Computer Telephony Integration; Different ways to Boost Customer Service

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Computer telephony integration means that you can link your call center telephones to their computers. As well as application software is installed in these computers. This software manages the business applications as well as manages calls.

Satisfied and glad customers are more loyal. They tell your brand or company to others happy when they have a good customer experience. Due to high competition in the marketplace, small businesses grasp more customer attention. The customer experience goal is to meet your customer potentials, get ahead of their future needs and fulfill this.

What is CTI (Computer telephony integration)

The other word that is used for computer telephony integration is CTI. It is the kind of technology that engages telephones and computers together impeccably. Workers can make outbound calls, receive incoming calls as well as manage all other call-related tasks that are directly from a desktop, laptop, or mobile device with the help of computer telephony integration.

Computer telephony integration (CTI) is mostly employed in the call center industry because it connects phone systems to various applications like minimizing the call handling time, customer database, or CRM, developing a better customer experience, enhancing revenue as well as improving the agent performance and efficiency.

However, it assists the call center industry to gain a competitive edge and data-driven tactic to cooperate with callers. By employing this, companies handle calls in a faster way as well as agents quickly and confidently solve customer problems. With the right technology, you are ready to employ call center software.

How it works

CTI empowers the call center representatives that they manage the phone calls on their computers easily. Beyond making and answering the phone calls, CTI empowers the call center agent that they utilize a data-driven approach. Due to unified information and advanced control accessible at the fingertips, agents become productive, meaningful discussion as well as reach solutions faster.

Below are some significant functions that are utilized by CTI based call centers. Moreover, you can understand deeply CTI by knowing these valuable controls.

1)Automated Dialing:

Due to automated dialing agents are capable to use methods like power dialing, predictive dialing, auto-dialing, and click-to-call to make outgoing calls easily. However, salespeople make more calls to potential customers and increase revenue.

2)Efficient call routing:

In this feature skill-based routing technologies like interactive voice response (IVR) and automatic call distributor (ACD) can be employed with CTI.As a result, these integrations route calls to the agents are best to resolve any issue.

3)Phone controls:

With the help of CTI no phones are needed because call center representatives use advanced controls directly. These controls include transferring calls or putting them on mute or hold.

4)Record Data:

Different key factors such as recordings, caller history, billing, and personal information, and order history are recorded. Moreover, these can be displayed and integrated on one console for the agent.


Most companies use CTI to call authentication. After that compare this to the phone number. Screening the incoming calls as well as agents can answer the calls more efficiently.

6)Show pop-up on screen::

Most companies use CTI to call authentication. After that compare this to the phone number. Screening the incoming calls as well as agents can answer the calls more efficiently.


The function of call monitoring and call recording provide management insight into how workers are performing as well as how customers are being assisted. Furthermore, the monitoring function qualifies the managers to listen in on the call and help guide the agent.

Why Computer telephony integration

Different types of call center software are used for various purposes. If you want to get the right tools then first you determine the detailed needs of your sales team, IT departments, and support teams. After that, you estimate your CRM competencies as well as cloud-based phone features. Recognize which gap remains between the functions that are required sales team and support team. Moreover, CTI helps the IT team and process departments. When you consider all these factors then you can easily decide that how you implement CTI in your organization.

Computer telephony integration brings high value to your business

It assists to:

  • Enhance revenue
  • Save time and money
  • Companies become more efficient
  • Generate better results

In today’s high competition CTI brings your organization into the marketplace as a unique identity because the job of the employees becomes easier. In return, customers are happier by gaining a result-driven experience.

Advantages of computer telephony integration

There are some benefits of utilizing computer telephony integration (CTI).

  • Make and receive calls directlyWith the help of CTI, no need for phones. Agents can receive and make calls directly to a computer with only mouse clicking. Additionally, with call control in the browser such as mute, transfer, hold, hang up, etc. agents never have to go back while handling calls.
  • Agents know exactly about the callerBefore answering the phone agents know well who is calling because an automated pop-up is displayed on the screen. The information that is shown in this pop-up is caller name, email address, location, dialed number, company, phone number, position within the company. Automatically show this pop-up on the screen and they route the call. However, this thing allows the agent that they deliver the information by calling the customer’s name professionally.

    Besides this, this factor saves the agent time that consumes taking the caller information.

  • Automatic authenticationDue to computer telephony integration authenticate the caller by comparing the phone number. This phone number is called from to information in the company database as well as business integrated tools.
  • Integration with relevant callerIntegrate the caller information with other caller data that is relevant. In this way integrated business tools in a single unified dashboard. This permits agents to be more proficient while handling calls and offer more customized service to the client.


In present age time is precious as well as call center industry is very busy. In this busy routine, CTI helps the sales team, help desk, support team, IT department, and customer service department. Agents handle the high volume of calls proficiently as well as deliver flawless customer service. By employing computer telephony integration (CTI) technology you integrate the company’s telephone and business system when offering a rich set of call management features. It increases business productivity rates and minimizes the wait time.

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