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IVR (Interactive Voice Response), a software which provides a dynamic new feature of modern era technology. It can work as a front desk agent. To collect a call and answer its simple questions and then transfer to the right agent according to the need of the customer, are the farm duties perform by IVR. It’s a risk-free security lock to the important information of your customer. Call center applies IVR frameworks to distinguish and divide customers. The capacity to distinguish clients permits administrations to be custom-made by client profile. The caller can be given the substitute to hold up in the line, pick an online admin, or demand a callback. The system may get caller line identification (CLI) information from the system to recognize or confirm the customer. IVR additionally empowers client prioritization. In a system in which singular clients may have an alternate status, the administration will naturally organize the individual’s call and move clients to the front of a particular line.

IVR, Elevate Your Call Center Business:

Easy And Accessible

IVR can be used even by untrained staff. It costs low than the technology of the past. With Interactive Voice Response, organizations of all sizes can exploit every one of the advantages without worrying about the specialized outlook, equipment expenses, and processing spending plans.

  • Low price
  • Less time
  • Easy to use

Professional Customer Service

Through using IVR contexts, clients feel that they are treating in consequence environment and they feel comfortable and trust your company. In the event that clients are calling with particular inquiries, the IVR can produce fast reactions that are useful, and also time proficient.

Countless Number Of Customers Can Get Access

A customer of today have no patience in their nature, they want each and everything on the spot. IVR can give you 24/7 access to your customer with ease. No matter you are in your office or any other place of the globe. The only thing you need is to connect your smart-phone with internet and you can give them service as easily as you can or as the demand of your customer.

Advance Contact Center Proficiency

Quick resolution through IVR makes agents more productive and efficient to complete all their tasks in less time. And the spare time they do other tasks which helps your business to flourish upgrade in the market. It keeps the agent relax, unburdens and mentally stress-free during their work, which results in the advancement of contact center proficiency.

Save Your Time, Means Save Your Money

Through the use of IVR, you can save your time of dialing numbers and then distribute calls among the agents. But this becomes easy only on the distance of one click with your finger. Time is money and if you save time it means you are going to save your finances.

Personalize The Messages To Win The Heart Of Your Customer

Customers of modern era become wiser then the past, they need special attention. IVR gives you the opportunity to record the greetings to welcome your customer. On receiving warm welcome they feel happy and comfortable with you.

Know Your Customer More Deeply

Through IVR you can get all information about your customer and save it. On the time of need, you can easily find it and utilize it for the ease of your agent.

IVR is an authentic and time-saving software in the universe of call center business. Through it, you can be comfortable in making and receiving calls. IVR will let you uplift your business by providing its easy, cheap and time-saving features.

“Embellish your call center business by the habit of IVR, over and done with the saving of time, money and mind.”

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