Automatic call distribution: A complete guide to increasing business effectiveness

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Automatic call distribution

Automatic call center distribution is a vital part of a call center software organization. Whereas you follow your call center plans then cloud-based features assist you to improve your business productivity. Automatic call distribution (ACD) is a cloud-based call center software that distributes the work, utilizes call routing, and helps you rise to the top.

It is the worst thing that agents have a low skill set and they are not experts in good customer support. Every call center receives a large volume of calls. In this situation keeping productivity maintained is not an easy task. So, automatic call distribution makes this work easy by distributing the work effectively.

What is ACD (Automatic call distribution)

As its name depicted that it distributes the calls automatically and saves your time. Besides this, call center teams use different types of channels for conversation. This software answers the calls and directs these calls to the appropriate department. Moreover, it routes this based on many factors. Manage call volume when it is higher because most of the time agent is not available due to high traffic. So, ACD (Automatic call distribution) software assists the callers. If you are thinking about that it looks like an IVR then the answer is no because these both are different. An IVR routes call and provide information upon the caller section whereas automatic call distribution is created on predefined rules. In addition, modern call center employs both IVR and ACD for customer satisfaction and higher agent productivity.

Working Methodology

The technology of ACD properly distributes incoming calls. Connect the call with the right agent and department based on the agent’s skills and availability. This system eradicates the necessity of new hardware because it is software-based. It routes the calls that are based on agent assignment as well as the ability that you select according to each agent. In addition, you can give the exact reason to quick callers regarding their call.
It uses call-back technology where receive a call back when an agent is available, instead of waiting on hold. The call is in the queue and waiting for finishing the existing call.

Benefits of automatic call distribution

Let us know how ACD is beneficial for you. It has more benefits that are given below:

Reduce workload

Reduced workload by efficiently handling the inbound calls. Agents have no more workload by employing this approach in the call center industry.ACD gives the opportunity of your callers that they route themselves to the appropriate person or department. By reducing manual pain provides a better customer experience.

Real-time monitoring

You don’t need to see data every time. With the help of automatic call distribution, you can see and monitor call volume patterns, call duration, the average speed on one account.

Improve workforce management

This software provides you best workforce platform. Your team doesn’t waste their time by routing calls. Besides these, the team shares the work equally and minimizes their idle time in this way. Other than calls are distributed fairly. This is best for increasing agent proficiency and business productivity.

Increase customer experience

Improve customer experience by employing ACD in your company. In addition, smart routing in which directs the call to the most appropriate agent. Fast distribution as well as ensure that customer attended immediately and get a higher satisfaction level of customers.

Reduce long wait time

It prevents from long wait time. When you start it then it is possible to have multiple waiting queues. Because of different numbers, departments, and teams. These multiple waiting queues correspond with smart call distribution to permit for answer calls in a faster way.

How agents become more efficient with ACD

If you are a call center agent then you are always managing incoming calls. Sometimes, more incoming calls and it is difficult for you to manage this along with caring for each caller. However, ACD helps you to handle a large volume of calls and reduce your manual stress. In this way increase the customer experience and you can increase your business productivity.

Furthermore, this is also very effective for enhancing call center campaigns. Inbound calls are not directed to the agents when they are available. This is directed to one who has the essential proficiency and can better respond to the customer requirements.

Calls will be routed to the appropriate agent or department as soon as possible. The agent communicates with the caller based on the present criteria, with a quick response if the agent in question is accessible. Other than that, if an agent is not available then the call will be in the queue. Before responding to the customer, the agent views the customer information like customer history. In this way, they ensure that interaction with the customer will be well-structured.

When no one agent is available then the call is in the queue and request the callback. In this situation, the agent will callback as soon as possible when he is available. Wide matrices are considered to determine a call center’s performance. This includes the length of communication, number of rings before the call, client wait time, number of calls handled, number of calls taken as well as abandonment by an employee.


In the modern world, all organizations move toward advanced technologies. This boosts the business efficiency and enhances the output.ACD is the best strategy to improve the environment of the call center industry. It accelerates creativity in call center operations.ACD technology is built on the organization’s sophisticated processes. This is best for assembling the desires of companies.

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