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What is Automatic Call Distribution Software?

The Automatic call distribution (ACD) is a telephony system that receives calls and directs them according to pre-defined routing criteria to the appropriate agent. The way inbound calls are handled and directed by the ACD system is determined by a rule-based routing strategy. Dialer360 ACD software helps businesses avoid frequent mistakes and follow a logical path to be more productive by using skill-based intelligent routing. It improves customer experience by streamlining communication, avoiding call systems from becoming overloaded, and ensuring that callers don’t spend too much time in a constant queue.

Benefits of ACD

Benefits of having Dialer360
Automatic Call Distributor


Award-winning customer service

Due to our innovative solution for call center organization, our company recognized as a leading company.

CRM Integrations

Dialer360 can integrate with
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Features List

Exceptional Features of ACD for Improved Customer Experience

Call Monitoring

The Call Monitor gathers your campaign performance insights and delivers an ACD Call Report for the supervisors. This helps in creating a much improved routing logic based on both historical and current data.

Call Routing

Call Routing assigns calls to the best agent in the shortest time possible and manages a large volume of calls effectively through the Dialer360 Automatic Call Distributor. In case of agent unavailability, the call is automatically routed to a voicemail where the callers can have their messages recorded and set up a schedule for a callback.

Callback Feature

Most callers don't want to wait in a queue to talk with an agent and instead prefer a callback. With our ACD Callback feature, an agent can reconnect with the client as per the schedule set by them. As a result, the agent can efficiently provide support at the time that suits the customer.

CRM Integration

Dialer360 enables you to integrate your ACD with your CRM effortlessly. Now your agents can respond to calls with the confidence of having full details about their clients.

Queue Notifications

During high call volume, your users get notified about their queue position and a predicted wait time for the next available agent. Call routing applications use virtual queueing (VQ) technology that allows callers to request a callback when the agent is available.

Have a Questions?

An ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) systematically routes calls and your team won’t waste time. Distributing calls properly and equally, also ensures that your team shares the same amount of work and cuts down on your agents’ idle time. Here are general FAQs to understand everything in detail about automatic call distribution.

ACD and IVR work in conjunction with some key features between them. IVR is a tool that customer interacts with, while ACD is a backend program used by the call center that route calls to agents. Both these technologies provide an excellent customer experience by providing quick customer response. With IVR, customers are enabled to express their calling reason meanwhile the ACD takes customer information and routes the call to the best agent within the relevant department.

ACD works in three steps:

Caller Identification: An IVR is used to determine the caller’s intent and for information or identification as the first step in ACD. Companies can find out a customer’s location and native language via caller ID systems.

Call Queuing: A call queue is organized, with callers placed on a waiting list, based on the agents’ availability. The ACD will use the routing algorithm to take the volume of traffic, the time of day, queue wait times, and the department received to direct calls accordingly



Call Distribution: With the knowledge obtained in the earlier processes, call centers enable the ACD to direct the caller to an agent who is best suited to address their concern. Common distribution strategies include simultaneous distribution, time-based routing, and agent talk time.

There are different types of ACD and each type has its pros and cons because some are effective for speed while others enhance agent proficiency. So, you can choose a routing strategy according to your business needs.

Time-based call distribution: Your agents’ availabilities are taken into account with the time-based distribution. Only available agents will receive alerts from the ACD, and if none are willing to take the call, it will be sent directly to voicemail. This is the best option if your call center wants not to accept calls outside of business hours.

Skill-based Routing: Skill-based routing directs calls to the agents based on their skill. Complex customer issues are assigned to an experienced agent for better problem-solving.

Talk-time call distribution: Talk-time distribution aims to evenly distribute workload across your agents. In this type, the ACD chooses the agent who has had the least amount of talk time and assigns them the next ticket in line. This ensures that each agent has worked an equal amount of time.

Rotary call distribution: It is a common distribution type for centers where agents have equal workloads and all take turns in answering. For example, call 1 is taken by agent 1, call 2 is taken by agent 2, and so on.

Fixed-order call distribution: In this type of distribution, calls are initially distributed only to the first agent in the list. Calls are only sent to the subsequent agent if the prior one is unavailable. If you have agents who are more seasoned and can handle problems more quickly than others, this is a smart option.

An automatic call distributor serves as a gatekeeper to agent queues, context, and routing messages that empower agents to work more efficiently. Agents can deal with multiple queries at once, speeding up response time. So, customers get a quick response and resolve issues faster which increases productivity and grow ROI.

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