Predictive Dialer Vs Power Dialer: Which One Customer’s Favored?

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Call centers automatically dial the calls to reach the customers, is done through dialers. Through it call center agents select their calls strategically to communicate with customers. The productivity of a call center depends upon the number of calls meet by the agents per day. There are several types of dialers in the market, top of them are as under:

  • Predictive Dialer
  • Power Dialer
  • Progressive Dialer
  • Manual Dialer
  • Preview Dialer

But today we are going to discuss the qualities and dark sides of predictive dialer and power dialer. Yes! We are going to launch a game of customer satisfaction between these two dialers. Let’s see which one customers’ favored.

However, due to limiting factors, such as missed calls, call waiting, calls not picked up, or the number dialed being out of service or connected to fax machines, can hamper the productivity of the contact center to an alarming degree. In order to combat such issues, outbound dialers are installed, which in turn accelerates performance, measured in Talk Time per Hour.

How Predictive Dialer Works?

A predictive dialer software is a source of outbound calling in easy and fast manners. The system dials the calls automatically even when the agents are not available. It dials numbers simultaneously.

When it gets the answer from a live person, it diverts the call automatically to the agent who is present. It predicts the agent availability and exact time in which a live person is supposed to answer. It comes up with the pattern of previous calls.

How Power Dialer Works?

Power dialer is an outbound dialing system where the call is dialed on the time when the agent already presents on the call. The agent activates the calling session and when a live answer is detected, he answers the call. Since the agent is already live here, there is no call transferring required.

It is ideal for single-agent scenarios or in remote-agent environments. It does not demand a bundle of agents to transfer the call from the agent to agent. Dialer dials a single number at one time.

Comparison between Predictive Dialer and Power Dialer

Easy to use:

A predictive dialer is difficult to use instead of power dialer. It needs a big network of domains, support, and agents to dial calls at the same time. While on the other hand, power dialer is easy to use and make calls only in the presence of one agent. In this content power dialer is the winner.

Call to dial:

A predictive dialer can contact a large number of customers. However, it is important to match the number of calls in a day with the agents available to receive the calls, in order to avoid dropped calls. With power dialing, the number of calls depends on the call receiving capability of the agents. So, here we can say that predictive dialer is good as compared to power dialer in this way.

Customer Satisfaction:

With predictive dialers, customers can sometimes be put on hold based on the availability of agents, which can irritate the customer and possibly end up losing them. However, with power dialing, callers get instant response and information. In this race power dialer is the winner.


Predictive dialer uses algorithms to have an eye on the presence and efficiency of the agents. In simple words, it counts the number of present agents and delivers them calls according to their skills.

Depending on the quality of your list, power dialers may not bring the same result when it comes to efficiency as they dial and line up each number to a live agent.


Power dialer and predictive dialer are both the dramatic heroes of the outbound calling process with a little bit of difficulties in their using process. They both are cheap and easy to understand by the agents.

So, we can say that these two are the customers’ favorite but with a small number of confusions.  While a Predictive Dialer can reach greater numbers of leads, a Power Dialer offers sales professionals more control and results in better connections with prospects.

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