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Ringless voicemail, called a voicemail drop, a method in which pre-recorded audio message is placed in voicemail inbox without associated telephone ringing first. RVM connect your customer directly and personally delivering the message directly at their marketing strategy.

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Ringless Voicemail Key features

Yet, Ringless voicemail software known as voicemail drop. A technology that is commonly used in marketing communication with pre-recorded audio message with amazing features. This is deposited to an entity’s voicemail inbox without their phone ringing. Dialer360 offers you Ring-less Voicemail features for fulfilling your sales endeavors.

  • True & Instant record voicemail
  • DNC scrubbing
  • Traditional voice mail
  • Campaign management
  • Easy to use interface
  • Record message
  • Easily retry failed number
  • Global delivery
  • Detailed reporting
  • Upload MP3 recording
  • Cloud based

How It Works

Login to Dialer360 RVM
Login to Dialer360 RVM
Add the Phonebook
Add the Phonebook
Make a Campaign/Survey
Make a Campaign/Survey
Upload the Audio File
Upload the Audio File
Broadcast your RVM
Broadcast your RVM

Enjoy benefits of Ringless voicemail Software

A system can create endless callback from the consumer without any charges. There are frequent benefits of this ringless voice system that provides a business relationship with customers. Here we have discussed some useful advantages.

Easy to use

This is very easy to use. Record voicemail messages and send it to contact list just in one click. As well get some instant results with the power of direct mail and telemarketing. This is all for a fraction of the cost.


It designed with affordable to provide top advantages to the business for their customer. Also, maintain their existing business relationship. Our service costs are meager. Only pay for the messages which we successfully deliver. We have guaranteed delivery. A transference of contacts, sit back and relax.

Time Saving

Time is precious, and we save your time from the hectic wait. Recorded messages, voicemail reach thousands of people in minutes. This is because of the mere fact that recording voicemail & sending it out to your contacts. There is no much man force required in the task.

Exceptionally Efficient

This is very efficient with marketing strategies of the small business organization. So, catch here about Ringless voice mail broadcasting. It will give you far more advantage than the cost that you have incurred.

Reporting & Analytics

Considering of opting for this option to get to your customer & market, business & services. With much more cost-effective than conventional telemarketing along with reporting & analytics.

Improve conversions

Increased conversions rates whereas an efficient lead generation. In both sales and marketing field, ringless voicemail considered as a solid contributor. Enhanced user engagement & offer more conversion rates.

Non Intrusive

Start your campaign in minutes with professional guidance on known success ways. As such immeasurable market application with no disturbance.


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