Top 7 Reasons Why Do Call Center Agents Quit?

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The everyday reality in the call center industry is that we work with customers, acquire new ones in telesales, build relationships and settle complaints. And until recently, nearly all the efforts of our agents were focused on acquiring new customers.

But now recalling customers, not simply attaining customers, is a top priority. Companies try to find this by providing solutions adding value. They continually improving customer service, enhancing quality, and conducting customer satisfaction surveys to see how it’s all working. To skip call center agents quit we should ask these questions in our mind. Are we keeping our customers? Is retention holding steady?

So, what if we treated our call center agents as customers? Would we retain more of the good agents that way, as we would customers?

Dealings between managers and call centers employees are very important in the agent’s professional life.

Let’s analyze the seven reasons why employees leave. There is plenty of factors, of course, but the following seven are amid the most common reasons for agents quit:

1.    Team Management Issues:

Team management in a call center is usually creating issues when a manager shows his or her extra annoying personality to the agents. This type of managers not only bring difficulty in the professional life of the agents but also up the graph of agents’ quit.

The management should have a polite eye on the agents to feel them relax and do their work more efficiently. Otherwise, management issues create a big problem for the agents and they prefer to quit.

2.    Career Development Causes Call Center Agent Quit:

It is human nature that he or she wants to proceed up and up in their life for the betterment of it. But in call center especially in small and medium-sized, the agents face the lack of career opportunity. That is the reason for which they feel their future career is not secure.

Agents feel they have to quit to get a job which has more opportunities to grow up. In this situation, management should provide them a view of their future developments and benefits.

So that they have a firm believer in the security of their future. For this, call center businesses must have a firm strategy to hold their agents tightly in the hands of the trust.

3.    Threatening Environment: No Happiness:

Agents need happiness in their working environment to relax their mind. They can bring more benefit to their company when they feel happy by heart. Threatening or stressed agents are not able to provide an energetic service to the customers.

“Studies conducted by Economists at the University of Warwick show that happiness can cause a 12% boost in productivity while unhappiness can decrease it by 10%.”

Companies should build an environment which creates fun and works together. They can arrange small parties or games which relate to the work but create an energetic twist in the daily boring routine.

4.    Tools without Training:

Technology updating day by day and it is difficult to use by a person who does not have knowledge about it. Some call centers do not bother to train their agents and hold them new technical tools to use.

It brings tension in the working process of call center agents and they prefer to quit for a new and easy job. To avoid this situation, the only way the business manager has to take is to train their agents. Training also can bring perfection in the performance of the agents.

5.    Lack Of Interaction Between Co-Workers:

The interaction between the co-workers makes easy to work for each kind of employee. And this opportunity can give through the relaxed environment of the call center. If a manager always presents here with a furious face to watch the agents with sucking eyes, then it will be difficult to have a relaxed time for them. And they decide to quit instead of getting mental stress.

Give a free hand to relax and chit-chat with co-fellows to create a cultural and easy environment. This can make people relax to work and interact with others for the fulfillment of any problem.

6.    Targets without Impression:

Call centers set harsh targets for their agents and it creates frustration in their environment. It affects their work and mental health. As a result of it, they like to leave and run for a new relaxing job.

The simple solution of it is to create targets for the agents in a light mood manner. Keep in vision: the relaxation of the agent and show the bright after effects of their struggle in chasing the target.

7.    Other Golden Opportunities:

Call center agents always keep their mind in the search for more relaxing and well-paid companies to skip the varied company.

So, the companies must have an eye on their agent’s relaxation and try to pay them according to the trends of the market.

Concluding Remarks:

Call center agents usually seem to be unrelaxed and frustrated from their job and environment of the call center. They always find an escape way to run from their job and catch the better one. And it increases the value of call center agents quit in a great manner.

It is the responsibility of the managers of the business to make the agents touch their personal goals from the earth of their call center. Because of the fulfillment of their own goal means they will pay full attention to the company’s goals. And I assure you they will get them easily and quickly.



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