Things That Make You Love and Hate VOIP Predictive Dialer

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A predictive dialer is not the new name in the call center industry. They’re broadly consumed as a part of call focuses on the world to handle outbound and inbound calls.  Most contact centers are as of now utilizing predictive dialers, as all can get the fair profit from the innovation. Moreover, these dialers likewise have a noteworthy effect on the operations and management costs. With a specific end goal to provide quality customer services, this is now possible with this type of technology as well.

The time factor is imperative in the contact center industry and it results in distinction in quality available. Having Predictive dialer system accessible lead to deal with the organization calls effectively. Furthermore, it empowers clients to feel they are tuned in from beginning to end and their worries or issues are efficiently heard. The goal is to reduce the complexities also for the operator.

In order to help you make the right decision, let’s go through the benefits and downfalls of this technology:

What Is Predictive Dialer?

In simple words, these dialers are PC based structures that accordingly dial all of the numbers recorded in the software. This framework is utilized to make live calls by the call center agents. With automatic messages, the innovation is getting popular reducing the complexities of operations. Not to mention this, you are able to leave messages for your clients as well.

Advantages of VOIP Predictive Dialers

Calls Are Assigned To Available Agents

How can you ensure, your customers are well taken care of? A biggest complain coming from clients is long waiting times and holding times. Predictive technology can help you tackle down these issues.

How VOIP helps here

  • It intelligently routes call to a free agent- keeps the others stress free.
  • If all the agents are equally trained, then not giving all of the chance to handle the call.
  • Less idle time and less holding time for the customers
  • Definitely positive feedback from the customers in the short and long run!

Blend Calls to Simplify Operations

The web-based predictive dialer is the best flexible solution for both inbound and outbound call center.  This software and a mechanized call distribution framework both work together to forward calls to accessible operators. The system can likewise keep callers on the line if operators are not accessible.  In addition, it can take a message from him. An operator would then be able to get back to the client when he asks for it!

How VOIP helps here?

  • Inbound, outbound and all types of call are blended at one platform with pop-ups.
  • It creates a balance between incoming and receiving calls- loss of calls are prevented.
  • Manage your contacts depending on the demand and strategy.

Organization Of Client Database

No fear of misplacing client database with VOIP technology available. This means customers don’t need to jot down notes and fear to lose them. It can improve the call structure in view of the record of past calls. Furthermore, they are aware of it, if the same client is calling.

How VOIP helps here?

  • Your agents can have access to clients data required.
  • An operator can arrange a call physically, on ask for, subsequent to wrapping up the call.
  • Hosted predictive dialer helps agents in making right decisions.

Improves Every Agent Performance

The challenging work environment can lead to better efficiency and productivity. According to Dr. Maya Angelou, “People will soon forget what you said. They will NEVER forget how you made them feel.” If you do give challenges and sales targets to call center agents, the work environment plays a major role in the success of the call center. In case, your agents have the potential to achieve them, you must help them reach the peak.

How cloud-based predictive dialer helps here?

  • The team leader can check the overall performance of the team and where they are lacking at!
  • In addition, it will improve the agent’s morale towards the job. Agent turnover rate will be lower down!
  • Each of the team members can completely focus on his specific role and responsibility rather than worrying about the rest.

The Database Is Always Updated

Free auto dialer for call center can keep the stress away from call center representatives. Wondering how? Either it’s about client database or the caller database, it is always updated with the right data. An agent needs to make a call the specific time if asked by the client, how can you remember this? When the time comes to call, the system will place the call, and your agents can deal with the client!

How will VOIP predictive dialer help?

  • No need to place pop-ups & no need to check the client database as VOIP dialer is there to do it automatically.
  • Past call history is available and it is available to the agent to help him deal with the specific client smartly!
  • Access the relevant information about the customer. Better decisions can be made!

Cons Of VOIP Predictive Dialer Technology

Continuous internet supply is available

To tell the truth, VOIP requires internet supply to keep working. If due to any reason the internet is down or not coming at high speed, you are unable to make calls to your clients. Moreover, due to this reason, some companies still think manual phone system is better!

How can it be improved down?

  • Ask your service provider, how to deal with such a situation?
  • Do have a backup!

Compromise over Call Quality

With automatic predictive dialer, you may have to compromise over call quality. Furthermore, the complaint is already made by some of the users of this technology. Bandwidth dependency is another issue consulted with it!

How can it be improved down?

  • Get the internet connection with unlimited bandwidth!
  • Fast internet is better if you don’t want to get complaints from customer ends!

Final Words

The Predictive Dialer is the ideal approach to improve productivity.  Likewise, it impacts the quality of customer service. After all your all struggles are for the betterment of profit and increased customer numbers. The advantages and downfall of predictive technology can be looked upon in the above blog post as well.

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