How Much Does It Cost to Outsource A 24/7 Call Center Service?

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How Much Does It Cost to Outsource A 24/7 Call Center Service

Do you want to lose your customers? Well, provide them some bad customer support. Yes, now, customer service is playing a more important role in business development than product quality and advertising. So, businesses are more conscious now.

However, it is a hard nut to crack. Of course, providing quality service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week isn’t that easy. Companies will have to hire professionals, arrange suitable tools, and purchase telecom services.

And the story of struggle doesn’t end here. You will have to manage the various operations of the call center. Besides time and energy, you will have to invest considerable sources. On the other hand, cost-effectiveness is the basic goal.

So, the better way for businesses is to outsource such activities. This is not only cost-effective but also prevent the companies from involving in non-productive operations. Therefore, hiring a call center would be the best solution.

Yet another concern is to understand the cost and cost measurement of an outsourced call center. This is a big question. So, we have put some inferences below for your ease.

Calculation of Cost of Outsourced Call Center

There are no set parameters and rules to measure the cost and pricing of an outsourced call center. This is due to factors like location, type, the time required, and complexity of the customer services. So, depending on these factors, it would be difficult to set a benchmark.

Different Choices for Different Requirements

You can say that you have to pay as you go (PAYG). So, there are various choices for you. You will choose then according to the requirement, type of business, and the customers’ demands.

Per Minute Cost

If your outsourced call center has to deal with various calls and customers, they will charge per minute. For, the time will be more important in this scenario.

The agent will have to talk for one minute, and after that, he may have to deal with a new customer entirely from a different country. So, they charge from $0.50 to $1 per minute.

You Can opt Cost Per Hour

On the other hand, some call centers offer you dedicated call center agents. These agents will go through a short training and learning for your product or services. Then, they will become an expert in your business.

Typically, these agents will handle only your customers all day and 7 days a week. So, they offer another choice. These dedicated agents will charge $10 to $25 per hour.

The complexity of Calls and Customers Matters A Lot

Last yet not least, the complexity defines your paying rate as well. For example, if your customers need technical support with highly qualified IT experts, you will have to pay higher.

So, a call center may charge you $25 per hour and go up to $65 per hour for each agent. Now, it’s up to you either your business is providing a technical product or simple food delivery services.

Commission-Based Outsourcing

Yet another option you can avail. You can make an agreement with the outsourced call center to pay them some perks per sale. However, this is applicable only in the case of outbound call centers.

In this scenario, you can set a 10% to 20% commission on each sale. This will not enhance your sales volume but also you can reduce your in-house cost of calling.

Selecting an Outsourced Call Center Service

Before you make a final decision, you have to decide which type of call center do you need? What kind of services are you expecting? What expertise should they have? And what do you want?

For example, if you are looking for customer retention, then it would be better to hire a call center with simply educated and friendly agents.

So, bid some vendors and sort out that exactly match with your domain. Focusing on the specialization you need, contact them and discuss all that you need. Hire a call center with the utmost care as that call center would be the extension of your own.

Measurement of Outsourced Call Center Cost

You can measure the cost of your hired call center. However, this will not be a definite figure because you are going to draw a picture by comparing in-house and outsourced call centers.

For example, you will pay only for the productive time of an agent if you have outsourced. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the non-productive time of the agents as well. You have to offer them some perks and privileges.

Moreover, the management cost, quality assurance expenses, and infrastructure prices will not be directly imposed on you. You just have to pay the hourly cost and voila.

In short, you can calculate the cost with the comparison. So, this cost will be comparative and not a true cost. However, it will let you decide either to outsource or not.

Reducing the Expenses

You can reduce expenses by outsourcing the call center. For example, you will have to invest resources for a cloud-based contact center solution, which costs between $1200 and $1500. Then, you have to include costs of installation, integration, and maintenance. In a nutshell, an on-premise call center costs around $150,000.

On the other hand, an outsourced call center may cost you $50 per month per agent. So, a CCaaS (contact center as a service solution) will be far better than the in-house call center in terms of cost and expenses.

Final Words

In summary, if you are looking for a call center outside your company then, it would be better. However, you have to notice some factors like quality and specifications. Moreover, the cost of the call center will also be a decisive factor.

Overall, a business owner should go for an outsourced call center until he isn’t sure about the company’s capability to support the call center expenses easily. Moreover, the pool of your customers can also decide the factor.

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