Auto insurance scripts: How to craft a sales script for insurance leads

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Auto insurance is not that some people think about frequently. Those who have automatic payments set up may only think about renewing a policy once or twice a year. This is wonderful news for you. You may make the insurance policies you sell appear like winning proposals that consumers won’t want to miss with the correct timing and pitch. You can have significant success in selling policies with a cold calling method as long as you offer good value, and a reasonable price, you can get real success with an effective cold calling script.

Why a cold calling script is good for the insurance business

70% of buyers have accepted calls from salespersons. Cold calling is the best way to improve communication and resolve customer queries efficiently. However, in the life insurance sector, phone calls are the most efficient way of initiating communication with potential clients. So, phone calls for prospecting are still worthy as well as people like to communicate with a human to address their queries. A cold calling sales script for insurance companies is essential regardless of the expertise level of the insurance agent.

  • Set the direction of the conversation so, that you don’t lose your focus and forget your goal.
  • Ensure that you don’t omit any points and address any issue.
  • Be prepared for any objections that could otherwise conclude the talk prematurely.
  • Encourage potential customers to buy insurance from you.

Cold calling scripts for insurance agencies vary according to their business requirements that’s why these are tailored according to customer.

Keep some points in your mind before making an auto insurance script

Before making auto insurance sales script you can consider some factors that are essential for making your script impressive.

Never use jargon

Your prospective clients don’t want to hear you discuss minimum liability or compensations. Use words that others can understand. Be clear when describing the coverage requirements set forth by law to your customer. Inform them about your services and the benefits of extending their coverage.

Build a customer relationship

Keep in mind that your goal should be to support your consumer, not to sell to them. However, build a positive relationship with your customer and provide them with a solution to their issue. Hopefully, this will be a long-term context that benefits both of you.

Use body language

Over the phone, that could sound unlikely, but it’s not. Your energy and vocal tone will change as you stand or sit up straight and smile. Additionally, it pays off by promoting a more productive discussion flow.

Plan beforehand

Whether you’re making cold calls or closing a deal, be as prepared as you can. Prepare your script and keep the contact’s details close to hand. Continue taking notes while you are on the phone so that you will have more notes available the next time you call. Use some auto insurance sales pitch examples as inspiration when it comes time to start making those calls.

Elements for successful auto insurance script

A successful cold call script should contain these elements:

Strong introduction

We all understand that developing trust and convincing prospects to buy insurance from you require a hook. After the first greetings, you have ten seconds to capture the prospect’s attention and get to the point on cold calls as a sales representative. The elevator pitch form can be used to introduce yourself. Elevator pitches are renowned for being concise and intended.

You must establish a rapport with them throughout these early exchanges and convince them that the topic is worth continuing. If the attempt is unsuccessful, the contact may be considerate and make excuses to discontinue the call or abruptly hang up.

Identify pain points

Touch the pain points for grabbing customer intention quickly. These are often the worries that the majority of insurance consumers have when they have common queries. It could include the cost of the premium, the type of coverage, and even claims. Mentioning problems and offering a solution is the fast way to attract the customer but keep things simple.

Moreover, figure out the prospect’s pain point to customize their sales script and offer the appropriate solution.

Illustrate benefits

Illustrate insurance policy benefits for example buying process, pricing, special offers, and claim settlements. Guide properly and clear all information to the customer to develop their interest. Moreover, it is easy to grab customer intention when you know what customers want and how you can resolve their issues as well as increase their reliability.

Potential client’s objections

Anticipating objections and developing responses to them should be a key component of your cold-calling scripts for effective sales. There’s a significant probability that your potential client has a strategy in place. Rarely will you encounter a prospect who won’t reject your offer.

Most complaints would merely be smokescreens to avoid continuing the conversation, while some of them might be legitimate (and you can’t do anything about them).


The closing statement of your auto insurance script should be a quick summary of everything. The closing statement is important as a warm opening that’s why it should include:

  • Briefly describe your all discussion
  • The next actions you’ll be taking or how you’re going to continue.
  • Whether or not they had a policy request, express your gratitude for their time.

Auto insurance sales script examples that will transform the way you sell

Craft some best auto insurance scripts for getting more insurance leads.

