Medicare leads generation: Tips to make Medicare sales over the phone

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Medicare leads generation over the phone gives you the exclusive opportunity to connect people with quality and affordable health coverage. If you’re a marketer for Medicare, Medicare Advantage, or Medicare Supplement, you must have a plan in place right away to meet your sales targets and maintain a steady flow of qualified leads throughout the year.

You only need a license to sell Medicare in that state to sell Medicare over the phone; you don’t even need to live there. That implies that if you possess the necessary abilities, training, and certifications, you will be able to connect with more individuals than ever before.

Lead generation: What is it?

Lead generation is the process of attracting in and turning prospects into those who have expressed interest in your good or service.

To begin with, great lead generation results from a persistent desire to experiment with a variety of strategies and utilize these strategies across several channels. It’s unconvincing that you’ll discover only one method that will lead to the success of your company. More than one channel will probably need to be used at once. When you practice this method, you can use your time and money more wisely by concentrating on what works, and you’ll see an improvement in the overall quality of your lead-generating efforts.

Medicare Leads Generation

There are various types of Medicare lead generation, it is a kind of marketing that is used to develop interest from potential customers.

  • Medicare Advantage Leads

Medicare Advantage lead generation calls for lead programs based on cost, appointment ratios, and return percentages to identify which programs are most completely supported. Medicare Advantage program is a top program for generating leads for agent distribution.

You can choose from a variety of programs that only provide exclusive leads to your business. For your agents and your organization, it can be very beneficial to know which Medicare Advantage leads to use and how to create them on your own.

  • Medicare Supplement Leads

Agents typically see higher closing rates on Medicare supplement leads compared to other types of Medicare leads when attempting to produce more Medicare supplement leads. Agents can easily profit by practicing the Medicare supplement leads category each day. The most effective methods for generating Medicare Supplement leads place more emphasis on quality than quantity. Your agents can concentrate on closing deals due to less outreach and cold calling.

  • Free Medicare Leads

A free lead is essentially unattainable. Even though you may not be paying for it with money, nurturing leads into clients takes a lot of time, effort, and attention. However, we do have a few ideas in this post that will help you generate free Medicare leads for your agency if you’re an agent without the funds to purchase Medicare leads.

Stay up-to-date to get qualified Medicare Sales Leads

The Medicare industry is constantly evolving. It might be challenging for agents and brokers to stay on track because the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) frequently announces new rules and regulations. However, it is essential that the advertisements you send comply with CMS laws to have a successful marketing strategy. Keep yourself updated with current updates that change in the industry.

Give your clients the resources they require so that they may focus on serving their consumers rather than responding to CMS and other authorities’ concerns. Additionally, invest your time to find creative ways for Medicare leads generation.

How to generate Medicare leads over the phone

Do you want to generate more Medicare sales? There are many ways to get Medicare leads. Implement these 2022 sales strategies to get higher productivity.

Live Transfer Medicare Leads

Live transfer leads are the best and most effective approach to obtaining Medicare leads because they have a low CPA. Furthermore, these are well qualified, high closure rate. Last but not least, transferring leads in real-time makes the most of your agents’ time by enabling them to concentrate on the process’ most sales-driven step, closing. A live transfer Medicare leads are not just any calls either; only those who have been thoroughly assessed, pre-qualified, and interested are ever forwarded to your agents, increasing the prospect that they will close. Moreover, you can see surprising results after investing in them as well as due to their low CPA.

Social Media Presence

Social media is one of the best tools for connecting with potential customers, and the elderly are now the demographic that is using it the fastest. Maintaining a reputation for offering interesting and informative content that is relevant to your connection will keep you in people’s minds. So, you can use Facebook groups dedicated to Medicare questions, even health topics make for excellent areas for generating leads.

Additionally, you always have the choice to run Facebook ad campaigns, which are always successful if you handle them effectively.

However, depending on the demographics you are targeting, this may leave some negative impressions and give your company an uncertain reputation. If you want to use this method of generating Medicare leads, make sure that the focus of your campaign revolves around educating and positioning yourself as a resource rather than attempting to sell Medicare supplements right away to strangers.

Pay-per-call Medicare supplement leads

You can also merely pay for calls that are forwarded to your agents using a pay-per-call method. This is similar to the live transfer method and calls are sent to the agents directly, who can pick their ideal hours.

The main difference is that while they are still of the highest caliber, they are not as friendly or knowledgeable as the live transfer leaders. Your agents will need to spend a little more time on the educational side and perhaps make a few more phone calls during the sales process before closing a lead for pay-per-call Medicare leads.

