speed of your campaign. This dialing software can help you reach maximum people in a short time.

    Best Voicemail Detection

    Get rid of voicemails and get connected calls with your target audience through this best political campaign software as it bypasses every voicemail.

    Answering Machine Detection

    You can use prerecorded messages in the auto answering machine to ensure a response from your side 24/7.

    Easy Live Call Transfers

    Now easily get live call transfers and generate better leads. Helpful Advance Scheduling Through advance, scheduling organizes better campaigns and surveys.

    Simple Broadcast Message

    Now broadcast your party agendas, election manifesto or a donation appeal through pre-recorded messages and voice–mails.

    Fast Surveys and Rsvp

    They guide you to manage your campaign correctly to get better results

    Auto Redial Contacts

    Auto redial saves your time and effort and keeps on dialing according to given instructions.

    Accurate Analytics

    Your results depend upon the decision which directly based upon the analysis and results you get through this software.

    Features List

    Benefits Of Best Political
    CAmpaign Software

    CRM Integrations

    Easy & Perfect Solution with Latest
    CRM Integrations

    Select your favorite CRM that is the perfect fit for your business. Engage with customers, enhance revenue and get more leads.