Monitor Quality Of Your Calls, Deliver Your Best To Your Customers

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Quality monitoring is the basic foundation of any call center’s administration efforts. Quality can be a big challenge for any company because all the customer experiences depend on it. If your company delivers good quality of services to your customer, then you can rock in the market.

Quality call monitoring is not a big deal, it can be easily monitored by your managers and they can improve the faults in the services during calls. Customers want to be treated in both ways as a friend and as a boss too. Now it’s your intelligence how you can train your agents to manage both relations with one customer at one time to make them satisfied and trust you and your company.

Below is the list of key factors which will help a call center manager to monitor his/her call quality and repair them to get more customer satisfaction and win their hearts.

Record Constant Calls:

Recording of calls can make you measure the frequency of mistakes in your agents calling and the requirements of customers which are not fulfilled. Call center managers should have a strategic approach while choosing calls for monitoring. They should have in mind that they can use these selected calls for training too.

However, it is not possible to monitor each and every call between the agent and customer. So, the managers have to choose some random calls and get the average of these calls to improve their quality.

Collect Information And Use It In Better Way:

Have an eye on what services you are giving to your customers and what the customers really want from you. Collect information from your calls and utilize this specific information in the improvement of the agents in upcoming days to make customers happy.

Give Prominence To Customers’ Feedback:

Customers’ feedback is the best equipment to a degree the errors in your services. Because customers are unbiased to you and your services. They can see both sides of the picture with spotless eyes and tell you factual worth of your marketing services. So, we can say that the customers are the vibrant mirror to your services and their criticism is actually your best teacher.

Collect all the criticism with the open heart from your customers and utilize it with the open mind in your training. That is the best way to rule on the heart and mind of your customer. Otherwise, you will lose your customer by only some minor mistakes by you.

Outdoor Checkouts:

Internal checking of your agents’ performance is not enough because you can be based on some steps. You have to compare your services with others especially with competitors. Then you can get the exact figures for your services and improve them in a good way.

Save Your ‘Golden’ Calls:

Classify and protect examples of your Grade ‘A’ practice or ‘Golden’ calls so that they can be used as a training aid to help frequently develop the complete call handling process.


Call centers can bring affected enhancements in customer maintenance and satisfaction by implementing a call monitoring schedule. That should include identification of desired agent behaviors, active call monitoring by supervisors. It should be targeted training of agents needing improvement, measuring agent performance with Statistical Performance Analytics and rewarding agents who are performing well.


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