Create a website

Building and maintaining a website is necessary for this competitive sector to catch up the potential customers, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. You should be able to properly describe who you are and what you do to start. Then, you may assist people in learning more about you and your company by providing excellent content in exchange for contact information.

Give people a site to learn more about you and your company, and in exchange for their name and email, provide them with information that may be of use to them. You can start your talks with the leads you get via the contact information on your website. You will be able to start a talk with your prospects based on the page, or pages, on which they provided you with their information, intending to convert them into customers.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is the most efficient method to generate Medicare advantage and Medicare supplement leads. Although the CPA for these leads is a little higher than it is for other lead generation techniques, they are a great way to supplement the leads produced by other lead generation techniques. Direct mail is also more effective than paid advertising, has a higher return on investment, and performs best in combination with other marketing techniques.

Medicare leads generation with quality content

Creating high-quality content for your website that acts as a lead magnet and can, consequently, produce emails and other follow-up leads is a more deliberate and long-term strategy for creating Medicare leads.

Your objective with this Medicare lead-generating plan should be to establish yourself and your organization as thought leaders in your sector. This fosters awareness and builds trust, which over time may have a snowball effect on monthly website traffic and organic lead generation. With customer-centric content, you can get more calls for medicare solutions. Although this method is quite productive, you shouldn’t use it as your primary means of getting Medicare leads because it is a long-term plan that may take years to become successful.

Exclusive Medicare Leads

As a result of the extensive practice of reselling lists of Medicare leads, the list you purchase is likely to have previously been distributed to another organization.

Since they rarely offer a strong ROI or a low CPA, they are also generally useless. Any time you buy a Medicare lead, regardless of the type, you should always attempt to get exclusive ones; otherwise, you run the risk of wasting time and money calling people who already have a solution to their problem or who are tired of receiving calls.

Purchasing exclusive Medicare leads has the advantage that you can age them if necessary since they are all yours. If leads are exclusive, holding onto them for a few years is still preferable to purchasing leads that have been shared.

Develop a Medicare Script

Whether you decide to speak from a carefully crafted script or just from a list of bullet points, every approach has the potential to be effective and to project credibility. A potential Medicare plan buyer may be in such circumstances as a result of high expenses or a lack of coverage under their current plan. They may be unsure of how Medicare operates and looking for guidance on what is best for them.

On the other hand, they don’t want to feel like they are being treated like a simple consumer being taken advantage of. Instead, find out what they want and what benefits they are looking for. If they ask any additional questions regarding Medicare plans, respond to them, and then continue the conversation warmly in the direction of closure. It’s crucial to never discount a prospect’s inquiries, but instead to plan the direction of the conversation.

Medicare leads generation with Telemarketing

It is undeniable that telemarketing response rates have declined as a result of the development of the internet, mobile devices, and other e-communication trends. However, if done correctly, it can continue to be a useful and affordable approach for generating leads and closing transactions.

Going through a list of leads that aren’t qualified as those obtained by other ways will consume more of your agents’ time. Before choosing telemarketing Medicare leads, you should try alternative ways if your budget allows because live transfer leads are far more effective.

This is another additional generation tactic that ought to always be incorporated into your system but never serve as your primary source.

How you can sell more Medicare leads effectively

Generating more leads is not the only thing that is necessary for you but closing your leads effectively is also part of your successful medicare lead generation process. So, keep some things in your mind:

Be Patient

Patience is the key to maintaining customer relationships. Many customers decided to take your services but they wouldn’t do it for 3 to 4 months that’s why patience is necessary. To overcome this, make a follow-up strategy.

Think for Long-Term

The probability of reaching a prospect increase by 87% when your representatives make two calls as opposed to one. Additionally, the majority of those who have never purchased from you become great referral sources for free Medicare leads.


Send a follow-up email to your potential customer after 3 to 4 days to remind them about your services. Moreover, make a schedule and organize your sales strategy by sending emails. The average agent only contacts prospects twice before stopping. However, only 2% of sales are made during the first contact, and increasing so on. Agents must call Medicare leads at least six to twelve times for better response.


If you have a successful lead-generating strategy, your firm can thrive. If you know where to look, finding medicare leads is simple. For growing your business and improving the medicare leads generation method, think about practicing the above strategies and creating more amazing leads for your company.

If your company is having trouble finding the best Medicare leads that are a good fit for your services, let Dialer360 assist you. Our careful evaluating process is one of the factors that contribute to the high conversion rate of our exclusive Medicare leads.

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