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Customer Relationship Management seems like new and concerning with new technology but the mystery behind this CRM technology is: remember our grandfathers made a complete list of their daily customers, task, customer’s requirements and necessities of clients were written in one place to make work ease and for providing an excellent experience to customers! Yeah, remember that time, CRM much similar to that as it helps companies, clients and management to shape their work, performance, and strategies.

Avatar Dialler CRM is unique identification but much similar to perform same tasks but at high-level priority, work efficiency, improved customer’s experiences with up-to-date technology to minimize agents load, managers burden, for making strategies for business, draw sales graphs and work performance of agents.

Looks like fascinated to know more about how it engages with your work and integrate with your business, some more steps by your side will clear all your points!


Let me introduce you first about Avatar Dialler, it is automated dialer for outbound dialing which dials maximum numbers with the prediction of availability of agents and customers. With American and British pre-recorded accent voice to offer the best tone with fresh voice quality to your customers. Moving towards Avatar Customer Relationship Management (CRM), it is used to provide you one big picture of all your work performance at one big place—Avatar CRM. Some salient points of Avatar CRM to make a better image of how it works for your organization:

  • To be organized your data at one place
  • Complete status of your agents work performance
  • History of your Agents to find out productivity
  • Record and secure your personal data from being misplace


Avatar CRM benefits for business

Avatar CRM easy integrate with any internet browser for best productivity.  Ones can easily integrate avatar dialler to its already using CRM, and same this process will be used for CRM, it can also be integrated with any other dialer for offering best services, better productivity, superior experience, and enhanced management. Below are important benefits of Avatar CRM:

Enhanced Business Efficiency

Customer relationship management enhances business efficiency by establishing customer’s records, personal information, and business information. CRM is one place where all compulsory information of your daily business tasks, sales and customer’s been storage. Avatar dialler CRM increases efficiency in work by decreasing inefficiency and stop from wasting time for not necessary tasks.

Better Administrative Approach

Admin duty to well manage meeting times, scheduling for new and old appointments, keeping record of appointments and meeting, follow-up for further inquiries and meetings, it is hard to gather all these of information at one place but with avatar CRM administrative work productivity polished by adding all information and requirements of duties at one place.

Best Collaboration and Coordination

Most facing problems in organizations are thinking, knowledge and language of their sales staff, management, and customers service never being same as they have different knowledge about product and not equally get customer’s information for some reasons, but with Avatar Dialler CRM, they find a similar place where they can find all imperative information about their client’s requirements and get better chance to collaborate each other and result of greatest coordination is efficient and productive business.

Increase Reporting and Analyzing

CRM use for generating reports and analyzing data of all company and customer’s information saves at one place.  Either you have a small, medium or large business, unfortunately, you will never get extra time to manage all necessary information at one place and then analyze and report them, but CRM make reports, strategies and analyze customer’s information for executives by simple clicking!


Avatar dialler has a wide list of features along with CRM for instance, time management, ease workload, enhance agent and management productivity, focus on marketing strategies and much more.  Some of the essential features lists of Avatar CRM are as follow:

Master List Management

Best tool use for management in today’s business is CRM, as managers spent less time to manage daily customer’s and sales list and get more time for making strategies. It allows updating multiple lists, reports, and projects to acquire real-time feedback of agent’s performances.

Flexible and Customizable

Customers support center demands flexibility and customization to change and improve customer’s information and requirements on a daily basis. CRM has the best features to add and edit lists, leads, documents and customer’s profile along with.

Lead Generation and Follow-up

CRM best for generating agent leads also maximize them as all the agent’s records add into CRM on daily basis, executives as well agents know where sales graph and productivity report of them exist, for making lead and prominent himself from others they work hard to find best place in CRM sales graphs as well executives eyes.

Multichannel Support

Management tools are effective for some channels but Avatar CRM have the multichannel support system, it’s not just integrated with Avatar Dialler, CRM easily integrated with hosted PBX, Robocalling, internal and external chat too.

Remote Access

Era of technology, smart and android phones access, remote customer support agents, remote call center business, likewise executives and agents have full access from their Android phones as well any place in the world they can access into CRM, share their documents, generate reports, making management strategies and analyze work performance any time within 1 single click!


Call center managers have not enough time to manage their daily customer center sales graphs, agent performance report and management strategies gather at one place. To minimal workflow and burden of agents, passionate agents for better and better customer services, CRM gave the path to improve and enhance them in the professional field.

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