What Equipemnts Do You Need To Start A Call Center?

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If you are an insurance agency, a real-estate company, or a telemarketing entity, you may need a call center. Depending on the needs, customer volume, and business operations, you can initiate a compatible enough call center.

You must know about the equipment that will help to maintain and carry operations of your customer support functions.

However, before starting operations, you should analyze your business needs. After identifying objectives and prerequisites, choose the most convenient call center infrastructure.

In this article, you will know about the equipment that a call center must-have. Let’s read and explore the basics of a call center. After reading, you will get a perfect idea of helping you to establish your first call center.

A Desktop Computer/Laptop

Nowadays, call centers require the most modern and upgraded software. This software requires fast, robust, and reliable desktops/laptops.

Also, representatives have to deal with complex operations, large data, and customer references. Therefore, they need a personal desktop for data and operations management.

So, provide a desktop to all representatives for the proper persistence of operations. Sometimes, managers take it for granted as the data is stored in the cloud. However, remember, keeping a backup or copies of your data will prevent you from regretting later.

USB Headsets

Clear conversation makes a difference. Yes, one who listened properly, will be able to answer accordingly. So, headsets can influence the performance of your representatives.

Moreover, a convenient and facilitating tool helps the worker to accomplish tasks with enhanced performance. Therefore, a convenient headset is essential for the call center team to carry on screening calls, attending customers, and marketing products.

So, I would recommend providing better headsets for the team. The convenient headset will keep them physically reprieved as well.

Data Handler

Data handlers help to organize and manage the data. So, grab a data management software instead of filling your call center with extra hardware and papers.

A data handler will help you to manage, arrange in a hierarchal manner, and prioritize the data as per your requirements. Additionally, this will save your efforts and time. Moreover, your required data will be available on a single click.

Call Recording Software

Mostly, call centers use call recording software. This software records the conversations between the customer and the representative.

This call helps the managers and supervisors to listen and monitor the success of the representatives. Moreover, inferences are developed for improving methods and conversational tones for enhanced interactions.

Last yet not least, call recording software when integrated with the analytical engines, produces real-time results. So, these results help the managers to develop instant yet effective strategies.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is a modern method of communication in which the voice is transmitted through internet instead of using telephone lines.

So, communication is performed with the help of internet protocol using software and a strong Wi-Fi connection. The software converts voice direct into digital signals. Then these digital signals are transmitted through internet.

Moreover, you can integrate VoIP with call recording software for the sake of better call monitoring. A good dialer software like Dialer 360  will include this feature and help the managers tao start and stop the recording of any agent at any time.

Use a Predictive Dialer

Nowadays, we are beyond manual inputs and methods. A predictive dialer software dials automatically multiple-numbers seamlessly. Also, it turns down the unproductive calls: unanswered calls, disconnected calls, or answering machines.

Amazingly, it recognizes a live person and routes the call to the agent thus saving time and efforts of an agent. It also reduces idle time. Call tracking, cloud storage, and auto-detection are some productive features of a predictive dialer.

Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

ACD is an artificial intelligent telephony system that is typically integrated with call centers. So, the ACD generally answers incoming calls, play recorded messages and the route calls to the agents.

ACD analyzes the call type and then route it to the concerning agent. It assesses the customer needs (customer’s phone number, input by the customer, and pre-recorded data of customer) and then route the call to the agent according to the agent’s specialties (agent skills and availability, etc.)

Therefore, ACD is critical in analyzing and routing calls to compatible agents only when they are ready to answer and deal with them.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Agents dealing with customers, at times, can easily miss customers’ important information. However, CRM fills the gape and keep your agents up-to-date. CRM shows customer’s demographics, contact details, previous history, call logs and chat history, etc.

Moreover, your remote agents using browser-based call center will experience an automatic CRM function integrated with the software. However, make sure that your agents are using CRM as a tool and during their customer dealing.

Use Workforce Management Tools

When you have to manage a flexible and dynamic workforce, CRM is invaluable and helpful. You can manage shifts, skills data, call volume, calls allocation, and agent categorization with the help of a workforce management tool.

Additionally, you can manage and monitor schedules for agents more conveniently. CRM tools also help to manage data of your agents, allowing you to manage agent availability as well.

Post-Call Survey Tools

Merely analyzing the data and customer-agent interactions don’t provide enough insights. Managers must evaluate the post-service feedbacks and sentiments of the customers.

So, you should integrate a post-call survey tool with the call center functions. This will help you to measure whether your customers are happy or not. Moreover, you can judge your agents’ performance by the customer feedbacks.


To maintain and manage the call center, you must equip your agents with the best business associated tools and call center software. This will have an enormous impact on their performance as well as professionalism. These tools, software, and protocols are necessary to keep up the regular functioning of a call center.

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