1.  When you have a limited time frame

You may not always have a lot of time to pitch to potential customers. Because people are busy, you frequently need to get right to the point in a minute or two. You can utilize the elevator pitch structure to briefly describe yourself and your services. As suggested by its name, the pitch should last about as long as an elevator ride. This translates to between 30 and 2 minutes.

Your pitch should have the following components: an enticing opening to draw your prospects in, an examination of the issues your prospects are facing, what you can do to help them, and a discussion of how your policies are superior to their current ones.


Agent Greetings, Jack Black here. I work for XYZ Insurance Agency. Your region will soon be included in our insurance coverage. Do you mind if I briefly describe our services to you? because I believe we can lower your insurance costs.
Customer I can only give you 15 seconds since I need to get to work quickly.
Agent Regards, Mary. Our customers have given us numerous five-star ratings and have saved an average of $100 annually on insurance. I may email you the personalized quote if you’d like.
Customer yes, please call me tomorrow.


Mention pain points in your script for attaining customer attention. However, in an insurance script, saving money is an important factor.

2.  Cold calling sales script to offer free Quote

Free things are always everyone’s favorite. Providing free quotations comes naturally to an insurance agent to keep the conversation continuing with potential customers.


Agent Good day, is this (prospect’s name) on the line? I’m calling from (your name) (your insurance agency). I’m calling to inform you that I’m providing free quotes on life insurance plans that could suit your needs. Would you be interested in learning more about your options?
Customer Yes, I am interested, kindly tell us your information in detail
If the customer is agreeing and wishes to continue the call, continue with your sales proposition. Moreover, if the customer is agreeing your quotes but is not interested to proceed with this process then you can offer to send an email and schedule an appointment on an alternate day.


3.  Follow up the pitch for insurance sales

Follow-up with potential customers who have expressed interest in your website is one of the most crucial steps in the sales process. Since they’ve expressed interest in a policy, they’re already hooked; they probably just need a little more persuasion to complete the process.


“Hello, is this (prospect name)? (Your name) here, and I come from (insurance agency). I’m calling to ask about the details of the life insurance that you sought on our website. I read through your information, and it seems like you’re looking for a term life insurance policy, is that right?

As soon as you can, make a point of bringing up the insurance they’ve indicated an interest in, so they will understand that you are replying to their question. You can use the request for a policy as a starting point to talk about what you can do to help them and contribute to the conversation.

Inquire about all important questions

“Based on the information you provided, I believe that a few common policies might be helpful to you. If you’d like, we may go over the specifics of those policies. I can help you choose one of our many options that can be tailored to your unique needs.

Observe their answer. If the potential customer is eager to review policies right away, help them through some of their concerns and make sure you’re creating a welcoming environment:

“Please don’t hesitate to inquire if you have any questions; I realize how challenging it can be to select a proper life insurance. I’m here to assist you in finding the ideal match.

Send a follow-up email providing customized policy options if they don’t have much time.

4.  Cold call sale script for business insurance

Many people think, cold calling is dead but use the right pitch for business insurance to get leads and maintain brand consistency.


Agent Hi, am I speaking to (prospect name)?
Customer Yes
Agent Hello, (Prospect name). My name is XYZ, and I work for XYZ Insurance. Just how are you doing?
Customer Good
Agent Prospect name, that’s wonderful. I am calling you today to discuss your company insurance. Could you briefly describe your current business insurance coverage?
Customer I am satisfied with my current business insurance plan.
Agent That’s amazing. Would you be open to an audit and review of your entire insurance policy? If something goes wrong, we will be able to explain where you are currently protected and what better possibilities our insurance provider may provide at a comparable price. We can also give you a fair quote for your commercial or business insurance, even if it is about to renew.


Continue your pitch if the prospect even shows a hint of curiosity. Book a follow-up appointment if time is limited, and don’t forget to submit an email with all the relevant information.

5.  Promotional sales script

Insurance companies occasionally announce brand-new prices with reductions of up to 30% or 50% for new sign-ups. These are open to deal with, and there are also fewer objections. The reason for this is that everyone would like to reduce their premiums.


