Omnichannel vs Multichannel : The Ultimate Guide for Contact Center Industry

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Omnichannel vs Multichannel : The Ultimate Guide for Contact Center Industry
Omnichannel vs Multichannel contact center is in a top discussion in the contact center industry. Its two different customer services approach to facilitate customer services. Most importantly, it includes a different medium of communication used in the contact center. Above all, facilitate customer relationships and communication.

First, you need to understand the basic difference between both contact center approaches. It’s actually a medium of communication between you and your customer. In multichannel, we use a different medium for interaction and communication. Omni channels contact center works as a single collaborative unit.

Multi-Channel Contact Center

Multi-channel contact centers comprise over one channel or medium for customer services. There use multiple platforms to facilitate customers. All these channels do not integrate these platforms. A customer can get facilities depending on the medium he is using.

These are the commonly used approach used by the contact center until now. Customer services are concerned with facilitating customers. contact center industry moving towards omnichannel call centers. There are multiple problems with multichannel contact centers. Omnichannel helps you facilitate your customers in the best way.

Multi Channels Example

A customer services business provides support services to ultimate customers. They always try to use every important medium to facilitate customers to the best. They hire staff to manage customer services for all channels.

Best Platform for Multi-channel Services

  • Webphone
  • Social media
  • Email
  • Banking facility
  • Auto Dialer Softwares
  • Chat support, etc.

Omnichannel Contact Center

In 2020, the contact center industry is moving towards the omnichannel contact center. In fact, in this customer service strategy, the contact center integrates all communication channels into one unit. Above all, it’s also very effective for customer services.

Let’s take an example. When somebody contacts you through a multichannel platform regarding any services. You are bound to provide services allowed to you on that channel. If the same customer contact from another platform you won’t have any previous history, the customer must have to start from the beginning.

In omnichannel communication, they link all platforms as one unit. It doesn’t matter any channel your customer choose, you will get a complete history. In this way, you can also understand your customer query in a better way.

Problems with Multichannel Communication


First, we base contact center services on communication. Second, multichannel also play customer service support in a better way; However, there are some loopholes. As there was no coordination between all the channels of communication that’s why there was always a communication gap.

This cause-effect in overall performance. Agents cannot provide better support because of a lack of information or the channel they are using.

Customers also feel inconvenience while communication, and that’s why it’s an ineffective communication channel.

Less coordination between multiple channels

Their multiple channels are very useful; however, there was no or lack of coordination between all these multi-channels.

It does not connect these channels with each other. Every time the customer needs to discuss its query from the beginning. It creates a lot of problems for the agents and users. Agents cannot get the previous history if a customer switches on the other channel of communication.

Low-performance customer services

Higher performance is the contact center industry based on multiple things. Data availability is one of the main sources. An agent can provide a perfect solution when he has a complete history of the previous conversation.

Because of a lack of information and coordination, agents cannot deliver perfect customer services. Until or unless the customer explains each and everything.

Multiple Channels dependency

In a multinational contact center, there are different employees for a different channel. These are to provide every possible support to the customer. A company still can’t ignore the new or trending channel of communication.

In short contact, the center depends on multiple channels regarding their contact center services. This dependency creates an extra mess and still, you won’t get the desired results.

Focus on channel

In a multichannel contact center, the industry only focuses on the quality of channels. They use extra resources to make the channel more efficient. It does not improve the client experience; However, the better response also helpful.

You need to focus on the customer experience. It doesn’t matter how efficient you each multichannel becomes your customer still requires one centralized way of communication.

Agents performance

A multi-channel contact center is an outdated approach. There are multiple issues with these and that’s why overall low performance. Contact center business as mainly based on best customer services, there is no place for low performance. Of course, it reduces the efficiency of agents.

Advantages with the Omnichannel call center.

Focus on user experience

Research shows that the best customer experience helps you get more visitors. Omnichannel is one unified platform, and that’s why all focus is on user experience. In this contact center, agents try to facilitate users by providing the best solution. It improves the user’s experience to the best, and that’s why it’s really effective.

User Convenience

The omnichannel contact center is solution-oriented. It comprises a universal channel that integrates as one unit with all the platforms. Definitely, it’s very much convenient for the end-users. He can simply use one platform where he will get every service. It’s much more convenient for users.

Better communication

Undoubtedly, omnichannel is a better way of communication and less misunderstanding, etc. In this, as all platforms are closely connected, agents can easily provide the best customer services. In fact, agents also have complete access to history and customer data with previous queries. Certainly, it provides great interaction with better communication.

Central platform integrated with one another

Multichannel depends upon over one channel, which is sometimes very difficult to manage. The omnichannel contact center provides customer services through a single platform. It works as a centralized system that makes communication and services more effective.

Better Customer Service Experience

Omnichannel contact centers mainly focus on customer services rather than on their multi-channel. It’s also easy to manage and convenient for users. It overall provides the best user experience to the ultimate user.

Quick Solution Oriented

Omnichannel is fast, reliable and effective. It’s a great way to provide a quick solution. It improves the overall customer experience. Most importantly, boost your contact center industry too.

Better Customer Engagement

Omnichannel provided better facilities and a uniform platform. Above all, it also increases customer engagement and makes it much more effective, too.

Build a strong customer relationship

An omnichannel contact center is much more solution-oriented. Most importantly,  It’s effective as compared to a multichannel contact center.

Fast Customer Support

Centralized communication can help you get better information, too. Certainly, it makes your communication fast and effective. Undoubtedly much better technology for customer support.


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