Tips For Call Center Hiring That You Absolutely Can’t Miss!

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According to Dimensional Research 2013 research (a leading market research company), “72% of clients were dissatisfied of the call center services leaving while on hold or checking online for the problem after being passed on to a number of representatives in a call center”.

Call center hiring is a daunting task with lots to consider and nothing to neglect! Regardless of whether the customer brings in confusing inquiry, or unsolved issue puts or put forward any sort of request—your clients need to know they will get talk about and how to identify the core solution of the issue. That is the reason a call focus manager or supervisor must have the proper team to solve issues on customer’s first call or contact attempt.

Filling in as a role manager, it’s dependent upon you to develop a positive working climate, encourage a feeling of being helping, and drive your group to succeed. However, this is impossible without having the right call center agents in your team.

Announce call center jobs and do look out for the top tips from some of the leading call center experts about how to choose best agents and enjoy double productivity in your call center:

Put the right questions

Managers can judge certain skills like confidence, experience and communication skills of the person during the interview phase and by asking the right inquiries. Make sure the recruitment staff is made available on the list. Yes, making a list of questions work for the quick hiring process!

Do you know the right questions?

It differs! Wondering how? You must think of the needs of your call center and adding the questions. Do you have an idea, what answers are right for a specific question? You are not only looking for communication skills, but you are also looking for green apples. Am I Right?

A list of questions, which you may ask include questions:

  • Introduce yourself!
  • Your abilities and skills as quickly as you can.
  • Difference between the inbound/ outbound call centers?
  • What do you think about customer satisfaction?
  • Do you have an idea about the call center industry?
  • Define your weaknesses or limitations?
  • Of course, what do you make the perfect choice for the job?

Done with the questioning part, the interview is not over yet. As a manager or recruiter, you must be looking for a specific sort of answers as well. Judge if the agents were honest about what they are saying. Don’t forget to ask questions from the answers they are giving you! instant questions are the best way to judge the candidates!

Don’t forget about the personality test

Call center job hiring without experience is better than picking up the agents which are not actually a perfect fit in the puzzle. Think of the candidates as pieces of the jigsaw puzzle and you would be able to pick up the right piece of the jigsaw with the personality test of the individuals. It’s no secret that a person with specific skills can satisfy the customers better than the rest!

Do you know how to carry out personality test?

Simplify call center hiring by making quick preparation before initiating the interview process. Check online for the personality traits of the smart call center representatives. Skills and experience make up the team which is awesome for any sort of organization and for the call center as well!

A list of skills you may look for…

  • Good listeners are a perfect They can answer well if they listen right.
  • Carry out the listening test during the interview, give a sort of paragraph to your agents and ask them to listen. You may ask questions about it later!
  • Patience is a best practice which works in both inbound and outbound call center.
  • Try to test the patience of your candidate by putting him in different situations and you can check out with his previous place of work as well.

Look out for the experienced candidates if you are ready to pay the wages. This is because these people have the potential and can calm down most frustrated customers over the call. Pick the candidates with these skills and they are the perfect choice for the job!

See if the candidates are interested in the job

If you are in the recruitment department give priority to candidates who are actually interested in the job rather than the salary. A candidate with a high level of interest in becoming the smart call agent can prove to be an asset to call center later. Call center hiring is a big responsibility and it must be given to the right person for it! Call centers are introducing strategies to reduce labor turnover rate as this has proven to be causing high expenses to call center.


Do you know how to find out which of the candidates interested in the job?

There are certain strategies which can be used to check if you are making the right choice in the hiring process. Let’s face the truth, giving responsibility to various persons is better than a single one so that checking is easy!

Tips to choose the interested candidate

  • Ask questions to the candidate and tell him about the job responsibilities. Check if he is listening properly?
  • At the end of interview let your candidate ask the questions from you!
  • An interested candidate will ask the question about the job responsibilities instead of just asking about the salary and the rewards.

Go ahead and choose wisely. A good decision on the hiring results in saving a lot of efforts here. Be wise and choose the agents which can become assets for your call center in the coming days!

Final Words

Once again you are the time of the year when you have to make new hires for your call center. Simplify the hiring process by giving the call center hiring responsibility to the right individuals in your call center. Matching the skills of the new agents with the existing ones is smart practice as well. Determine the candidate’s skills, their interest in the job and ask the right questions in the interview to make it really efficient!





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