Become Ahead of the Curve with Perfect Pitch Dialer

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Making marketing calls, sounds like it would be a piece of cake but do you really think so? Dialing hundreds of numbers per day and going through unanswered calls, drop calls, busy signals and then waiting for calls to be connected to end user and when finally connected, start marketing your product the best way you can manage by leaving out the frustration that you might get from all that waiting you have been gone through. Wait! What if you have dialed a TPS number? It may be possible because surely no one expects you to remember all those Do Not Call Numbers but you’ll be required to run a match between dialed number and the noted TPS numbers and what if you made a mistake on that one? Of course there is a reason for this saying:

“To err is human”

What is the Solution?

To get rid of the issues that occur from manual dialing, VoIP specialists introduced predictive dialer. A perfect pitch dialer which automatically dials the numbers by screening out the unanswered calls, busy signals and drop calls. It uses algorithms to define the time intervals to call and to estimate the time when the agent would be available for the next connected call. Predictive dialers have been around for about 30 years, changing their form from hardware solution to software and then from software to cloud-based solution and setting triumphs in every field.

There are many solution providers who are offering such predictive dialers. The one leading solution among them is Avatar Dialler which offers you a perfect pitch predictive dialler with its product as a built-in feature of Avatar Dialler.

How does Avatar Predictive Dialler work?

Avatar Dialler provides the sophisticated perfect pitch dialler for your marketing calls. It dials the list of phone numbers automatically and connects the call to an agent only when connected by saving time and all the hassle that the agent went through for getting a connected call. Agent gets connected to the next call as soon as he finishes the previous one without ever facing busy signals or unanswered calls. Predictive dialer uses statistical algorithm in order to minimize the occurrence of call being connected when no agent is available. This Perfect pitch predictive dialler also works with the set quota of call. The user sets the dialing ratio and dials call according to the assigned ratio.

Predictive dialler is built in feature of Avatar Dailler. Avatar Dialler provides you the best feasibility by enabling its perfect pitch dialler to integrate with any CRM. Avatar Dialler offers their own CRM as well but if you have already one then predictive dialer can be integrated with your existing CRM. This predictive dialler also increases workforce productivity and utilization when contacting large lists of leads.

What you get from Perfect Pitch Predictive Dialler?

Avatar perfect pitch dialler goal is to call the right number of leads at the right time to ensure maximum agent utilization. It provides agents with a steady stream of calls with no downtime. Predictive dialer offers a big deal. Let’s take a look at what they have in for you:

  • Less idle time/More talk time
  • Reliability
  • TPS/DNC Filtering
  • Recording Portal
  • Display Local Caller ID
  • Android App
  • % Increment of Leads
  • Cost Effective
  • Time Management
  • Increased Sales
  • Integration with any CRM
  • Reduce IT costs
  • PCI Compliance

“Predictive dialers can improve agent productivity by 400%”.
According to One Study

“ Increased agent utilization from 40 minutes/hour to 57 minutes/hour”.
According to INFORMS

So why don’t you grab the opportunity to boost your sales and corner tele market with Avatar Dialler Perfect Pitch Dialler?


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