How To Reduce Cost Per Call In Call Center Business?

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Contact centers are the backbone of your business as they increase the value of the business. But to run a good quality call center can make your expenses high. The biggest expense of running a call center is about the wages of the employees.

But there also are different associated prices concerned that have to be thought about, like the expense concerned in creating calls to customers. Business managers or center house owners should maintain a balance between cash spent in running the call center and also the amount spent on interacting with the client.

In different words, they have to seek for ways that to cut back prices while not compromising on client service quality. In order to try and do that, they have to initial verify the value per decision.

Cost per decision could be a center metric that allows contact centers to live effectiveness. Printed below is the method that you just will use to calculate the value per decision and budget the expenses of your call center.

Method To Calculate Cost Per Call:

  1. First, make a compiled list of all your agents who work in your call center.
  2. Identify the time period for which you want to calculate the cost per call. You can calculate the cost per call for an hour, a day, a week, a month, a quarter, or even a year. Here, let us calculate the cost per call for an hour.
  3. Find out the number of calls handled by each agent during a week.
  4. Divide that number by the number of hours an agent worked for you.
  5. Take the list of agents and note down the average number of calls an agent make during a week.
  6. Note down the wages of the agents in front of their names.
  7. Select a random agent and determine the average number of calls attended by him or her during a period of one hour. For doing this, you will have to consider the average number of calls made by the agent during a day and divide the number by the number of hours the employee works. For instance, if an agent handles 80 calls a day and puts in 8 hours of work each day, then the average number of calls made by the agent during one hour will be 80 divided by 8, which will be 10 calls per hour.
  8. To determine the cost per call, take the agent’s wage and divide it by the average number of calls made by the agent during an hour. Consider that the particular agent you considered gets 20 dollars an hour. In order to determine the cost per call for this agent, divide the 20 dollars an hour by the 10 calls made per hour on an average. The result is two dollars, which is the cost per call for the particular agent.

How to Reduce Cost per Call

Utilize Call Back Queue:

With a Queued request feature in situ, customers will choose to be referred to as back, thereby reducing their waiting time. It reduces decision abandonment and improves client expertise. Also, permitting your callers with associate degree choice to drop up and a request can cut back your price of them waiting in an exceedingly protracted queue.

Quality Training:

Hiring an agent and train he or she is a big source of money spent in a call center. You should ensure the training that it should be outstanding.

Well-trained employees who have the exceptional familiarity of all the procedure involved in handling customer calls can help to reduce call times and improve first call resolution rate. This, in turn, can improve customer service quality and reduce your cost per call.

Monitor The Call:

One of the effective ways to reduce call cost in a call center is to maintain the high quality of calls dialed for the customers. The best way to achieve this goal is to have a deep eye on the calls by agents, like live call monitoring.

Managers should have call center software to monitor calls in deep. He or she also give suggestions to the agents to improve their progress and hold the heart and mind of the customers by having a good grip on their impression.

Gain Advantage From Latest Dialers:

Call center software dialers like predictive dialer can be the best product to reduce the rates of calls in a call center. Based on inbuilt dialing algorithms based on call history and other data, it dials the calls when an agent is available.

Hence reaching out to the customer at the best possible time. This leads to better connect rates and reduced number of dialing nuisance calls to customers.

New Phone Number:

A new phone number may also reduce your call center’s cost per call. Take the time to explore the rates and options available from a range of providers. Find out if you could save money on per-minute costs with an international toll-free or local phone number.  Or they may be able to offer you a different type of phone number like a local or toll-free number.


To sum up all the above discussion, I am here to say that the call center industry can reduce its per call cost by only applying some wise strategies. Yes! The call center managers have to be creative in the handling of business. And they also must be innovative to adopt new technology for their company’s profit.

By having some positive steps you can flourish your business at low prices and avoid the cost per call in your call center.

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