7 Important Features of An Automated Phone Dialer for A Call Center

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7 Important Features of An Automated Phone Dialer for A Call Center
You can find plenty of automated phone dialers in the market these days. However, finding a reliable and facilitating tool is still a hard nut to crack. No doubt, auto-dialer enhances the sale growth and agent efficiency, but a “wrong tree” can lead you to prickles as well.

Now, as you have decided to have an automated phone dialer, choosing the right tool will help you to win the half battle. Of course, the right tools make the right workmen.

In a nutshell, it is better to scrutinize the software or tools before you make a final decision. Particularly, if you have never bought an automated phone dialer, you should consider some precautionary measures. Here are the must-have features of a truly useful system.

Easy and Interactive Integrations

Integration offers more interactive and dynamic benefits to the auto-dialer. For example, integration with a popular CRM will make it easier to collect and analyze your customer data. So, it allows the managers to foresee and imply insights.

Some vendors offer cloud-based integrations. Therefore, an ideal auto-dialer provides integration not only with the in-premise CRMs but also with the hosted integrations.

Hence, we would like to recommend you must check the capability and potency of the tool that you are going to buy. The best auto-dialer will provide you easy and interactive integration, keeping your data secure, secure, and reliable.

The Capability of Campaign Management

An auto-dialer helps to manage campaigns easily and effectively. Additionally, managers can run multiple campaigns form the single login.

They can make it possible with just a few clicks. Yes, the best auto-dialer allows managers to launch a new campaign simply by altering dialing mode, time-zone, call volume, DNC listing, and KPIs.

Moreover, an automatic dialer will allow the managers to start, end, or pause the campaign at any time. It also provides control to grant permission to various agents for multiple campaigns. Most noteworthy, after adding lists, it filters DNC numbers and excludes that numbers from the calling list.

Call Recording and Call Distribution Features

Call recording is the most important feature of an auto-dialer software. After carefully listening to calls, managers will be able to sort out issues and make decisions. Moreover, monitoring calls regularly will help to observe the performance of all agents individually.

Furthermore, managers will be able to understand how the agents are treating their customers. They can assess this from recorded calls. Last yet not least, supervisors can use those recorded calls for training purposes. Trainers can play calls in training sessions and guide the audience more effectively.

Call Back Scheduling and Reminders are A Must-Have Features

It is a magic wand that can retain your customers too easily and effectively. A call back reminder reminds agents to make a call back to the customer. An auto-dialer provides this facility wither by a pop-up notification or beeps.

Moreover, the tool provides agents with essential information about the customer. An excellent auto-dialer assesses the availability of an agent and then route the call to that particular agent with specific requirements.

Assessment of Pre-Qualified Calls

An interactive auto-dialer allows agents to assess qualified and non-qualified prospects. With the help of IVR, when the prospects respond to the agents, they can be taken through a series of questions. These interactive questions will the agent to check whether a prospect is qualified or not.

It will also help the agents to differentiate between potential prospects and unqualified customers. Certainly, this will help the agents to save their time. So, the productivity of the agents will be enhanced automatically.

Facilitated Call Disposition

When the call ends, agents have to dispose-off the call by selecting some specific status in the dialer. Consequently, this status will further describe the call outcome. Based on this description, managers will make further decisions and predictions.

The best auto-dialer provides enough options to choose and even customize the status options. So, call center representatives can choose anyone among a variety of options.

User-Friendly Reports and Insights

A workable automated phone dialer provides enough reports and insights. So, look for an auto-dialer that essentially provides analytics. On the other hand, regular tracking of reports allows the managers to improve customer experience.

Therefore, insights like campaign summary, real-time tracking, call disposition, first call resolution rate, and customer feedback prove highly helpful. So, we recommend seeing for an auto-dialer which provides all these reports on hand.

What Other Features You Shouldn’t Ignore?

Besides all these facts, there are still several attributes that you shouldn’t compromise on. All these functions make the tool interactive and viable enough. So, keep in mind all these factors.

Other features you should also take in the account are voice mail message drop, call monitoring, answering machine detection, lead management, filtered-base dialing, 3-way calling, and text to speech feature, etc.

So, do comprehensive research, ask experts, and check the testimonials. Select an automated phone dialer wisely and make calls effectively. A tool is the distinction of a workman.


Conclusively, there are various factors and features that determine the weightiness of the tool. So, scrutinize as much as possible. Then, make a decision. Though we recommend all the above-mentioned features as a must-have, yet you should do extensive research.

Moreover, you shouldn’t stick with the single vendor and try others as well. In this way, the A/B testing will also help you to find out the best fit for your campaigns and industry.

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