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Auto Dialer vs Predictive Dialer: Which One is Better for You

To communicate the customers through an easy way and in fast speed can only be done by dialers. There is a long list of dialers which play a vital role in the industry of call centers and let the agents communicate more customers in less time. Dialers are the invention of modern technology and they are much faster and reliable than the past dialing systems.

In a call center, the basic work is done by the employees is to communicate the customers and make them attract towards their product. And this task can be done more effectively and easily through a perfect dialing system.

Different dialers have different features and benefits in their dialing systems. You can judge them through their features and choose them to run your business more effectively towards the peaks of the market.

Today, in my article, I am going to discuss two main dialers of the call center market. They may know as the rulers of call center industry dialing systems. Here you can observe a deep study about Predictive Dialer and Auto Dialer and a light comparison between them to select the best one for your company.

Comparison Between Auto Dialer And Predictive Dialer

Auto dialer is also known as Robo dialer which contains a number of pre-recorded messages for the customers. It deals with a huge bundle of contacts and converts the specific message to the customers.

It’s initiative work is to dial a call and greet the customers. It also commands the customers to press button to proceed the call further. In short words, it works for press 1 campaign.

Predictive dialer works to predict the call and proceed the call according to the requirements of the customers. It dials a call and predicts the answer time of the customer. When the customer attends the call, it converts the call to the right agent who meets the requirements of the customer.

Benefits Of Auto Dialer

Beneficial For Advertisement Purposes:

70% of the success of a business depends upon the advertisement of it. To meet the needs of the market every business must have a strong and effective way to advertise their products and strategy.

For this purpose, the auto-dialer is one of the best tools to get confirmed success. It sends automatic messages or notifications to the different people and customers to promote your company.

Interactive Business:

To interact with customers in an operative way is the main target of the call center companies. This can be easily done by auto dialer to make your business interactive.

All notifications are sent to the agents and management is a row, so that anyone can answer the quarries or have knowledge about the feedback. It helps the professional team to get benefits from these feedbacks.

Secure Dialer:

Security of the data of a company and its customers is as important as the profit of the business. Auto dialer gives you a secure account to have your data in it with no problem sign.


Benefits Of Predictive Dialer

Enhance Agent’s Productivity:

Sometimes unreverent calls reached the agents or they pick a call which does not belong to their department. It wastes the time of the agent, customers, and the company.

To overcome this type of situation, the predictive dialer is the best tool. It increases the productivity of the agents with the ease to connect the customers who belong to their own department.

High Scalability:

The predictive dialer is not only a dialer but also a Strainer to clean the way of a call from customer to the right agent. It allows to easily add or remove the agents, list of numbers and campaigns.

This is crucial to companies who blueprint to magnify and need the capability to do so with ease.

Customizable Rules And Lists:

Every user can set his own campaign and calling groups so easily with a predictive dialer. They can use it for their ease to dial the contacts of customers. It makes the dialer more attractive for the users.

They can set the dialer to call one specific group of numbers at one hour, and then switch to a new group at a different time.

Final Thoughts:

Both the dialers are best in their ways. I had explained deep words about these both dialers. They have their own bright sides and opposition from each other. It was my duty to explain the features, benefits, and comparison between these two.

Now, it is your duty and vision to select one of them which is suitable for your company. I believe every business has its own line and the dialers have different dimensions. It depends on the business that which dialer will be the helping hand for them and which one will not.

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