7 Simple Ways to Improve Staff Motivation in the Contact Center

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7 Simple Ways to Improve Staff Motivation in the Contact Center
A good beginning is half the battle. In a contact center, the first task is to make your staff motivated and driven enough to deal with customers happily. So, if you have encouraged agents in the contact center, you had won the half battle.

However, it’s not that easy. It can be difficult than you think. Also, proper planning and strategy are inevitable if you want to boost your staff inspiration. Nevertheless, an improved inspiration will boost the work rate and productivity of employees.

Here we suggest some practical methods that will improve the retention, morale, and performance of your employee immediately. Let’s kick-off reading the following checklist.

A Positive Attitude

Yes, a positive attitude can make a difference immediately. So, the managers must adopt an employee-friendly behavior. For example, when setting goals and objectives, managers must realign their expectations regarding potential customers and market milieu.

On the other hand, it is fairly difficult to generate leads and convert prospects into your customers. There are competitors, process limitations, and fewer opportunities. So, encourage your staff to raise the game and enhance their productivity.

Keep Things Fresh

Mostly jobs become monotonous with time no matter how much you enjoy it. Also, a similar routine creates dullness and dryness that if not addressed, will distort the overall performance.

So, keeping things fresh is key to the ultimate motivation in the contact center. Keeping things fresh includes staff alertness, relaxing environment, tools precision, and even renewing old incentives, awards, and perks.

In the case of the call center, the job becomes monotonous easily. So, managers should keep this aspect in mind and offer some refreshing activities frequently.

Praise for Doing It Well

Human nature dictates that we all love rewards and appreciations for the job we are doing. Particularly, sales staff live for that as they are rewarded, for what they have made efforts.

So, in an outbound contact center, it is necessary to reward your staff so that the better they do, the more money they get. This will motivate them to work for an aim.

On the other hand, managers must run more than one rewarding scheme at a given time. So, reward the staff immediately, daily, weekly, or monthly because all agents do not possess equal capabilities. Some are top sellers, and others aren’t. Offering more than one rewarding plan will keep them all motivated.

Listen to Your Team

It is impossible to impose motivation upon your employees instead create an environment that encourages the motivation among agents. Listening to them is the best keystroke in this regard.

So, listen to them and understand the business from their perspective. Although you do not need t to agree with what they think yet you should try to understand their concerns as well as their point of view.

Listening to them would give you an idea of how they see the call center, what do they expect, how they infer about the prospects, and what is important to them.

Use Emotional Intelligence

Understanding the emotions of your employees is another key to success. Managers must have conversations, discussions, and personal sharing with them. Emotions drive behavioral trends so use all the possible tactics and tools to sort out their emotions.

Managers should know their employees personally, develop behavioral harmony with them, and understand how they demonstrate their emotions.

Moreover, treat all the staff members equally, understanding their inclinations. Also, spend an equal amount of time to make them confident enough to share their concerns.

Last yet not least, treat your employees kindly and listen to them patiently. Listening to them will eliminate factors that cause demotivation in the long run.

Building A Culture of Enablement 

Besides offering perks and privileges there should be a culture of participation and contribution. Experts say that employees start expecting perks as a part of a routine and hence privileges do not motivate them anymore.

You should design shifts so that employees can work accordingly, keeping their work-life balance maintained. Also, you should allow employees to make their own decisions. This will not only eliminate the robotic activity but also make it challenging for agents and nurturing their talent.

However, one should keep in mind that this is not that easier. It may take more time than we expect. So, start with small and initial steps and test the water by finding what they would like to do differently.

Hold Periodical Review Sessions

Every staff member would like to get skills that can help him to make progress. So, the learning process is vital for their improvement and progression.

To make their improvement quick and effective, holding regular reviews is an actual way. You can make your employees learn not only through training but also offering them regular reviews about their current work.

So, a manager should organize some sessions in which reviews about the individual working should be presented and discussed further to make improvements.

At the end of each session, they will have a bunch of solutions that will make them more vibrant and career-oriented. Moreover, they will carry a sense of perpetual progress in their careers. This will keep them motivated.

In summary

Many other factors also influence the progress and inspiration level of employees. So, you shouldn’t ignore them as well. However, the most important factor that one should never ignore is to deal with all agents individually. They all have different mentalities, psyches, and capabilities.

Besides dealing individually, you should also take these factors into account: making the workplace colorful, encouraging the staff to dress smartly, appreciating their lifestyles, rewards that they can share with families, and many more.

Improvement is a never-ending game. So, raise your chin, fold your cuffs and make difference daily. Also, keep in mind that your employees will be motivated as much as you would be motivated. They will copy you.

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