Surveys Reveals Why Customer Hate Call Centers – How It Can Fix

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The contact center can be the best resources for getting a question answered. This is typically not the most enjoyable experience. This is especially true as different channels, that give customer instant gratification.

Even though increasing the expectation for customer service. It doesn’t mean the phone channel isn’t still a great medium. The truth is, phone calls necessary to customer service. 36% choose phone conversation with live reps over any other channel.

When they went to get problem a solved fast. When they want to communicate with the real person. So, they believe it is the best way to receive the correct information. Whereas, the call center should have ensured that calling experience is just as pleasant as every other channel.

No one can plan their day with the program on their mind that today. Attainment out for an assistant that can often become mandatory. Hence the role of the contact center comes in picture.

There is much time when your customer needs support to handle a situation a query. That works in your favor and business depends on it.

Furthermore, if you look at this situation from another angle. You will realize that the customer is often a very uncomfortable procedure. It doesn’t matter how diligently try and sever them. There will be a possibility that 4 out of 19 customers that aren’t happy with the quality of CX services.

Several Reasons to Hate Calling Contact Center

Badly designed IVRs

Usually, IVR meant to help the client by directing them to the appropriate reps. more often, clients will give and hang up before they even reach.

Some of the issues regarding could be the reason why:

  • Bad voice recognition
  • Several options before moving forward
  • Endless IVR that seems never to communicate the client with reps

These factors can make client stress and feel that they are wasting their time. They will probably end up shouting back the IVR system. As such hang up and never call back.

Can’t Find your Phone Number Anywhere

It may seem like an individual complaint. If you would surprise how many businesses fail to include a phone number? These number on their search ads. The website, and landing pages.

Annuals call a business from smartphones that will reach billions. Usually, people want to make call especially in companies like insurance financial services. Also, healthcare, home service, etc. when you aren’t making it quick easy, you lose customers.

Endless Hold Times – Bad Hold Music

When your customer is busy, on-the-go. Also, don’t have time to sit on the phone listening to you terrible music on hold for hours on end. This is safe to save for all that have experienced an excessively long grip. It happens when waiting to communicate with a business.

Say thank to the rise of mobile and digital experience, 54% of people. They will only stay on hold for five minutes or less. If you are turning away from income with forcing the customer to wait on hold.

Agents that don’t understand clients’ case

Customer calls a software company because they have experienced some technical issues. They also have looked with forums and tried to resolve it on their own to no avail.

Consumer calls for service and explains the steps they took to solve the problem. Reps then proceed to tell the client exactly what they have already tried to do. But the frustrated customer becomes more flustered.

Unfriendly operation hours

Contingent on your business, the entire majority of them will work office hours. It means nine to five or plus. It takes to connect and from work. Created on this information when you have similar working hours. Your customer work hours this leaves them a small window of free time to contact. Add long waiting time and complicated IVR.

Phone Menu Distress.

With this issue a phone menu that people hate talking to an automatic system. Callers also want to speak with reps. This is not an annoying phone menu. Long prompts are hard to follow and let it alone navigate.

A poorly designed phone menu that can drive the customer. From to extremely aggressive with time. They reach reps, frustrated enough to press repeatedly. Somehow this irritated to the point of hanging up. Assembling to social media to publicly complain.

Moving from Agent to Agent

Customer landed in the wrong queue, someone in the contact center department. It is also appreciated that. Usually, when you are in the specific department, and you have proper help. So, it feels like you never-ending.

Being passed from reps to reps, adding fuel to their already pent-up frustration. That will drive the customer away from calling.

Repeating Information Over and Over Again

It is a simple fix. When the IVR takes information from the caller, as their customer ID number or something sort of. It makes sure that passed along to the reps, and the technology is there to fix these issues.

Another side, if you experience issues and you should have to repeat your entire story to the next reps. with easy way let your reps store customer information to make this procedure easy.

All have a limit time. So, no one can afford to be in the queue for odd minutes. This is one of the best clear objectives that why your customer prefers not to call.

How You Can Fix These Issues Regarding Hating Calls

This Is Pretty Easy

Phone calls have to be a prominent call to action and integrate your marketing strategy. Must use landing pages, paid ads, email campaigns? Anywhere customer interacts with your business, allows the customer to communicate over the phone.

The best part of this number is trackable. So you can also always see the marketing efforts that are driving calls.

Also, you can use voice marketing cloud to identify specific time/days of peak calls. When you can use this valuable data to team sales or call center to ensure. They also can effectively manage the call volume.

Usually, call routing and filtering capabilities. Also, make junk phone calls, customer service calls won’t end up in the sales queue.


The sales rep have context as they need. The answer call to have a productive conversation with the customer. It will advantage a successful experience. You will benefit from higher customer satisfaction and a high ROI.

No doubt people hate calling the call center. Usually, for a valuable call, data will allow to follows up with relevant and personalized email and ads. In this way, you can make sure your customer is being served the best messages. This will also result in cross-sells, up-sells, and increased customer loyalty.

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