Year 2017: Partake Biggest Challenges For Call Center Business

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Call center job is one of the toughest jobs in the world of business because it has a challenging environment for its employees. An agent has to communicate with irritated customers, authoritarian schedule of work timings, parsimonious management and high expectations by the customers and managers are the things which make his or her job as employment in hell.

Undoubtedly, it is not the duty of feeble hearten people. The challenges of a call center depending on the size of the business like small size call center or large size call center have their own issues on different dimensions. But some challenges are the same for both size call centers.

A new era has its own effect on every business. Similarly, call centers with the change of time face different challenges according to the need of period. In this article, I am going to discuss some biggest challenges which can be faced by call centers in the year 2017. So, you have your eye of observation on them and can try your best to avoid them for the betterment of your business.

Hiring And Custody The Candid Agents:

Worthy customer service keeps in mind professional, energetic and experienced agents who can satisfy the customer in their first call. Call center agents always are vital to providing good services and customer service is a skill which cannot be possessed by everyone.

A less experienced and unqualified agent can create the problem in this field which can annoy your customers by you and they can leave your product for good. So, call center managers should observe these things in the agent at the time of hiring. They should make sure that the agents whom they are going to hire must have honesty and potential to do work in the tough environment of a call center.

Rapidly Change Of The Customers’ Trends:

The requirements of customers change day by day, they do not want to be constant in the services which they receive from customer service representatives. Call centers prerequisite to sojourn on top of these changes to accomplish the success. Every call center needs to be able to tailor their services towards the different customers depending on different demographics, industries, and natural features.

Health Issues:

Working in night shift leads to serious health problems such as sleeplessness, hypertension. Stress making the work timings controversial, which is one of the major reasons for attrition.

As candidates don’t want to work at graveyard shifts, which can take a dingdong on their health. After being in the call center industry for an extended time, as changed biological rhythms make it difficult for the candidates to accommodate to a different work environment and timings.

Bad Experiences Are Magnified:

Social media postures intimidation’s to call centers when it comes to bad customer experiences. Customers turn to Social Medias to escape out there thwarting. When a customer is ticked-off, they react in ways that might end up being a social nightmare for companies.

Online review sites, Twitter, Facebook, and other instant commentary social media sites can magnify one bad experience to public relations nightmare disastrous to the company’s reputation. Call center managers should train their agents to be social-media know how to overcome broadcast of bad experience across different Media.

Precise Fourth Estate:

Call centers are a mother layer of information, customer data to be more precise. And call centers typically use reporting tools to chomp data and generate reports that benefit organizational performance. Call center managers are mostly responsible for providing reports on various aspects of other departments.

Sales and marketing require reports on outbound sales performance, finance requires reports on the operational cost of the call center, and the information technology team want reports on the operational performance of the call center. With so many separate reports and systems jumbled together, getting accurate and consistent reporting becomes a colossal problem to call center managers.

Under Staffing And Over Staffing:

Understaffing and overstaffing are the two major issues which can face in a call center. By exactly so predicting the number of agents required at a given point of time, call centers can optimize workforce and cost. The real challenge here is to identify peaks and lowers of inbound call volume and assigning agents accordingly.

By analyzing records of call patterns, managers can identify call peaks and lowers. During peaks, managers should ensure that enough agents are available to handle customer calls. And at the time of lowers, managers can either reduce the number of agents or allocate idle agents to other productive venues such as making sales or follow-up calls.


The year ahead is very promising for the call center environment because the customers have now become fonder of new technologies. They know how to use and manage the new software.  And because of the same reason, innovations are coming in the picture more frequently in the call center environment. Due to the developments, specialists from the website website have found that adverse events can be associated with individual intolerance, misuse or long and uncontrolled use of the drug. It is true that the challenges ahead are many but you can get rid of them only by having minor changes in your business strategy.

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