Virtual call center: how to start and help to scale your business

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All kinds of businesses communicate with the customers for dealing with their products and to achieve this goal businesses depend on a call center. A huge number of inbound and outbound calls in a call center that receives potential customers. As well as most people like to work remotely, you may be inquisitive about how to start a virtual call center. In the modern age, remote work is a rising trend. Numerous companies develop this business and they convert their on-site business into the virtual call center. Other than many companies start this.

It’s a fantasy to accept that a virtual call center is possibly suitable for tough times when it’s hard to set up a line of solid shapes in an office. A virtual call place is an important method to build the proficiency and productivity of your deals and assistance workouts. It’s additionally an extraordinary method to assist your representatives with accomplishing the best approach between thoughtful and exciting activities.

What is a virtual call center and why did we start this?

A virtual call center is a customer service place where support representatives take calls from different locations. It does not matter that representative is working from home or in a physical office. All staff is connected digitally by operating virtual call center software but physically separated.

Companies save money and designed virtual call center software especially support the customers in various time zones. As all, we know that in present time Covid19 is the pandemic, and due to this shift the virtual call center. By having the virtual call center agents works in a more comfortable and relaxing environment.

Moreover, cloud technology is the most incredible technology and virtual call center setup possible by this. It makes it possible that agents take the inbound and outbound calls that assist the customers all around the world regarding any time restriction. Due to a cloud-based virtual call center system, agents can connect with the customers whether they are miles away or nearby geographically. We provide you best cloud-based predictive dialer360 that is more efficient for a virtual call center.

Designed the virtual call center software by considering the cloud base technology as well as by using this software you can maintain all sales and support agents keep their connection with managers. This technology is called VOIP (Voice over internet protocol). This is a little technical and complex but in actuality, this is a more effective and efficient way to work the all programs together.

By implementing a virtual call center, you will give more flexibility to grow your business because some team members work remotely and some on-site or all team members work remotely. Moreover, you can shift all things that meet the requirements of the user.

Why do companies start a virtual call center?

Virtual call center representatives work effectively by working in a comfortable environment. As well as companies are more benefits by employing this like:

Reduce cost:

A virtual workplace reduces the cost and gives the agents a relaxing environment. By this, you can diminish the cost of office equipment, space, services, etc. As well as it is up to you that more employees work remotely or only one employee handles all tasks like inbound and outbound calls. Other than agents forth from inbound to outbound calls and switch back via virtual call center software. Moreover, this enhanced productivity and save time.

Adjusting to your requirements:

Taking a virtual call permits your business to effectively adjust to evolving needs. One of the advantages of utilizing this software is that it can work with both little groups of experts just as bigger ones to oblige any progressions that happen dependent on request. In addition, virtual call software permits your business to adjust to changes in geographic regions. Since virtual experts can work outside a private physical region, they can arrive at a more extensive client base.

Capacity to enhance business hours:

In this present era, most of the companies offer services globally and they do not hire the employees physically, not set up their office. They prefer to work remotely because in this way they expand their business and work efficiently. A virtual call center allows the customers that they can call via expanding the business hours. Other than if you want to increase the business operation then you can easily add the phone line.

More competent and satisfied agents:

By comparing the virtual call centers with a standard call center, virtual call centers have a better productivity rate because agents get freedom, they are not location bound and work more efficiently in a comfortable place. They are more relaxed and mindful and this thing impacts the positive effect on their workflow. As well as when agents are satisfied and relaxed then they are highly motivated and provide good quality customer support services. Other than this gives the positive business image and increased the profit.

In what way to start a virtual call center

It should be clear that there is no need for a physical office when you start a virtual call center but there are many other important factors that you must consider by employing this technology that as follows:

1)  Virtual call center purpose:

Firstly, you decide the purpose of your virtual call center whether this is for customer support call center or sales call center. Other than this is for a combination of both.

2)  Accurate software combination:

Virtual call center refers to the VoIP technology and the right telephone combination is essential to improve the system of your virtual call center system. As well as this is necessary to manage the sales and create a productive place where progress the customer experience.

3)  The proper setting for proper workflow:

Proper workflow leads to success. It is depending on the purpose of your virtual call center if your virtual call center purpose is only providing sales then use the software additions that permit you to set up all emails automatically.

4)  Examine all required features:

For high productivity and efficiency examine all required features like voice call features and all software features that will guide you to gain the best customer experience. Consider some important things like voicemails, skill-based routing features, IVR as well as self-services where customers get help steadily.

5)  Essential equipment:

Decide all equipment that is required for remote working. This equipment’s included a reliable internet connection, a headset, and an efficient computer system.

6)  Hire competent and proficient staff:

Hire talented staff by getting online CVs because in a virtual system you cannot review any client profile physically.

7)  Onboarding:

Design the best quality onboarding protocol for any new call center solution.

8)  All matrices are important:

To track and monitor the performance of the virtual call center consider all KPIs and matrices.

9)  Agents’ evaluation:

Establish a meeting where you evaluate the performance of all call center agents. You will certify that this is on an ongoing basis. After that, you determine how to reward those agents that accomplish their goals.

Virtual call center advantages

  • Less cost for maintenance, facilities, equipment, and upgrades.
  • More reliable and productive.
  • Scale this system down or up quickly.
  • Pull talent all around the world
  • Improve proficiency by utilizing the best tools like power dialing, click to dial, and call routing.
  • Certification of quick adjustments when required.
  • Carry all client data on the screen of the call center agent for a single cause of evidence.


In short, virtual call center, you can gain all the best features of voice calling via phone as well as the capability to utilize software additions to begin a fully functional virtual call center. Our expertise assists you to set up the best tools, processes, and pieces of training that lead your company to long-term success. Buy a proficient software dialer360 from us and make your virtual call center more productive.

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