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Sales Dialer :

Optimize your sales performance

Dialer360 inside sales dialer drives more productivity to make tasks automated and increase call volume. Maximize sales team performance by connecting with customers efficiently. 

5 star rating

Trusted by over 12,000 business
and 18,000 users

Sales Team

Sales team wins more sales with the sales dialer

Make your sales team more proficient by using inside sales
dialer that make their work easy and fast.

Improve customer connection

Save time to dial numbers manually. Our efficient sales dialer dials multiple numbers automatically by skipping unproductive numbers. Spend more time talking with the customer rather than wasting your time dialing. Improve sales volume and increase productivity by capturing more customers.

Maximize business revenue

Minimize agent idle time and increase their talk time to maximize revenue. More talk time make more customer connection and agent save their time by making the repetitive task automatic. Focus on important factors of business that impact productivity and generate more revenue.

Increase agent efficiency

The sales dialer helps agents by dialing contacts automatically. Agents no need to consume a lot of time dialing numbers. They just upload the contact and details and the dialing process is start. The connection rate is 2X faster with our inside sales dialer software and high sales volume.

Sales Dialer

What is a real sales dialer?

A sales dialer reduces the time-taking dialing process. It makes the dialing approach automatic saving the sales rep time and their focus is on building a successful connection. Dial numbers correctly and efficiently with this effective dialer. Skip hang up numbers and move the next one automatically.

CRM Integrations

Dialer360 can integrate with
your favourite CRM


How does the sales dialer

Usually, the sales dialer connects with CRM and imports a contact list. After that, the software will then go through the list and start dialing automatically. Follow only 3 steps to start dialing by using the inside sales dialer:

Select contacts

Select your contacts according to your requirements and make a list.

Upload contact list

Upload selected contact list for dialing and talking with potential customers

Initiate dialing

Initiate automatic dialing by ignoring busy and answering numbers.


Award-winning customer service

Due to our innovative solution for call center organization, our company recognized as a leading company.

Feature List

What makes the sales dialer more pathetic?

Auto dialing

Choose our sales dialer to make the dialing procedure automatic and enhance sales rate with efficient dialing.

Manage leads

Manage your leads according to pre-defined parameters. Plan your sales and reach your customers accordingly.

Voicemail drops

Leave a voicemail when the customer does not answer the call. This encourages the contact to call back.

Call from anywhere

The sales team can contact you from anywhere with inside sales dialer. Location doesn’t matter, create contact right from their browser.

Call analytics

Track agent and business performance by using the dashboard to improve productivity and revenue.

Call scripts

Agents use call scripts to make a strong relationship with potential customers. More sales with effective communication.


What our client's say about us

“This software has the most transparency of all that I've used in the past. The reports are really helpful in terms of allowing me to see how individual campaigns are performing and the real-time status bar is a real jewel for seeing what is or isn't happening.“
Coray W.
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