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Automated Phone System: Let Us Explain Dark And Bright Side

Automated Phone System Let Us Explain Dark and Bright Side
Automated phone is a system which receives the calls automatically by the system of company and then distribute to the right agent in right time. To choose relevant agent and transfer him or her the call according to the problem of the customer is the basic work of automated phone system.

The utilization of this calling system is going higher day by day. Most of the companies choose it for the betterment of their customer services. Businesses starts to see its possibilities and advantages of the system which they use.

It is not only less your costs of calling the customers but also giving a perfect kind of time management. It is also used in call centers for many other purposes. No doubt its advantages can vary according to application, I have collected 3 major advantages of using Automated Phone System.

Bright Side of Automated Phone System

Accessible To Use:

It is a fact that the managers of the companies used to scare of new technology of call system because of some security risks. They usually get confused about the reliability of that system. But automated call system’s all procedures are too easy to convince them towards it.

It is easy and accessible for all kind and size of companies. Through hosted system in it can give ease and confidence to use this kind of calling system. There are no worries about technical features, hardware costs and budget of such things.

Fabulous Customer Services:

Although automated call center is fast and time saving. It also gives customers a fabulous service. It works directly in a specific way to connect for better customer services.

By the quick and accurate service of automated call system, customers feel more special in answering their calls. This system answer the questions of the callers in a short time with accurate answer with the high level of satisfaction of the consumers.

By adding more, calls now answer on first ring usually. In turn it reduces customer wait time and cuts call volume, saving time for both the customer and company.

Uncountable Customers’ Connections:

There is no worries about the office specific timings, holidays or break times in IVR calling system. Customers can connect to solve their issues at any time, any day or any event. Even though the panorama of dealing with automations may again give the impression of disconcerting to some, these systems are available, even when a live representative is not present.

So, the customers collect the benefits at any time and any day when they need it. While the option of having a live representative may still be appealing to some, it can be offered with an IVR system; however, with the system, customer’s now have unlimited access to your company.

Dark Side of Automated Phone System

There are some reasons according to which people hate automated phone system. I am going to explain a few major reasons of this issue.

Long Menu:

Some call center automated call systems provide a long list of menu to follow by the customers. It irritates them and let them fled from the scene of company sales. Let us suppose, there are 9 numbers of menu in a call system and they play it continuously, the customers will switch off the phone.

It would be in the loss of company to lose a customer just because of this long menu type irritation.

Irritating Investment On Hold:

It is really very irritating that a customer has to hold to talk with a human agent for complain of the service or product. And on hold he or she has to listen the advertisement of the same service or brand.

It would raise the violent attitude in the customers. Do let them feel free to wait for the agent in a calm and decent manner. So, he or she does not feel scare to call again.

Duplicate Information:

When customer calls to any call center looking for support, query etc., they are normally answered by IVR and customer needs to provide their information like phone number, account ID etc. After all these ‘question-answer-round’ and agonizing repeat-confirmation round by IVR, customer is finally connected to a CSR or human agent. But immediately, customer is asked the same questions which he had already answered to IVR!

Simple POP-UP screen at CSR desktop is the solution and many call center do not use them and the customer ire falls on IVR!

Concluding Remarks:

No doubt there is always two sides of a picture, one is full of colors and the other one is always dark. Same is the situation with automated phone system, there are some good lines in it and some are bad things to face. Now, it is your challenge to use it for your benefit by having a deep study about this service. I had mentioned both its advantages and disadvantages before you openly.




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