New Contact Center Trends For The New Year, 2017

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Technologies in the field of call center business are growing advance and faster day by day. The technology is going through a thrilling and prompt renovation which is novel in the history of call center business.

The need of the day is to follow the steps of new technologies and new trends to flourish your business. The basic destination of a call center business is to satisfy the customers but now also to increase business efficiency. For this purpose call, center business will face the challenges which can be achieved by having a good combination of modern technologies.

Customers With No Patience To Wait On Hold:

As time passes, the average of the customers waiting on hold calls also decreases. They do not prefer to hold to talk with an agent for minutes. They choose to use call back service for their ease.

The contact center of this growing age should meet the needs of the customers. They should have some kind of features which serve their customers and emit them from wait on hold.

Cloud Call Center Software, To Compete With The Challenges Of Modern Call Center Business:

Cloud-based software services and advanced technologies have been a continuous pattern in the call center industry that will proceed to surface and extend internationally in 2017.

Cloud-based software administrations gather germane data and followed discussions, exhibiting information in an unmistakable, compact and simple to examine format. Corporate culture is inclining toward a more adaptable, secure and cost-effective workforce in 2017, making ready for more cloud-based services to gain access to the national field.

Omni-Channel Services, Make Your Business Best In Future:

Many people still confuse about omni-channel and multichannel, yet the enormous distinction is that multichannel permits clients to associate through various separate channels. Its outcomes are that the clients starting over with their question when changing from telephone to visit, for example, and can likewise bring about off base inside reporting.

Omni-channel combines all channels of support and communication into one consistent experience for the customer, and it’s been the client administrations popular expression of 2017.

To get this going, most organizations require foundation upgrades. Legacy voice-driven frameworks are just not prepared to boost omnichannel customer engagement. In case you’re struggling with an out-of-date framework that is disappointing your customers and making IT cerebral pains as a result of channel settlement issues.

2017 might be the year to consider a move to a call center platform that supports omnichannel engagement. The individuals who keep on hanging on to their reliable frameworks will soon find that customers no longer have the tolerance for anything less.

Self-Service, Demand Of Today’s Customers:

Doesn’t it feel great when you can tackle something yourself? Basic things like resetting a web association or rebooting a gadget to understand a minor issue shouldn’t require a call or a visit session.

With that, organizations need to investigate the choice of self-administration gateways, definite FAQs and video advisers for permit clients to locate this essential data for themselves.

With a self-service portal, clients can scan for their issue on the web and take after guidelines to settle it. In the most pessimistic scenario, on the off chance that they were not ready to understand their issue, the portal can incorporate a click to make a call where they are exchanged to an operator.

Social media can create positive or negative talks that will affect your image if not taken care of legitimately. So in the event that you have an open discussion then exploit it.

At the point when responding to a client, dependably go past what they expect, then post the development and last outcomes so others can see the result, fabricating further trust in your image.

Virtual Agents:

With today’s innovative technology and programming, real-time observing of operator execution is extremely straightforward. It’s possible to track each and every move of home-based agents, so more contact centers have been effectively investigating the advantages of this business alternative.

Training and criticism should likewise be possible remotely. So any distance between the agent’s area and your locations won’t bring about any issues with ability administration.

In a couple of years, it’s very likely that one out of each three agents will telecommute because of lower attrition rates, efficiency enhancements, a decrease in expenses, and more adaptability for bigger hours if the business works on a 24/7 plan.


As these predictions explain, remaining up to date on new technologies is the key to better customer service and successful business processes. Keep in mind that today’s customers are more wise and fast. They can make or break a company’s reputation based on their experience. 2017 is here on our calendars, is your contact center ready?

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