How Quality Assurance Boosts the Contact Center Level of Performance?

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When making a call to help center, have you ever listened: “This call would be recorded for the sake of quality betterment and training?” Well, we do, yet ignore it and continue calling the agent.

So, how a call recording can make the quality of a contact center better, or why managers use it to train their agents? These are valid, yet unanswered queries. Fine, in this article we will learn how they do this.

What Is Contact Center Quality and Quality Assurance?

It’s better to understand the concept of quality and quality control/quality assurance in a call center. The quality of a contact center is determined by the fact that how well you handle your customers. Their concern resolution, quick and effective communication, and customer engagement make-cut.

On the other hand, quality assurance involves the analysis of an agent’s call and comparing the service with the customer’s expectations and requirements. So, you can gather data from call duration, wait time, average handling time (AHT), hold time, customer satisfaction rate, call volume, and first call resolution rate (FCR), etc. Only with an effective contact center monitoring, managers can improve the performance of their call centers.

How Quality Assurance Boosts the Performance?

Well, this second question is more valid and sounds logical. Nah? Fine, the quality of a call center is directly associated with the retention rate of customers.

So, if the quality assurance is compromised, ultimately the contact center will start losing its customers, and a boosted quality assurance would mean a high-performing contact center.

Setting Quality Assurance Goals and KPIs

Before you upgrade or implement the quality assurance in your contact center, you need to determine goals and objectives clearly. The following are some steps and objectives that will help you to carve-out your KPIs.

  • Sort out issues that urged you to implement quality assurance.
  • Gather data about customer satisfaction rate
  • Look for benchmarks: observe your competitors and pioneers, how they have implemented.

You can set the following tips as objectives:

  • Maintain call quality
  • Upgrade customer experience
  • Enhance customer retention probability.
  • Ensure customer security and privacy.
  • Analyze quality assurance matrices regularly.

So, How to Improve Call Center Quality Assurance?

Quality of a call center is a product of perpetual endeavors made by managers with the collaboration of team members. The following are some tricky tips that can inject new blood into your contact center’s body.

Listen recorded calls attentively

Managers have to listen to all recorded calls very keenly so that they can put inferences and analysis. Monitoring calls will make the agents aware that they are observed. Also, it will portray a crystal-clear picture of customer behavior, demands, and concerns.

Monitor agents’ attitude

Yes, the second most important factor to monitor and analyze is to keep an eye on the agent’s behaviors. An agent should take full responsibility for a customer. Either the agent should resolve the concern or forward the call to a concerning person.

Self-assessment is essential

Of course, a man is a good teacher of himself. So, an organization should allow the agents to listen to their call recording once a week. Then, ask them to evaluate their calls based on the customer engagement level and customer satisfaction rates. This will help them to know their weak points as well.

Give feedback and develop action strategies

Give feedback to your agents positively and reasonably. This would be far, far better than pointing out at the spot and asking to fix the mistakes right at that time.

Moreover, you can analyze their strengths and weaknesses with the help of call monitoring. Then, arrange some personalized and targeted coaching sessions. This strategy will also help them to repeat mistakes rarer and rarer.

Make your hiring process tight

Yes, the HR manager should make such a strategy that only the most suitable candidates qualify for the training or probation period. You should take into account all aptitude, attitude, language, and personality assessments before sending an agent onboard.

As the company has to invest in individuals, so you must select carefully and check as if the hire will be an asset to the organization. Be careful!

Write a solid script for agents

Inbound or outbound, every contact center should write a script for agents. A script provides a base to build a communication strategy when talking with a customer. However, keep in mind that the script should be based on insights and data analysis.

On the other hand, though a useful script provides solid ground to stand on, yet you should make your agents feel confident enough to deviate from the written manuscript if the situation demands.

Award your agents for good performances

Shape crystal-clear goals and then let the agents achieve them. Let a positive competition prevail in the contact center. However, prevent your employees from envy and negative race.

You can do this all by awarding them purely on their performance-based. This will not only motivate them but also create positive goodwill in the market.

Some Bonus Tips and Tools for You

Here are some extra yet precious tips especially for. I recommend you must keep these factors in the to-do list. Kick off the checklist:

Call snooping

This tool will allow you to listen to the conversation between your agent and the customer without disturbing them. So, you can listen to your agents quietly. Also, this feature helps you to understand how your agents are performing on calls.

Call barging

If the supervisor notices that a certain agent is failing to deal with the customer, he can take charge immediately without the permission of an agent. In this way, the supervisor will deal with the customer directly, surpassing the agent.

Call whispering

In this scenario, the supervisor directly talks with the agent. However, the customer doesn’t know or listen to this conversation. Supervisor guides and tells the agent about the solution of that concern. So, the agent handles the call easily and resolves the issue.

Call recording tool/software

A call recording tool records call and manage logs. This data is further used for training and coaching purposes. So, real-life examples and self-experiences make agents more interested to learn and fix their mistakes.

Moreover, this database helps the organization to learn what deficiencies are perpetually confronting the profit-making goals.

Let’s Conclude It

Managers should not pose themselves as omnipresent overlords. Instead of pointing out mistakes and bombarding with vague instructions, managers should go for solid data and logical decisions.

In short, the betterment of a call center depends on call-monitoring, assessing performance, training, and feedback. So, quality assurance means making your services internally better to offer excellence external public.

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