Call Center Mistakes: To Avoid for the Uplift of Business

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Companies spend millions on their call center setup, which includes technology, infrastructure, training, research, and development. But a discourteous agent can swiftly spoil it all. Tactlessly for businesses, even the smallest amount of blunder, such as communicating with customers and giving them wrong guideline, can stand by one dedicated customer to leave your business for good.

Even though all call center mistakes are not outward to your customers, that doesn’t mean that blunders are any less damaging to your company’s service efforts. Here, contact center manufacturing professionals reveal ten commons, but sometimes overlooked, slip-ups that infection the industry, and offer advice for sidestepping or move backward missteps.

There are two important principles in leading people:

  • Consistency

Being the same person every day, not temperamental or erratic conditional on how much sleep you have had or how you stressed may feel.

  • Authenticity

True to your own temperament, not trying to pretend, being clear about your own values and principles and be familiar when someone conducts you in a way that is in breach of them.

Deficient Self-Awareness

If you have the prospect to pleat mysterious feedback on your leadership then consider it a great opportunity. Even the most self-aware call center managers can benefit from a 360 feedback exercise.

But even in the absence of any formal survey process, you can raise your spirits to make a culture of honesty and feedback, with your team.

Insufficient Information On Your Leads

Giving out just names and telephone numbers to your agents will make it more difficult for them to connect with their prospects. How do they properly address the customer with a Mister, Missus or Miss? Which time zones are they located? Are they likely to be home at the time of your call? More importantly, further data about each prospect is needed so that an agent can personalize his or her presentation.

Dialing Randomly

Some call centers, when they run out of leads, resort to calling random numbers the system automatically provides. More often than not, the agents end up talking to someone unsuitable or calling inactive numbers. What a waste of time and effort.

Non-Compliance Of DNC Lists

Calling customers who are in the ‘Do Not Call’ lists or those who have already stated that they want to be removed from your list serves no purpose except to further aggravate them. Some of them are even likely to file a complaint against your company.

Strict Adherence To Scripts

The need to adhere to quality standards is understandable, but not at the risk of sounding mechanical. Needs often vary per individual. The features a mother may find attractive about your product could hold no appeal for a student. Let your agents adapt the script slightly to focus on the specific benefits of each prospect they talk to. Do not forget to train them on how to deliver the script.

Not Using Any Script

On the other hand, we have outbound centers that do not use any script at all. Giving the agents free rein to say whatever they like is also not a good idea. They might miss important terms and conditions regarding your product, or worse, say something inappropriate. Strike a balance and be clear on what agents can change in the script, what should always be included, and what they are not allowed to say.

Criticize Your Agents

As a call center manager, you need to ensure your staff does the right thing. However, focusing solely on this is not going to inspire your staff to work hard for you.

Don’t use phrases like: “Why can’t you…?” or “How many times have I told you to or do not?”

Trying To Look Like You Have All The Answers

Like any relationship, the one with your employees is based on mutual trust and loyalty. So managers think that to get their employees to respect them they have to have all the answers. If you are always striving to appear like you can do it all and know it all, then you are eventually going to reveal the exact opposite.

Overlooking To Set Clear Goals

Set goals for the following day, week or month what will define this period as a success? These three things should be the main focus of your priority, and this should be clear for everyone in your team.


Mistakes are part of any business industries. However, as time passes, the existence of these mistakes is hampered by a variety of solutions. And just like the simple puzzles we encounter every day, there are remedies.

Call center outsourcing can be risky, but with ample knowledge about its operations, it proves itself deserving as one of the most innovating industries in the global market today.

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