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[Infographic] What is Predictive Dialer and How it works?

Predictive Dialer

The name define as well prediction, predictive dialer predict on the behalf of an agent when he seems an agent is free and he have to call the customers to utilize his free time. The predictive dialer use his prediction quality and then end up the last call then dial another number automatically without wasting the agent’s time.

How predictive dialer works?

When you start your day as a representative of call center and your manager gives you a contact list having more than 100 numbers, with manual dialing system. What will be your condition? Nowadays a Predictive Dialer perform this work on behalf of an agent. Work of predictive dialer is to dial the numbers automatically without hanging up the calls. Hosted Predictive dialer use statistical method to reduce the delay capacity on both ends. Predictive dialer observe the answering proportion of the numbers of people and dial the multiple numbers every time when he predict someone is free to receive the call. After a great research I have found that, if one person answer the call out of four calls, dialer will dial the 4 lines somewhere in the selected area when he found the agent is free to talk. More important is, dialer additionally dial the number before a caller is done with the phone call. If a usual last call takes 100 seconds and it takes people about 10 seconds on call, the dialer start dialing within 90 seconds.

Predictive dialer How it works

The software that monitor the predictive dialer automatically generate the traffic for the company and determine the number of calls, agent can receive and how long a customer can talk during a call. For more, predictive dialer minimize the total duration of call and maximize the total number of calls.

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