Agent HI, I am XYZ from XYZ insurance company. I’m calling to inform you that new rates from the XYZ insurance company have just been issued, which might result in a 50% reduction in your health insurance costs. May I provide more details?
Customer Yes sure!
Hello, (Prospect name). My name is XYZ, and I work for XYZ Insurance. Just how are you doing?
Agent Go ahead and give the details. If they are currently busy, ask for the prospect’s email address
Customer No issue, can we provide the data to you by email?
Agent I am satisfied with my current business insurance plan.


6.  Auto insurance call script

Improve your cold calling process with the best auto insurance sales script.


Agent Hello, (Prospect name) I am from XYZ insurance company.
Customer Dear (agent name), I’m currently busy, so please call back later.
Agent I realize. I’m calling to let you know that we have very affordable quotations that could help you save a lot of money. Would you mind hearing about our service for the next thirty seconds?
Customer No issue, can we provide the data to you by email?
Agent Regards! We have managed to save our customers money annually on auto insurance thanks to the new rates we’re providing. On Google, we have numerous five-star reviews. You may view what other people are saying. I understand that you need to get going, but if I had your email address, I could send you further information. Are you ready to consider that?

Agent: Hello, (Prospect name) I am from XYZ insurance company.

Customer: Dear (agent name), I’m currently busy, so please call back later.

Agent: I realize. I’m calling to let you know that we have very affordable quotations that could help you save a lot of money. Would you mind hearing about our service for the next thirty seconds?

Customer: Good.

Agent: Regards! We have managed to save our customers money annually on auto insurance thanks to the new rates we’re providing. On Google, we have numerous five-star reviews. You may view what other people are saying. I understand that you need to get going, but if I had your email address, I could send you further information. Are you ready to consider that?

After getting the email address, you can ask to schedule a call over the weekend or some other suitable time to keep in the mind customer for quick closure.

Best Practices for Cold Calling Scripts in Insurance Sales

Here are some useful tips and best practices to keep in mind along with the appropriate cold-calling scripts for the insurance industry:

Use the right tools

Use the right tools to manage overall business operations and enhance productivity. However, many insurance companies use CRM to track their sales prospects. Although phone system or communication tool integrations will provide you with even more value for your money, a CRM is useful for tracking calls. By combining everything under one simple interface, platforms like Dialer360 let you say goodbye to huge paperwork.

Follow up emails

This is among the key components of the sales cycle. Because purchasing your life insurance is a significant choice, it requires more than one phone contact from the prospective buyer. During a cold call, the prospect is not likely to be prepared to make a decision. And that’s alright; let them know you comprehend and that you’ll follow up with them by phone or email.

Understand your product

The key to a good sales call is to understand your product thoroughly. Make sure that you fully comprehend your offer and its benefits. It’s important to comprehend the variations in insurance plans because some offer more freedom than others. Knowing nothing about what you’re offering will turn prospects scared off more than anything else.

Rehearsing your script

You should practice all of your insurance cold-calling scripts in advance to ensure that you are familiar with them. Whether in your office or at the kitchen table, practice your scripts in the same environment as you would during a call. We advise enlisting the help of friends or relatives to practice with you and throw you some unexpected questions. By doing this, you’ll be prepared for whatever the prospect may say during the actual call. As you get more at ease, you’ll sound less like you’re reading from a script and be able to quickly make up on the spot while staying on topic.

Ask questions and pay attention to the responses

Use open-ended questions to keep your prospect on the phone for longer and it will feel more like a conversation than a sales presentation. Listen carefully to what they are saying so you can understand their motivations and needs. As soon as you have this knowledge, you can better adjust your pitch to meet the needs of the prospect.

Communicate generously

The last thing you want to do when cold calling a potential customer is isolated them by utilizing industry-specific terminology they might not understand. Keep track of where you are using your life insurance sales pitch script, and keep your tone informal to avoid becoming slowed down in business jargon. However, utilize normal language about your offer, you want to keep it personable yet professional.

Track everything

Track your calls and their outcomes to know your position and where you stand. Keeping a record of your accomplishments is essential. You may determine where you’re succeeding and where you need to improve by keeping track of variables such as your close rate and follow-up rates. Additionally, cold calling can occasionally feel like difficult work, so being aware of your progress can be encouraging.

Auto insurance scripts make a huge impact on the calling success ratio of insurance agents. By crafting a strong cold call script, you can improve your communication and satisfy customers. Follow the above practices and contact Dialer360 to build your business.

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