TCPA compliance checklist: the ultimate guide for call center

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TCPA stands for “Telephone consumer protection act”. If you have any telemarketing or SMS marketing strategy in your business then obviously you know this thing that you never send messages to anyone at any time because it’s not a matter of ethics. You must understand TCPA compliance by law.

The TCPA compliance aims to avoid the consumer from irritating calls, irrelevant messages, repetitive and extremely disturbing calls.

However, Due to TCPA regulations every call center and all those companies that communicate with their customers are now having to top-toe in the struggle to evade consequences. Other than that, you can apply TCPA to everyone whether it is within the United States or without the United States. In the call center implement the structures like manually approved calling and natural language compliance from the TCN platform that help your call center as well as control when, how, where communication is up-to-the-minute.

TCPA compliance

This act was created in 1991 to avoid the disturbing calls for any marketing business. Hence, including all those businesses that use prerecorded voice messages or auto dialed from attainment private phone lines.

FCC (federal communication commission) outspread this law to regulate communication channels such as text messages too.

TCPA compliance means to abide by those telemarketing calls that are irrelevant. TCPA regulations on telemarketing calls. Moreover, text messages and faxes with a marketable resolution.

According to this law, telemarketing calls are firmly controlled under this act. This law needs you to precede a written direct agreement that is in the form of a signed agreement. You can follow this agreement by receiving such types of calls like:

Autodialer calls:

Autodialer calls are those calls that don’t require any human action. These are made on an automatic telephone dialing system where numbers are stored.

Pre-recorded voice message:

Pre-recorded messages are those that are recorded by humans. As well as artificial voice messages that you frequently receive on robocalls.

All telephone calls are not telemarketing calls that’s why your business takes benefits from manual phone calls. Besides, you can not hide your caller ID information from your telemarketing calls. As well as you cannot be made users on DNC (National do not Call) registry.

Why TCPA compliance

For every business TCPA compliance is necessary. Customers that are communicating through their mobile phones are the form of personal communication, which means that using telephone numbers with no favor for consumer confidentiality can feel disturbing over time.

If you want to build customer trust as well as maintain this trust and satisfy your customer then it is necessary to give respect to your current customers and leads that they deserve. Accomplish this by sending only relevant messages to your willing clients. In this way, you can enhance customer loyalty. TCPA compliance matters a lot to fulfill these requirements, as well as customers, are satisfied when they have a complete checklist.

It might be costly if you ignore the telephone consumer protection act because any violation of this act imposes a fine concerning each call and text message. Moreover, every client that calls you also claims for every voice message, fax, text, and violating call. By complete consideration of TCPA compliance, you can grow productive calling campaigns and text messages that would not place your organization at risk where you give any fine or other drawbacks.

TCPA compliance checklist guidelines

There are numerous guidelines that you must know about TCPA compliance for your business development. You can keep these tips in your mind before sending text messages or phone calls.

  • Messages should be conversational
  • Give training to your employees about practices that clients might consider false
  • Include clear TOS (Terms of services), policies, and CTAs.
  • Keep DNC (Do not contact list) for your business links.
  • Customers that have not opted in never buy such customer phone number list
  • Stay up to date about changes by checking regulation updates frequently
  • Give your phone number, your name, your company name as well as company address where customers easily reached.

DNC checklist

  • Do not call residencies on local time
  • Do not call or text anyone on the national DNC (Do not call) registry.
  • Do not practice recordings, stimulated voices for mobiles, auto-dialers as well as other receivers where the receiver pays itself for calls.
  • Never make automatic dialing system to such calls:- Any emergency line for hospital, medical physician, service office, fire protection, poison control center, health care facility, or law administration agency.- The phone line of any patient of a hospital room or guest room- The phone numbers are assigned to mobile radio services, cellular telephone services, or paging services.

TCPA compliance checklist

TCPA is an excellent system that creates a great client experience while escaping expensive fines. However, TCPA compliance is difficult to follow, even if you have a good aim. With this act, you must follow some necessary actions take to remain compliant.

Only contact customers at the appropriate times

Businesses never allow contacting customers on their landlines or cell phones for commercial purposes in local time.

Avoid DNC registry

Check the current call list against the national DNC list frequently because it is the requirement of any telemarketing business.

Get agreement

Get a direct written agreement or having proof of a prior direct written agreement in the case of prerecorded telemarketing messages and automated telephone calls.

Give the option of opt-out

When a customer has given a prior direct written agreement then they must have an opt-out choice. Telemarketing companies need this to keep the company up to date on the do not call list.

Do not maximum character counts

The content of the text message should be 160 characters. As well as including punctuation and spaces. These character counts are perfect for an attractive text message. Don’t overwrite this character limit.

Employee training

Highly recommended to train your team as well as be up to date regarding all regulations because in this way they never cause to violate any rule.

By following these steps, you can send relevant information at the right time to your leads.

Customer satisfaction

Customers are more satisfied and become loyal when they receive relevant messages at suitable times. However, TCPA compliance is the best technique to build customer gratification. As TCPA compliant, you can give your customer the best experience that they want. Besides, you can brainstorm and implement inspired messages, as well as other processes like SMS payments that make the customer experience better.


For a workable and profitable call center, TCPA compliance is crucial. To ensure your call center’s best practices, enjoy this compliance checklist.

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